SHC Donation Drive – Year 2023

This Oct is our 18th anniversary. We are now doing a donation drive. If you enjoyed what SHC is doing, you can donate to The SilverHairsClub. All contributions will be published in the Club forum. You can also choose anonymous.

Donations are used to build up our Club fund, club expenses, cover event losses and pay for venue deposits.

Plse PayNow to our Treasurer Dolly Lim’s mobile at 9815 9363.

Donation Fund received as follows.  Thank you for your generous contribution and much appreciated.

No Name Amt ($) Date Recd Remarks
1 Kristy Ng 100.00 8-Oct
2 Shawn Loke 20.00 9-Oct
3 Priscilla Wee 30.00 9-Oct Paylah
4 Valarie Quek 88.00 9-Oct
5 Norlinda 50.00 9-Oct
6 Dorothy Loh 88.00 10-Oct
7 Annie Chua 20.00 10-Oct
8 James Tan JH 50.00 11-Oct
9 Anonymous 100.00 12-Oct
10 Karen Thio 88.00 12-Oct
11 Mr Lee CM, Victor 100.00 13-Oct
12 Joy Tang 50.00 15-Oct
13 Margaret Wong 20.00 15-Oct
14 Lim Mui Hoon 50.00 19-Oct
15 KC Loh 100.00 19-Oct
16 John Chua 100.00 19-Oct
17 June Peh 100.00 19-Oct
18 Andrew Chee 1000.00 19-Oct
19 Anonymous 100.00 19-Oct
20 Ng Chor Ling 20.00 19-Oct
21 Veronica Kok 99.00 19-Oct
22 Chiam Poh Choo 30.00 19-Oct
23 Sarena Teo 30.00 19-Oct
24 Tian Lay Hoon 50.00 19-Oct
25 Peter Yue SK 30.00 20-Oct
26 Evelyn Moh 20.00 20-Oct
27 Aminah Bee 50.00 20-Oct
28 Dolly Lim 200.00 20-Oct
29 Helen Cheong 100.00 22-Oct
30 Gina Tan 100.00 22-Oct
31 Pony Teng 100.00 23-Oct
32 Terry Chun 30.00 27-Oct
33 Kwie Siew Wah 20.00 27-Oct
34 Sandra Chuah 50.00 28-Oct
35 Emily Wong 100.00 31-Oct
36 John Loke 50.00 31-Oct
37 Rina Tay 50.00 31-Oct
38 Sivagamy P. 100.00 31-Oct
39 Thomas Loh 100.00 31-Oct
40 Sekaran 100.00 31-Oct
41 Jane Tan 50.00 31-Oct
42 Louis & Joanna Siah 100.00 31-Oct
43 Pauline Tung 50.00 31-Oct
44 Lim Yoon Chin 117.00 1-Nov
45 Goh Teng Yin 50 11-Nov
Total Amt Collected 4050.00


Thank you
Dolly Lim/Treasurer

Author: Dolly Lim

ACTIVE 2005 / UPDATED - 31.03.2021_SF

5 thoughts on “SHC Donation Drive – Year 2023”

  1. Dear Members,
    Thank you for all donations that we had received so far. If there is any missing amounts/names that I might have unintentionally left out, please get back to me so that I can check on them. For members that wanted to be remained anonymous, kindly drop me a note thru watapps message at this same mobile# too. Else, I will shall follow details given thru my email and update accordingly.

    Cheers.. Dolly

  2. Great, the Forum is up for action again and I had updated the donation drive to the latest – If there is any missing donations that I have not updated yet, kindly do advise me accordingly.

    Cheers and thank you… Dolly

    1. Hi Terry,
      Nice to catch-up since our last BKK trip at the yesterday’s monthly gathering but regret to say that I am not ready to plan another this year to any countries these year as I need to have take care of my knees’ conditions first. Maybe next year when I am more ready to plan again. Cheers.. Dolly

  3. Dear All Members,
    I had been holding up this post awaiting for our Founder, Terence Seah, to express his thanks to all donars. But regret to say that, Terence passed on this morning at 12.30am. Hence, I would like to express our utmost thanks to all here on his behalf and concluded that all donations collected todate as $4050.00 will be used for maintaining of the Club. However, if there is any changes, rest assured that I will keep everyone posted. The Donation hereby confirmed closed. Thank you.

    Till then,
    Dolly Lim/Treasurer

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