An investigation

Hi SHC members,

An investigation is currently underway. This involves threats and violence, and police report.

If the final conclusion is valid and true, the member involved will be dismissed and exited from the club.

All club members will be informed, and will be asked to exit from all activites and groups, organised by the investigated person.

This is a serious issue, and SHC cannot tolerate any such occurence and threats.

Fairy God mother has been been alerted. She sound grouchy.

If you have feedback or complaint, plse type FEEDBACK or complaint. You can be sure it will remain P&C.


Terence Seah

11 thoughts on “An investigation”

  1. 1. The incident between Stella Tan and Irene Wong occurred in Bentong and is a private trip, the matter has been reported by the parties to the police. One party is seeking legal advice while the other party is not pursuing further.

    The Club leaves the parties to do their own follow-up.

    2. Add to the Bentong incident, a petition has been received against one party.

    As the creator of a fake account which created the petition could not be identified, the petition could not be substantiated.

    Silverhairsclub does not have the resources to investigate and manage members’ disputes and quarrels.

    Members are free to take their case, whether threats, fights or violence to the police and courts.

    We hope members are cordial with one another and settle their disagreements in a friendly manner.

    SHC is a free to join Club. Members are welcome to join and Exit anytime.

    Fairy Godmother likes to continue hibernation, collect winter food, firewood and prepare her winter home.

    Terence Seah

  2. Oh dear. What a disaster.
    This is terrible. Very bad for Terence, and the Club as a whole.

    Two serious cases to be addressed

    1) A member (victim) has claimed that someone (impostor) had used her name to create an account in the SHC Forum. The impostor then posted damaging statements to shame a third party, in the victim’s name.

    2) A member has created an account with a moniker, “Friends”, to post messages.
    Why is this allowed ?

    *Morally, Socially and Legally, the moderator is responsible for the two fiascos above*

    Members want an answer .

    Cola Tan

  3. The investigation into reported violence is now closed.

    Any party wishing to pursue further can do so if they wish.

    1. The Bentong trip is a private trip among a group of individuals. A number of individuals feedbacked that this incident has therefore nothing to do with the club.

    2. The two parties will decide on their course of action. Whether they choose to report to the police or take the legal course, the Club has already advised them to decide.

    3. One party has already washed hands from the incident and no longer wish to pursue further.

    4. A number of members were involved in fabricating a fake forum account, using the email address of one of the parties.

    This is serious, and once the creator of the fake account has been identified, appropriate action will be taken.

    Various whatsapp msgs and meeting evidence have been collected.

    Terence Seah

  4. A group of us friends feel that we should opening discuss the “Bentong Fight” incident openly on this forum. The fact that it had happened outside Singapore, warrants more attention, and should be discussed in a transparent manner, rather than swept under the carpet. And how to settle it amicably? The various police reports speaks loudly. And the petition to have Cola removed from SHC speaks even louder. Should the victims suffer in silence, and we let this episode lapse? And let Cola continue with her violent behavior in the various SHC activities?

    We hope Fairy Godmother is resting well and had a good makan.

  5. A very well written petition has been sent to me, I guess from a group of members.

    The petition summarises a history of occurrences involving Stella (Cola), leading to threats, violence, damages and police reports.

    The threats, and violence as reported are serious occurences, affecting SHC members and among SHC members.

    Some members have written in to support Cola, as these members felt that the reported incident happened outside Singaoore and strictly non-SHC activities. And should be settled amicably.

    While others feel that Cola’s violent behaviour occurs one too many.

    I am no judge nor prosecutor. Unfortunately, I will make a decision as to what the club will do based on the recent incident as well as other historical occurences.

    Fairy Godmother is brushing her teeth now. She should be having breakfast soon. Let her makan first.

    Terence Seah

    1. As part of follow up of the incident at Bentong, Irene Wong has made a police report.

      While the violent and threats had occurred, it is unclear how the incident started. Everybody in the tour seem to start on a friendly cheerful mood, so how it finally turned violent, very little evidence were given.

      Both parties blamed each other to initiating the violence, threats and fights.

      If yoy have any feedback, pls write to me at 9489 4360.

      Terence Seah

  6. Thank you Lydia for your query.

    Investigation is still going on. If you or anyone has any feedback, pls feel free to write to me. All feedback remains P&C.

    Thank you.

    Terence Seah

  7. This post has been extremely silent. Are members not encouraged to post here, but rather to send via confidential WhatsApp directly to Terence? Just wondering aloud…

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