UPDATED 12 Jul 2023 – video montage courtesy of Lim BT – https://www.facebook.com/100002380509781/videos/1026563512037322/

Date: Tues 27June 23

Registration closed.

Basic Trip Cost: $17 + $18 Dinner

All paid up and we are ready to go.

Itinerary: Updated 07 June 2023

7.00am Eunos MRT Open carpark along SIM Ave
7.30am Bishan MRT Exit D
8.00am Kranji MRT,  Bus stop opposite Kranji MRT
9.30am Breakfast at Hiap Joo Bakery famous for Banana Cake.
10.30am Shopping at Ninso
12.00noon Durian Buffet
2.00pm Tea Time at Fifty Trees.
3.00pm Shopping at Aeon in Bukit Indah.
4.30pm Massage at Holiday Plaza at RM90 for 2 hours including cupping and ear candling.
6.30pm Dinner at Famosa Restaurant in Taman Sentosa.  Menu posted.
7.30pm Karaoke at Citi Square or Pasar Malam .
9.00pm Heading home.

Who’s coming?

  1. EC: Dan Huang Pd 5/6
  2. CoEC: Irene Lim Pd 5/6
  3. Eliza Leong – Pd 5/6
  4. Winnie K Tan – Pd 5/6
  5. Doreen Cady – Pd 5/6
  6. Pattiya – Pd 5/6
  7. Joan Ang – Pd 8/6
  8. Dih (Diana Ho) – Pd 5/6
  9. Lim BT Pd 7/6
  10. Jennie Kuan Pd 5/6
  11. Leong Seng Juan – Pd 4/6
  12. Raymond Tan – Pd 5/6
  13. Hoon Mow Ing – Pd 5/6
  14. Amy Ko Pd 8/6
  15. Ko Tiek Kian Pd 8/6
  16. Linda Soon Pd 6/6
  17. Lynn Kee – Pd Pd 3/6
  18. Ronald Lam Pd 9/6
  19. Pearl Kwan Pd 9/6
  20. Simon Lee Pd 9/6
  21. Mr Koh Lye Teck – Pd 4/6
  22. Audrey Wong – Pd 5/6
  23. Aileen Yeo – Pd 5/6
  24. Vicky Wong – Pd/5/6
  25. Marilyn Koh – Pd 4/6
  26. June Peh – Pd 96
  27. Rosalind Lee – Pd 4/6
  28. Jade Kee Pd 9/6
  29. Julia Goh – Pd 4/6
  30. Rosie Kwan Pd 5/6
  31. Jess Lynn Pd 6/6
  32. Catherine Yeow Pd 7/6
  33. Peter Chan Pd 7/6
  34. Lynne Hoe Pd 8/6
  35. Eric Woon Pd 10/6
  36. Angie Tan Pd 8/6
  37. Linda Lim Pd 8/6
  38. Jessie Tan Pd 8/6
  39. Willie Chua Pd 7/6
  40. Jean Kiang Pd 7/6
  41. Michael Chung Pd 10/6
  42. Jessie Law Pd 8/6
  43. Jessie Tan (Audrey) Pd
  44. Loh Yew Kwong


103 thoughts on “HAVE DURIANS WE TRAVEL”

    1. Hi Karen, Hope you have all the necessary documents for your helper so as not to have any problem at the immigration check points. Cheers!!

    2. Hi Karen,
      We regret that you have to cancel this trip. Though you have a stroke you have a good helper with you. We even have a 90 years old man. We want to cater to all groups whether on a wheelchair or otherwise. I am glad that I have my life span extended for perhaps another 10 years, my life span COE is not guaranteed after a triple bypass..

    1. Hi,
      So the $19 is solely for tpt. All else is from own wallet.
      Could you pls estimate what is the total cost of this day trip, inc the $19.

      Thank you so much

      1. Hi Philip,
        $19 will cover:
        $15 for transport
        $$3 for Tour Guide
        $1 for prizes.
        All other as reflected. Let’s me know if your questions is answered?

        1. Hi Dan, wld apprec we can hv another Pickup Point frm Bishan, being Central of Spore as many stay at Toa Pyh & Amk, also Sengkg & Punggol etc…apprec kind consideration then I can start jio-ing my Travel Kakkis for it…??????

          1. V sori, din knw why so many ‘?’ appeared, maybe my hp got bugs again ?

          2. Hi Dot,
            There are also people staying in the east which we need to cater for. Eunos MRT chosen because of a big carpark next to it on Sim Avenue. I am aware of traveling time, that is why first pickup is at 8.30am and not 6.30am.

    1. Hello Dan, I would like to join the durian activity and will meet at Kranji MRT.

      Pls note that I do not seafood so pls let me know if something else can be catered for me otherwise I will buy my own.

  1. Hello Dan,
    I like also to register for Pattiya, also a SHC member.
    I will forward to you via WA, our phone numbers, i.e. mine, Doreen Cady and Pattiya. Thank you.
    Regards, Winnie K-Tan

  2. Dear All,
    Though I know that mobile# is the most easy contactable tool but as Admin, I would preferred that all mobile# not be given here since there also be other members looking the forum.

