Update: Tiong Bahru Zonal met up for lunch today for the first time. 10 of us attended we had a great time getting to know each other!  One left before the photo taken.

After lunch we had tea drinks & snacks with 2 other Tiong Baru Zonal guys  joining us .


Getting to know more members for bonding n casual chit-chat, please mark your calendar.

Tiong Bahru Zonal lunch, please add your name here
*Fri 19 May 12noon meet Tiong Bahru MRT outside guardian pharmacy *
1.Alicia Lim
2. Aminah Bee
3. Eileen Lee
4. Annie Loh
5. Catherine Lee
6. Lilian Png
7. Winston Chia
8. Thio Karen Thio
9. Catherine Chng
10. Lynn ling

3 thoughts on “TIONG BAHRU ZONAL GATHERING – 19 MAY 2023

  1. Dear All,
    Since the meet-up is on this Friday and Aminah is new to SHC Forum to post hence I will post for this time round. Hopefully those staying around this zone can attend this meet-up too.


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