SHC 18th anniversary celebration on Sun 8 Oct 2023 at Pasir Ris Park

Video montage – courtesy of Ms Veron Kok

Pasir Ris Park is a great place for families to have a fun day out. It features modern park activities such as cycling, inline skating and barbeque rental. It also features a carefully preserved six-hectare mangrove forest. With multiple trails and a Mangrove Boardwalk, visitors can explore the beauty of the mangrove forest and get close to its inhabitants.

We are excited to announce that we will be celebrating our 18th anniversary at Pasir Ris Park.
Date: Sunday, October 8th, 2023 at 4 PM.

Venue: 3 pits 41, 42 and 43 booked

The event is strictly for SHC Ordinary members and the payment is $20.00 through Paynow to Dolly treasurer from now to 21 Sept 2023 in order to finalize the headcount and food ordering.

Paynow : 9815 9363

Kindly help me to finalize the headcount asap so that can expedite the events procurement. Advance thanks with appreciation.

Phase 1 : determine the total number of attendances by 30 Sept

Phase 2 : detail of anniversary event flow,map, booking of food.
Here is the itinerary for the event:

– 4:00 pm: Arrival and registration
– 4:15 pm: Welcome speech by event organizer
– 4:30 pm: BBQ and food receptionist
– 5:00 pm: Mini games and prizes
– 5:45 pm: Closing remarks and group photo
– 6:00 pm: End of event

Please mark your calendars and RSVP by 30 Sep 2023.

Phase 3 : finalize to expedite the process.

Here the list for those confirmed the payment only.

Payment recd till now
1. Dolly Lim -Treasurer: Paid
2 Terence Seah – EO : Paid
3. Jean Lim – Paid
4. Irene Lim YI – Paid
5. Simon Lam – Paid
6. Veronica Kok – Paid
7. Wendy Kuan – Paid
8. Alice Cheah – Paid
9. Shirley Tan – Paid
10. Iris Lim – Paid
11. Vincent Hee – Paid
12. Jazlyn Lee – Paid
13. Sarena Teo – Paid
14. Luna Tan – Paid
15. June Quek – Paid
16. Helen Choo – Paid
17 & 18 Lawrence and Agnes Kwek – Paid
19. Ng Peck Kin – Paid
20. Thomas Loh – Paid
21. Rosalind Lee – Paid
22. Lydia Poh – Paid
23. Irene Tan – Paid
24. Sandra Chuah – Paid
25. Muna Lim – Paid
26 & 27 Lee Ah Moi & Josephine Loo (Mum) – Paid
28. Vivian Yong – Paid
29. EveSQ – Paid via Paylah
30. Henry Cheong – Paid
31. Ronald Lam paid
32 & 33 Alex & Catherine Chan – Paid
34. Douglas Chan – Paid
35. Jojo Wong – Paid
36. Cola Tan – Paid by Paylah
37. Carolyn Tok – Paid
38. Irene Ng – Paid
39. Maxine Seah – Paid
40. Doreen Chan – Paid
41. Pattiya – Paid
42. Loke Zhi Ming – Paid
43. Rina Tay – Paid
44. Faustina Juianna – Paid
45. Aileen Yeo – Paid
46. Angela Chia – Paid via Paylah
47. Colin Tan LK – Paid
48. Jane Tan – Paid
49. Nan C – Paid
50. Jenny Teo – Paid
51. Jenny Ho – Paid
52. Mega – Paid
53. Justina Lee – Paid
54. Annie Chua  Paid
55. Dorothy Loh – Paid
56. Hearpetta How – Paid
57. Kent Chan – Paid
58. Jessie Ow – Paid
59. Cecilia Lee – Paid
60. Charlie Lim – Paid
61. Florence Lim – Paid
62. Hazel Lee – Paid
63. Kenneth Lim – Paid
————- END ———–

ps : only payment accepted by Dolly then considered as registered for this event.

Author: Terence Seah


45 thoughts on “SHC 18th anniversary celebration on Sun 8 Oct 2023 at Pasir Ris Park”

      1. Hi Aminah,
        We are looking into option to provide Bento set for Muslim members keen to join for this event – You must register thru the link and put up your request and we will see what is the outcome then.

        Cheers and hope to see u there… Dolly

        1. Hi Vicky,
          It is yet to be confirmed by SHC Admin. Please refer to the Admin email that was being sent to you and reply first.

          Cheers.. SHC Admin(Dolly)

        1. Actually, it was an inspiration, encouraging words for walking grp Ah Beng’s return to the WA grp
          However, it did has a pic of a buddha’s face n deemed as religous.
          However, I had never challenge nor dispute your revokement.

          As you can review all my past postings, all are about hiking activities.

          I’m remorseful, regret n apologetic

          I will like to appeal to you to reconsider about reinstating me, giving me another chance.
          Hope you view it favourably.

          Thank you

  1. Our 18th anniversary planning has just started..

    Place: Pasir Ris Park
    Date: Sun 8 Oct 2023.

    The EO will make an announcement soon.

    Terence Seah

    1. The venue for the 18th anniversay is now confirmed: Sun 8 Oct 2023.

      The EO is Lynn Mow. And the committee will be formed soon.
      Registration starts soon.

      Terence Seah

  2. Hi Mr Terrance,
    I wud like to join in for this gathering. Can you pls include me and update me of further details to enable me to book my flight back to Singapore from Philippines. Best Regards
    Vicente Rueben Cher

  3. Dear All,
    2days towards the great event for the 18th SHC Anniversary.

    All committee members are working very hard to ensure all have a wonderful time and many to remember those in the memory lane… But then, as Terence’s infamous quote “A little bit hiccups here and there is OK” so with this in mind, I sincerely hope that all members will enjoy to the fullest despite of any hiccups ya…

    Food and entertainments’ committees had already completed their respective tasks given to ensure everything is in place.

    Regret to say also that there will be no refund but replacement of another SHC Ordinary member is allowed and this need to be verified and confirmed by Terence. Thus, I will be imposing a curfew time of 6 Oct 23 1201hours, no changes will be allowed as I need to print out the registration list to ensure that there will be no gate crashers allowed for this event.

    Last but not least, let’s go and the town red… Cheers,, Dolly

  4. Yes, Guys and Gals, today is the day for the celebration of SHC 18th Anniversary. See all paid SHC Ordinary members there. Keeping our fingers crossed that there will no ugly confrontation for any gate crashers.

    Cheers… Working committtes

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