SilverHairsClub Annual Games Day – Sat, 20 Oct 2007

In 2006. Patrick Yeo was the Event Organiser for the SHC Annual Games Day, held at the Changi Beach Club.  This year, we will hold the same event on a Saturday.  Whether it will be held on a morning or afternoon depends on the venue.  We are looking for a Country Club with facilities to hold this event.  Likely, located near reservoir grounds.

Soon, we will look out for this year’s Event Organiser.  Meantime,  please put this date in your diary.  And we will start to create the registration list.

  • Venue:  Not confirmed, but likely a Country Club facility. You are welcome to suggest.
  • Date/Time:  Sat, 20 Oct 2007, Time: morning/afternoon (not confirmed)
  • Concept:  Entrance fee:  Free.  Simply share and pay for the game.
  • Event Organiser:  The person has not surfaced yet.  Let’s look out.
  • Committee members: Welcome volunteers.
  • Games:  (a) Mahjong, (b) Bowling (c) Scabble.  Other games can be
  • Registration:  Starts now.  Please use this forum to register.  No emails please.

Participants:  Patrick Yeo, Loh Yew Kwong, Joy, Terence Seah, Clara Chay, Suzhang, Mary Tan, LH Jie, Lisa Ong, Steven Chan, Lee Ah Nee, Dolly Lim, Shirlena Tham, Molly Chua, Fong Cheong Kong, Maureen Tay, Sue Chan, Catherine Yeo, Eileen Lee, Caroline Gee, Jessie Tan, Leong Kim, Catherine Yip.

Patrick Yeo has volunteered to be 2007 SHC Games Day Event Organiser.  All those, who would like to help, please raised your hand.  Thank you.

Closing date: 31 July 2007.

Author: Terence Seah


52 thoughts on “SilverHairsClub Annual Games Day – Sat, 20 Oct 2007”

  1. Hi Patrick,
    Wonder if you could register my friend, Cynthia Ong for the Annual Games Day even though registration date is closd.

    Kindly confirm her participation. Much appreciated.

  2. Hi Terence,
    Finally, you found an event organiser for this.

    Maybe can consider Singapore Recreation Club, Serangoon Gardens Country Club, Orchid Country Club or Civil Service Club @ Tessensohn – All these are equiped with mahjong tables, bowling facilities. It would be good if any of the SHC members are members of these club to gather more info to share i.e. cost for rental of mahjong rooms and bowling games.

    As for the Changi Beach Club or Seletar Country Club, not sure if there are mahjong room available, did not recalled seeing any at Seletar Country Club.

    Both Lily and me volunteer to be judges, can?

  3. Here’s some updates:

    1. Patrick Yeo has agreed to be this year’s Games Day Event Organiser. The reason is to develop and keep the Games Day concept.

    2. The Games are likely going to be the same. But, feel free to make suggestions.

    3. The place is likely to be Changi BEach Club or Seletar Country Club. Please suggest an alternative, so that the place can be reviewed.

    4. If you like to assist in the Games Day, plse raise your hands. Eg Games leaders, Participants and list organiser, photographer.

  4. Dear Terence

    Please register me as a suporter for Game Day on 20th Oct. I would like to learn bowling if there is any volunteer who can teach. Main objective is to hve fun & not so much of skill.

  5. Hi Terence, I would like to register for the SHC Game Day on 20 Oct. I would like to register for bowling too.

    I am enjoying all the exchanges thus far !

    Cheers and hooray to all the efforts put in to organize the various events.

  6. Hi Terence,
    After listing down d # of participants signed for these games as follows:

    So far, 13 signed up for mahjong, 15 for bowling and 9 for scrabble n even request for snooker.

    As such, to join d fun and hving discussed with Lily, we hv decided instead of participating, we will volunteer ourselves to be judges lor.. can or not har… lol..

  7. Hi! Terence

    Please register me for bowling. So far did not meet some of the member liao…..want to have some fresh air…


  8. Clara and Caroline dear, with your around, I am sure I will enjoy my “going long kang” Bowling session… he…he…he….very fun hor!

    Ah Nee.

  9. URGENT ! SOS.

    Hi ALL ,

    Due to UNFORSEEN circumstances , I am vERY SORRY not able to go for the Malacca trip tomorrow morning as I had being looking forward to very much.

    And at so late a notice.

    If any of you would like to go , I would appreciate very much if you pls. contact the organiser Ron Wi.

    Steven Chan

  10. June has a point on participation constraints for scrabble & mahjong so perhaps if there’re really many particiapnts, we can kine them up to play meaning after A has played in the North seat, he vacates it for B to play and so forth for AA, BB; East, West etc.

    If every game is fully taken up, tim will be happy to be on standby and fill in when folks take toilet breaks or nappy change.

  11. Hahaha … my friends Caroline and Lee Ah Nee,I shared the same feedback. Let’s join force .. we will name ourselves the ” Long Kang Queens” .. The objective is to enjoy ourselves and have fellowship with one another right ?

  12. Hi Terence
    Please register me for mahjong game. Being a new member, very curious and looking forward to meet all the SilverHair ? ??

