Bangkok Trip 26 – 29 March 2023

Hotel chosen : Ibis Bangkok Siam
Flight Details
26/03 SIN – BKK Scoot608 Depart 0700 Arriving 0830
29/03 BKK – SIN Scoot605 Depart 1455 Arriving 1820

Cost (Flight & Hotel) : $372.15/pax 
a) Based on twin sharing @ Ibis Hotel.  For 1 single, the cost is estimated at $496/pax.
b) Handcarry bag (7kg) only
c) 15kg Baggage, extra charge of $54 for both ways
d) Departing on the next morning timing, will be incurring another $17 extra/pax
e) You will need to get travel insurance individually which we can map out later

Both Pattiya and I are planning a F&E Bangkok Trip from March 26 – 29 2023. This trip will be done solely on own timing/agenda as well as going thru obstacles with public transport – BTS and MRT, buses and others.

Maximum to go : 16 fully paid members (inclusive of Pattiya and myself), we still go ahead even we dont have 16 members.

POIs intended to adventure are as follows:

  1. Iconsiam- White Orchard River Cruise – Dinner Cruise
  2. Leng Saap Restaurant – Strongly recommended by Pattiya for their speciality – Pork Ribs
  3. Maeklong Railway Market (hope tht I got this place right) – interesting place whereby both train and market peddlars are using the same location giving way to each other whenever needed.  A POI that definitely a go.
  4. As for night market, as there are too many locations these days so we will choose 1 once we confirmed the hotel that we intended to stay
  5. Not forgetting spa and massages to look out for too.
  6. For those interested for shopping – maybe can try if 1 can get Korean Hanbo for the coming SHC D&D – Good suggestions right…
  7. For those keen of cafe hunting for coffees and cakes, there will be no short of these too.
  8. Last but not least, night spots to enjoy before we headed home

For 4D/3N, the above POIs will keep us very busy, I am sure.

I will be checking on the airfare/hotel packages thru travel agent first as the last check for online booking for both airfare/hotels will be around $330/pax based on the twin sharing.  My personal preference will be if Travel Agent’s quote is only less more that $50+, we will go for travel agent’s arrangement.  Of course, I am not stopping those to go direct to book online but on 1 clause, try to get the same hotel to save time

I would also like to advise for those going for this trip that have not taken 4th jab, to go for flu jab for protection.

Members going:
1) Pattiya
2) Dolly Lim
3) Alan Ang
4) Cheng WK
5) Terry Chun
6) Lim HP
7) Lawrence

Author: Dolly Lim

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18 thoughts on “Bangkok Trip 26 – 29 March 2023”

  1. The quote that we are getting from from Travel Agent for both airfares and hotel for 3nights is currently priced at $480/pax only with 7kg handbag allowed.

  2. As of last nite, both Pattiya and myself had done the following to update as follows:

    Hotel chosen : Ibis Bangkok Siam
    Flight Details
    26/03 SIN – BKK Scoot608 Depart 0700 Arriving 0830
    29/03 BKK – SIN Scoot605 Depart 1455 Arriving 1820

    Cost (Flight & Hotel) : $372.15/pax
    a) Based on twin sharing @ Ibis Hotel
    b) Handcarry bag (7kg) only
    c) 15kg Baggage, extra charge of $54 for both ways

    As much as I wanted more members to join us but regret to say to those that make enquiries ptely, I am unable to change my planned dates of travel as I have another work contract starting from April ’23.

    Hence, we will be making our booking by this weekend as travel via Budget Carrier, the price quoted today may be different few days later.


      1. Cheng,
        For 1 pax/room, the total cost is estimated around $496.

        FYI, we will be waiting our flights/hotel stay this weekend and hope that you can join us.


    1. Bro Cheng, I am looking for a roommate to go to Bangkok tirp if possible, or I would stay a sinlge room like you .Sister Dolly please arrange for me and how much I have to pay you through paynow or what ever mean just tell me,thank you Sister Dolly.
      Regards Alan Ang

  3. My friend and I interested to join the 26-29 Bangkok trip. Do we book the hotel, and air ticket ourself or through someone who do the co-ordination. My contact no 90093039. Who is co-ordinating the trip.?

  4. Dear All,
    Finally, all booking for flight and hotel arrangement had been successfully done and all we need to do now is to the holiday season to fly to us to start our journey.

    See all soon… Cheers… Dolly

  5. We are back from our BKK trip – This is 1 trip that I need to use a walking stick (kind courtesy of Cheng) almost the whole trip due to a slight fall before landing – Thank you, Cheng.

    However, despite the fact that almost every of my pics were seen with walking stick, I still enjoyed every moment of much fun and joy with this small group of members…

    We had visited every POIs that were listed except for the cruise dinner which did not materialised due to the fact I was unable to follow-up as knee cant carrying on further. Nevertheless, no one missed this as everyone seem to be shopping happily with their own respective groups, guys – The guys, were told that they were shopping at Chinatown since morning 8am to 6pm – must had brought tons of dried foods. While the gals were either shopping at many locations near the hotel that we stayed – from MBK up to Pratunam. Of course, not forgetting numerous massages that all of us went too. As for myself, nursing knee injuiry, obediently stayed put at hotel till 12noon before meeting up with tour agent for discussion.

    Couple hundreds of pics taken are still stored inside my phone gallery awaiting for my disposal. Everyone were so enthusiastic in their photo takings which ended numerous duplicates. Once these pics are ready for viewing, I shall add on here… Cheers… akan datang…

    I also take this opportunity to thank all my tour mates for the caring and selfless behavior rendered. Especially Terry and PHTan as without them, I dont know how to get myself from the boat trip @ floating market liao, Gee, I was totally helpless to get up on my own after the 1 and half hour’s boat trip. Imagined crawling to get out of the boat, hahahaha…

    Cheers… Dolly

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