Celebrating our Founder, Terence’s 68th Birthday – 25 June 2023

Saying THANKS is a great way to celebrate someone special in our life. And we are grateful and glad to be a part of the birthday star’s life.

Recounting over the decades of shared memory since 2005 – Terence has paved the path for us seniors and gave new members the chance to interact with other members is indeed a milestone of SilverHairsClub.

Here is a video montage to help us get our memories flowing of this wonderful guy.  Do share your thoughts and once again wishes our Birthday Boy…


A Tribute to Terence video by Sebastian Szeto – https://www.facebook.com/1279116600/videos/567259652242151/

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7 thoughts on “Celebrating our Founder, Terence’s 68th Birthday – 25 June 2023”

  1. A very successful occasion with lots of entertainment, food, dancing, and singing. Everyone was in high spirits.
    Well done to the committee and wish to celebrate his birthday each year with our founder, Terence.

  2. Its a great celebration and a opportune occasion to meet new and old friends.,…to wine and dine together and to catch up on old times… Good to see many and take pics together…. Im sure many members are meeting Terence for the 1st time. It was a night of fellowship, feasting and fun. So glad that Jean string this together. As we grown older and hopefully wiser, lets take care of our health. so that we enjoy each other’s company for many more years to come. Rgds Pat Oei

  3. Hello long life Terence, Blessed Birthday. May your youth be renewed like an eagle… with additional wisdom topped up from heaven each time you celebrate your birthday.
    Happy to see so many gooddy old time friends coming to celebrate your special day.
    God Bless,

  4. Thanks for a memorable evening… to Jean & the SHC organising comm. & Irene & her band!
    So glad to meet up with Terence in person, since 2006 & during his wonderful 68th birthday!
    Also got to see some of my Mon.zoom karaoke kakis, in person & esp.Sally, who graciously agreed to singalong with me.
    Hello! to the new friends at my table..Tansy, Eliza, Daisy, Valerie & Pony! Our table was very significant. SHC 18 yrs old, 18k members & out Table no.18!

  5. It was such a joyous occasion to see Terence and celebrate his birthday, really in style! Love that man for his grit and perserverance.

    Good to see old friends as well esp his Thai friend Sompho, and Oi Cheng, and lots and lots of you folks. Kudos to the organising committee and dancers and of course Jean, and everyone of you who turn up to make this rousing and happy occasion!

  6. Although location was very far from my place I ngeh ngeh must go and present him with a 6 digit angpao. Wanted to give him lipstick kiss ???? but that “ah kua” (hee hee) beat me to it! Nice food cozy atmosphere and am so happy meeting many old faces (though some I couldn’t recognize as either became too thin or too fxx and some also looked younger!).
    Good job Jean + the team. MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY Terence!!

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