    EO/EC can start with group watapps once the tour is confirmed. How about that?

    The choice is still yours… Cheers…

    Nice to see volunteers are coming here to create events for members…

  3. Dear All,
    I had explained numerous times thru numerous email broadcasting that some did the replies via email. The purpose of email broadcasting to all members to pre-alert all ongoing/coming events in the pipeline that are being organised by selfless volunteers to create activities for all members here. I also expressed numerous times in my replies that I dont speak and/or liaise on those volunteer’s behalf as they knew the info more precise than me and respects and credits must be given to them for their hardwork done voluntarily. So, kindly login to http://www.silverhairsclub.com using email address and password to click on the targeted events that expressed your comments.

    This Durian tour is definitely selling like hot cakes so EO have the final say to what requests and/or arrangements. If you think that you can form another group with all that are members, please also go ahead to post here.

    So, let’s all try to login to SHC website to make it more vibrant like those younger days when I first joined… hmm 18years ago…


    1. Hi Dolly, I have submitted my name to Dan. I could see the list of participants (my name included) yesterday. Now I could not see it. What did I not do correctly.? Thanks.

  4. I expected a lot of logistics popping up. How to move 44 pax around. We need volunteers because most of us I can say are elderly, more so for myself, I am 71. I cannot be Superman here.
    Once we hit 44 we will be divided into four groups. Each group will have a leader and an assistant. So we have two persons in charge of each group. If no Robins, the tasks of collecting fares will be given to the four groups leaders including paying for durian and for dinner. So each time we go up or down the bus, the leaders will have to keep an eye on those in your groups.
    More ground to cover soon.
    Desperate Dan.

  5. More transparency. I expected the fares to be only $12.50 but turn out it $19, so much more. I ask driver Raj how come? He said last time only in JB, now we go Tangkak which is more than two hours journey, about 135 kilometres near the border of Malacca. I then ask Raj why we need a Guide and he said that if Lta stopped us his license will be revoked.

  6. Mount Ophir is in Tangkak so we will find time to really relax and take in the greenery and the scenery. It will be like Singapore 30 years old. Many years ago twice we have a church group of brothers and sisters who came here to hike up the hill. It was not an easy climb, half way we come to a path that was so steep that we need to be pull up by our friends. The climbing is tempting, our spirits is willing but our flesh is weak, no more climbing for us.

    1. Hi Dan
      Thank you for initiating this trip and the members get all excited. I suggest you do a simple itinerary with all infos and embed a PDF file to your original post.

  7. In 2015 I organised a trip to Kukup and later to a Durian farm. At that time it was easy because I have a good contact in JB. Now I don’t and I have to make a trip personally to Tangkak. Raj only able to source the restaurant and massage establishment. I asked Raj to take me to Tangkak but he said it too far though I will pay him. Anyone want to follow me, we can grab a Grab or take a bus? Anyway we are going to enjoy ourselves, let’s look forward. I think there is one fellow who can help and that should be Sam GOH. I remembered he organised charity event in JB.

  8. It not the distance that we worry about. It the pleasure and joy of traveling and fellowshipping together knowing new friends. I thought of the many roadside stalls here and in JB and it still better to travel further up north and explore new adventure.
    Depending on the outcome of this trip, next on the agenda will be heading by ferry to Desaru, Homestay in Port Dickson or snorkeling in Pulau Tioman.
    Only one life, let’s enjoy ourselves whether it body,soul or spirit.

  9. Comment transferred from the another post non-related by SallyF (SHC Admin – Post n Comment)

    I like to join the tangkak durian day trip on 27 June.
    I am Linda Soon. Mobile No. 90610305.
    Thank you.
    Not sure if this is the correct way to register.

    1. Sorry for the confusion as I am preparing two list of pickup point. One for Bishan MRT and one for Kranji MRT. Eunos MRT is no more as the the driver think it a bit out of the way.

        1. I have updated the name list for those whose names are not in the list, please refresh in the comment.
          For those who have yet to confirm their pick up point, please do so.
          For those who have yet to give their full name – Karen’s Helper n Mr Koh, please update Dan HUANG.

  10. Hello Dan,
    In addition to my earlier posts, I had not indicated the Meeting Point.
    The following will be at EUNOS MRT Meeting Point:
    = Winnie K-Tan
    = Doreen Cady
    = Pattiya Thommued
    = Joan Ang

  11. Some ground rules will be imposed. If you’re late for 5 minutes a penalty of 5 ringgits, 10 minutes 10 ringgits or sing a song or crack a joke and make sure someone laugh. No la, no need penalty, be free and easy. Even if one is late we wait for you but the leader will be in deep water. The schedule made for us not otherwise.
    I was told by someone, Dan you are limited to three seeds she said, you know what that mean? Not possible, I am here to meet the King of fruits not some forbidden fruits and you set a limit on me. I have to set an example for all to follow so relax the rules, we only get to break once a year! Later we started looking for the first aid kits or any nurses around.
    So, the solution is moderation,eat one put one in the box and eat on the bus. Later you will be wondering why you landed in the middle of nowhere.

