How to create a Gravatar Account

Today, during the General Meet-Up at Hillion Mall, we do have some members wanting to add their profile photos into our SHC Forum. It can be done but first you need to create a Gravatar Account and link to word press.

Here is the link on How to create a Gravatar Account? please browse through and read to understand – click HERE

if you do not understand the above, I do hope this YouTube video will be able to guide you along on How to open a account so your picture shows up on WordPress 

FYI, Terence did post an article in 2011 on How to use Avatar Image – please browse to refresh –

So, let your fingers do the walking – Happy reading n browsing the link and viewing YouTube video and hopefully you will understand and know how to insert your images.

Have fun.

SallyF (SHC Admin – Post n Comment)

Author: Sally Foo

SHC1703 Introduced by ex-classmate Joo Tian. Married. I am in F&B industries for many years. Enjoy food and travelling. Love singing Karaoke with buddies. Date joined 22.3.2017.

7 thoughts on “How to create a Gravatar Account”

  1. I like to join the tangkak durian day trip on 27 June.
    I am Linda Soon. Mobile No. 90610305.
    Thank you.
    Not sure if this is the correct way to register.

  2. My apology. Should be directed to dear Sally. Thank you.
    It wasn’t difficult at all to create our Gavatar. The website is now easier to understand.
    Winnie K-Tan

    1. Thank you Winnie. We need more members to be like you to let their fingers do the walking.

      I am glad this post is of some help to you.


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