Eulogy for a Friend – A tribute to Ms Susan Tan

OBITUARY – Mdm Susan Tan Chwee Huay

Today, I want to share with you a very personal and emotional story. It’s about Susan Tan, who was my friend and committee member for Batam D&D many years ago. She passed away early this wee morning after suffering a stroke during a trip to Ipoh in September 2022. She was in her golden years.

Susan and I met when we were both part of the committee for the Batam annual dinner trip in 2018. We had to organize everything from the venue, the food, the entertainment, and the transportation. It was a lot of work, but we managed to pull it off. Susan, a very outspoken friend never shy to voice out her opinion. She was always ready to try new things and learn from her mistakes. She at times, a troublemaker who created havoc for others, but that is her, with a great sense of humor and a big heart.

Susan loved her family very much, they are her pride and joy. She would show me pictures of them and tell me stories about their achievements and adventures. She was indeed a devoted mother who wanted the best for them. An image she inculcate in her shows her strong responsibilities as a parent.

I used not to like Susan’s way for being so outspoken. Sometimes, she would say things that hurt my feelings or made me angry. But I also admired her for being direct, honest and courageous. She never a boastful person unless she wanted to make a joke. She was a fighter in life, who faced many challenges and obstacles with determination and resilience. I saw her cooking workshop in zoom – very karang and skillful to complete the event. Bravo for her GungHo attitude.

When I heard that Susan had a stroke, I was devastated with immediate rosary miracle prayer for her. I couldn’t believe that someone so full of life and energy could be struck down so suddenly. She managed to survive the stroke and was transferred to a nursing home, but was never fully recovered. She passed away peacefully in her sleep.

Now, I miss Susan with images floating in my memories of her. She was my dearest big sister, who taught me many things and supported me through thick and thin regarding SilverHairsClub. I know now she is resting at God’s side, and I hope she is happy and free from pain. I will always look upon the stars whenever I miss her.

Thank you for reading this eulogy for Susan Tan. She was a wonderful person who touched many lives. If you knew her, please share your memories of her in the comments below. And if you didn’t know her, please send your prayers and condolences to her family and friends.

PS : I usually don’t do eulogy on public but she – my only big sister.

Author: Howard

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3 thoughts on “Eulogy for a Friend – A tribute to Ms Susan Tan”

  1. Yes Howard, I only get to know her during the Bak Zhang Zoom Cooking a couple of years ago.

    When I first met her, I thot she was arrogant and she thot I had an unpleasant proud behaviour but who knows we both enjoy each other n click well coz we both are food lovers and crooners. We met quite a few times going place to place for makan session. My last enjoyable getaway with her was a trip to Malacca, walking a few streets just to help me look for a nice Nonya Baju Outfit for my daughter’s wedding.

    She very much look forward to the British Hainan Gathering (Sept 2022) but unfortunately mishap befalls on her… I will miss you so much Susan especially your contagious laughter rings in my ears even now.

    Rest in peace, my dear!

  2. I seldom log in to the website, have to confess. And this morning trying to find news on Ronald Wie, and chanced on this eulogy for one of my dearest friend Susan CH.

    I have fond memories of her, dating back 10 years. Yes, she was extremely resilient and would go out of her way to help friends. Her passion was making dumplings, and she would travel on the MRT all the way from Dover to City Hall just to pass me her dumplings. Amazing friend. And we had pot luck and ukulele sessions several times at her place too.. Susan, we will miss you.

  3. Like you Lydia, I hardly go to this website. Am glad I did today, as I still sorely missed her. Known her for a longest time possible (schoolmates), feeling sad for her son Ian, who is now alone. Well, not quite…. hope he settle down soon, got a lovely girl supporting him.

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