  13. Hi Terence,
    I think you will definitely need come to terms as to which games you hv decided for the Games Day as I can see numerous requests stated above. You will definitely see an overwhelming response for mahjong, scrabble which I felt that there should be a maximum headcount that these actvities can catered for…

    The venue for this Games Day also need to conclude asap lor…

  14. If we are going to have the games in a country club, can we add in the list for SNOOKER, all country clubs have snooker tables available.


  15. Hi Terence

    Please count my wife Alice and I for bowling games, even though we are out of touch for a long time, and rusty, we wish to participate just for the fun of it.


    Ron & Alice Lai

  16. I am in but pls can we hve telematch games? There are 4 sides to a mahjong table, 4 sides to a scrabble board. You would need many many mahjong tables and srabble boards assuming all 3000 members decide to support this ;-)))Frankly, mahjong and scrabble is out for me as I am neither a strategist nor a thinker :-)))

  17. Hi Terence,

    I would like to particpate in mahjong and bowling and whatever sports except scrabble.

    You can also enguire with Orchid Country Club. They have transport facility from MRT to the club. This will ease the transport inconvenience.

  18. Hi Terence

    I am joining mahjong and bowling for the coming games day.

    But can we request no taking of photos when we are playing mahjong ok ? very “piah sieh” leh…. (Looks as if we big gambler lor) :)p

  19. I share the same character as Caroline….(cannot sit still for long)prefer moving around. Hence I would like Bowling, tough I can’t bowl very well, always go “long kang” hope the Game Day is merely for fun. Anyway I don’t know how to play Mahjong, if the Mahjong “Kaki” permit, see if I can learn some tips from your.
    Please put me in for Bowling.Thanks!

    Ah Nee

  20. If the price is right, taxis will go in to fetch; if the price is better, the cabs will wait for us and if the price is really irresistable, the drivers will leave behind their cabs for us forever and laugh their way to the bank………..

  21. I been there once b4 and it is really quite out of the way without any transport.

    The problem is that when we cater bus for this event, then timing will be rigid and fixed lor…

    But another problem is that you can get a taxi go there but still hv to walk a long way out to get a taxi le…

    Moreover, if it is on off-peak hours/day, then I am sure quite a handful of them may not be able to join in also inclusive of me hor… sob sob… Dolly

  22. Hi Terence,
    Games day sounds good. Scrabble and mahjong is what I used to like. Count me in. Does anybody play backgammon?
    What can I do to help for the Games Day?

  23. I would like to participate in bowling only. Haven’t done bowling for a few years already, kind of not steady but its all about enjoying oneself whether ball go longkang or drop to the next lane, it doesn’t matter. Sorry no mahjong or scrabble cos I cannot sit still for too long. Thanks and Cheers :D
    Caroline Gee

  24. Cannot play mahjong. No bowling for me also ‘cos I have hurt my back. Now I have to settle for scrabble only. Thank u for signing me in for scrabble. Cheers!

  25. This idea is not confirmed, but I thought it would be good to share with you some ideas on where to hold the Games Day.

    We are exploring Seletar Country Club as venue for the SHC Games Day.

    Seletar Country Club:
    SCC as a games venue – it has golf (18 holes and a 52 bay driving range), tennis, bowling, snooker & billiards, table tennis, sailing and kayaking. We are looking at a special deal during non peak periods.

    Other activities – Social Dancing, Karaoke
    Cycling – the lower Seletar reservoir is an excellent place to cycle and even within the Seletar Camp, through to Jalan Kayu and around the Seletar Farmway Area (dog kennel, fish farms to be explored). On Friday evenings, we even have jogging, walking in our scenic golf course.

    Transport – we can help to arrange for transport (from 19 seater mini bus to 40 seater bus) from Khatib MRT to the Club (8 mins drive) for those without cars or motorbikes. But this would not be suitable for the cycling event. Taking a cab to the club is the most convenient. There is no convenient public bus transport ( only one feeder bus from the bus stop outside the Seletar Camp at Jalan Kayu that runs along West Camp Road in Seletar Camp, that stops within 5 mins walk of the Club).

  26. I also like the idea of an overnight event. How about the kelong. We can have mahjong, scrabbles, karaoke, fishing competition – can’t have bowling though!

  27. Hi all ,

    Some feedback from the last games day is not to have all the games run concurrently. Secondly , there was a suggestion to make it a 2 days , 1 night event at Batam Resort at a reasonable good price.

    So make a holiday, a gamesday , seminar and D & D night too, including other massage , spa and new sports promotion like wave surfing,etc, line dance , skateboarding etc.


  28. Missed the participation during the last game day..However, this time will be one of the early bird signing up.. a supporter and a participant to the bowling event..


  29. Hi Terence & All SHC members,

    It was a great experience to host last year SHC Gamesday. Many thanks to Terence and SHC volunteers helpers and assistants.

    I believe that this Year 2007 Gamesday will have more participants joining and I hope that there are more volunteers to come forward to host this event.

    I would like to participate in Year 2007 events – Mahjong, Bowling and Scrabble

    Terence, please register my name on the list of participant.


    Patrick Yeo

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