Update: Tiong Bahru Zonal met up for lunch today for the first time. 10 of us attended we had a great time getting to know each other!  One left before the photo taken.

After lunch we had tea drinks & snacks with 2 other Tiong Baru Zonal guys  joining us .


Getting to know more members for bonding n casual chit-chat, please mark your calendar.

Tiong Bahru Zonal lunch, please add your name here
*Fri 19 May 12noon meet Tiong Bahru MRT outside guardian pharmacy *
1.Alicia Lim
2. Aminah Bee
3. Eileen Lee
4. Annie Loh
5. Catherine Lee
6. Lilian Png
7. Winston Chia
8. Thio Karen Thio
9. Catherine Chng
10. Lynn ling

Author: Aminah Bee

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3 thoughts on “TIONG BAHRU ZONAL GATHERING – 19 MAY 2023”

  1. Dear All,
    Since the meet-up is on this Friday and Aminah is new to SHC Forum to post hence I will post for this time round. Hopefully those staying around this zone can attend this meet-up too.


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