  12. Some changes:
    4.30pm Shopping and massage at Sutera Mall.
    6.30pm Dinner at Fomasa Seafood Restaurant also at Sutera Mall.
    The boss of the Seafood Restaurant is doing a price and marketing research for massage just for us. I know the journey can be tiring and I hope that the itinerary is not too hectic, let’s relax and enjoy ourselves.

  13. Help needed:
    1. Co-EO
    2. Coach moderator, assist in ice-breaker, singing, telling jokes and sharing on topics of interest. Prizes will be given. I am thinking of door gift for everyone.
    3. Phographer, videographer.
    4. Mark attendance at Bishan MRT, Kranji MRT.
    5. More to come, still thinking.

  14. I got good and bad news. The fares reduced to $17, we may add a Karoeke session after dinner which means we start early at 7.30am. Is this a bad news, first pickup point change to Bishan MRT Exit D. Bishan is in the middle of Singapore and serve by the NEL and the CC line.

    1. Hi Dan,
      Both are good news to me. I prefer pickup at Bishan MRT Exit D. Is this confirmed? So are you having two or three pickup points? You may like to confirm this later on. Thank you, Dan.

  15. Hi Dan and Members

    My last SHC’s activity was more than 10 years ago. Please count me on this Durian trip. Meet up at Kranji MRT.

    Vicky :))

      1. Hi Dan

        My name is not on the list yet. It could be because I have changed my contact number. I am getting Dolly/Terence to help update. :p

        Vicky Wong

  16. Okay I will update all entries from Eunos to Bishan. When I say bad news I expect some bricks thrown at me.
    Seafood dinner update:
    12 dishes per tables, include coconut drinks and desserts.
    Non seafood can join one table or serve separately.
    Cost: $17 per head.
    Karoeke and massage to update soon. If our lovely folks cannot take it in I can always plan another trip.

  17. I am trying to prepare two lists, one for Bishan MRT pickup, one for Kranji MRT.
    We will be divided into 6 tables, beside 12 dishes we have one foc fruit rojak, cost per pax Rm56.60..
    The menu:
    1. Steam Siham
    2. Steam Gong Gong
    3. Soup Lala
    4.Tom Yam Soup
    5..Kam Being Siput
    6. Spicy prawn
    7. Cantonese sea bass
    8. Spicy Pindan
    9. Sotong kangkong
    10.Sambal Bendi
    11.Thai baby sotong
    12.Tauhu Bakar
    13. Foc Fruits Rojak.

    Anyone think it too heavy for us, durian and seafood, is it a good combination, will there be any civil war. Better bring my glucose meter in case my sugar spike, just to play safe. If not we change to just dinner?

  18. From feedback, seafood dinner is no go, we will have a simple dinner. For that I will travel to JB this Sunday to finalize the dinner, massage and Karoeke and put a deposit. All for the love of durian.

  19. Massage – at Holiday Inn Plaza RM$90 – 2 hours Confirm for 10 people included Cupping and ear Candling please give names to cfm massage

    1. Wow Irene, where you find such good rates. Last I had a massage at JB was Rm54 for foot massage for one hour and Rm74 for body massage for one hour. Perhap you should consider one hour rate.

  20. We are starting a chat group for better communication. Those coming for the trip, please call Irene Lim at 87118540, she will add you in the chat.

  21. Please Paynow $35 to Irene Lim 87118540 for transport and dinner.
    Dinner menu:
    1. Soup Lala
    2. Pepper pork belly
    3. Cantonese steam sea bass
    4. Teochew steam cod fish
    5. Salted baked Kampong chicken
    6. Moi choy pork belly
    7. Spicy prawns
    8. Sotong kangkong
    9. Sambal Bendi
    10. Fried onion eggs
    11. Tauhu Bakar
    12. Desserts, Peach gum snow lotus seed snow bird nest.
    13. Malacca coconut shake
    FOC 1/ Fruit Rojak
    2/ Two pot tea
    RM 64.50 cost.
    I am going.

  22. Members need you to transfer $35 to me by latest June 10 so that Dan can pay deposit for Transport and Dinner thank you for your cooperation

  23. More changes, we are not going to Tangkak after all. The seller wanted us to put a S$1500 deposit. Thanks to Irene we got Heng Heng 88 durian farm in Pontian, no deposit required. So I have to run up and down to reschedule our afternoon programs. More shopping, in the morning at Aoen in Bukit Indah and Sutera Mall at night. After a sumptuous dinner we either go for Karoeke or Pasar Malam, put a vote. Not everyone want to sing but walking after a hearty meals is highly recommended.
    My new post will be ‘The Elixir of Life’, intermittent fasting.

    1. Dan, really appreciate your effort to make this trip possible. Thanks also to Irene. I will make payment after this post.


  24. Do take note that we have three pickup points for our Durian Trip. On June 27
    7.00am Eunos MRT
    7.30am Bishan MRT
    8.00am Kranji MRT.
    Still few seats left..

  25. Hi Dan & Irene
    I saw the numbers had reached. Nevertheless, I would still like to join but can put me in the waiting list. I will pay the said amount 1st. In the case, I can’t be squeezed into the bus, u can always refund the amount to me. Thanks.

    Loh Yew Kwong

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