Maintaining a respectful and harmonious environment is crucial. We are all senior adults and should be able to do the followings:

  1. Respect: Treat fellow members with kindness and consideration.
  2. Inclusivity: Welcome and include all members, making an effort to connect with and understand one another.
  3. Positive Communication: Use respectful language and keep your body language positive – steer clear of negative words and avoid forceful words
  4. Conflict Resolution: Address conflicts or disagreements in a calm and constructive manner, seeking resolution through open dialogue.
  5. Cooperation: Collaborate and work together to create a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere for all members.
  6. Courtesy: Practice good manners and etiquette, showing appreciation for the efforts of fellow members and club event organizers.
  7. Safety: Prioritize the safety and well-being of all members
  8. Privacy: Respect the privacy of fellow members by not sharing personal information without permission.
  9. Empathy: Show empathy and compassion towards others, understanding that everyone may be dealing with unique challenges.
  10. Open-Mindedness: being non-prejudiced or tolerant.

Remember the above are the fundamental principles of living in harmony. SilverHairsClub has one main objective; and that is to provide a platform for SilverHairs to meet new and more friends.



Author: Sally Foo

SHC1703 Introduced by ex-classmate Joo Tian. Married. I am in F&B industries for many years. Enjoy food and travelling. Love singing Karaoke with buddies. Date joined 22.3.2017.

11 thoughts on “CODE OF CONDUCT”

    1. haha Howard, love your catchy phrase:

      Mutual trust & respect is the fundamental component of treating others with dignity and consideration.

      Action speak louder than words” literally flash my eyes like floaters of these phrase *empty vessels make the most noise* dancing and circulating inside my eyes…are often the ones who have the least substance or knowledge to share.

      Let’s catch again after my busy period subside.

  1. i agreed that every1 shd give due respect to one another n not bully others. we join to enjoy activities together ?? n forge friendship. nobody shd be subjected to bully especially in the light of recent intimidation n assault case. after all we pay $ to go 4 events

  2. Rhetorical messages are good to read. Nobody can deny that.
    But doing it is another matter.

    We are human. Say what you like but there are certain things that human beings cannot do, regardless of race, language or religion.
    Never pretend to be otherwise, and put up a false front. The good thing about human beings is they are reciprocating – meaning give and take mutually.

    Kindness begets kindness. Violence invites violence.
    If somebody is unkind to you, ask yourself, “why is he/she unkind to me?” If you have the answer, you learn something. Otherwise, no amount of rhetoric will help.

  3. Such a nice script…I wander how may will follow
    I m.not perfect so I can read but trying to.follow.

    Let be what we are ..true of ourselves
    .no hyprocriate..Plastersaint..gossiping..etc.

    For me that is enough..

    My 2cts

    Coka tan

  4. Agreed with Sally.
    I think it is the basic 10 qualities that helps to create a harmony in a club or organizations.

    Practicing harmony in all communities and groups is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it cultivates a sense of inclusivity, where everyone feels valued and respected. This leads to greater unity, cooperation, and collaboration, resulting in more productive and positive outcomes. Secondly, harmony fosters a supportive and nurturing environment, encouraging individuals to express their ideas and opinions freely. This diversity of thought leads to innovation and creativity, benefiting the group as a whole. Additionally, practicing harmony enhances empathy and understanding, allowing people to appreciate different perspectives and develop stronger relationships. Ultimately, harmony creates a sense of belonging and well-being, contributing to the overall happiness and satisfaction of individuals within the community or group

    1. wow… didnt know you can write so well! this is what I called hidden talent. Love to see you having your own post – keep it up!

  5. Well written, SallyF
    Saying out loud is easy but doing all is a challenge – but I will try to achieve these.

    Keeping my fingers crossed lor.

    Cheers.. Dolly

  6. Dear Sally
    I agree, totally..
    I have heard from some members who are leaving the club because of many “Karens” and disrespectful people.
    I can guess if you want to have friends then you have to behave like a friend too. I hope we can enjoy the last milestone of our lives with love, friendship, peace and harmony amongst ourselves.
    People may think I am one crazy woman who gives heart to everyone and replies to all comments.
    To me, if someone takes the effort to read and pass a comment, I appreciate it very much cos it is an effort, no matter how long or short the comment is. It should be reciprocated.
    To each his own. I enjoy myself making friends and sharing photos of what I have made. This makes my day.
    And I agree that respect is earned and cannot be demanded.
    Have a great weekend!
    Kind regards
    Caroline aka Carly

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