One day in Johore.

Hi buddies ,

I am planning a day driving trip to Johore.we will whack de bak kut tea ,light yoga cum laughter excerise , massage & a nice dinner before calling it a day….this will be a EC event…

Car owner will have to arrange over de charge inccure

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  1. Huat ah!

    WAH – “light yoga cum laughter exercise , massage & a nice dinner before calling it a day… ” sounds good!

    How come u got “light yoga cum laughter exercise” lobang in JB? I am very the interested. Hope you are NOT planning to go on weekends and school holidays? It’d be too crowded everywhere. If the date you choose is “gum gum”, I kee chiu…

    Just me – Jacqueline Han – wishing you huat-ah x3.

  2. Hi Ah Huat
    I’ll support you if it’s not wed and fri (and given sufficient notice) but boh car leh how ah. do you hv the pad to land my helicopter?

  3. Lets go and hv a cup of white coffee with AhHuat.
    If on weekday, pls include me. Fyi I’ve no car
    and will like to tompang

  4. Wow Wow wow b4 final decision ve announce….already ve kakis liao
    _2 ….Gabriella jie jie no lah. MIA…missing in action or AWOL
    Absent without official not healthy lah…
    #3 jacquline Han jie ,so lo……ng …no meet hor ..u still remember de laughter excerise in botanic garden Bo ? How times flies..
    # 4. Ah kor kor Daniel…u mak chiew got c Terence poh Mia boh..
    ( did u see Terence register..) hahahahaha
    #5 sister tan seok Wah ….A date with you all..would make me glad.
    Date n place I may turn me down will make me sad..hahahaha
    I ,shoot one email to u..Kena boxbe….pls advise hor….
    #6 bro Rick kee …. Wow wow u 2 so long no Jane n yr son…..?
    #7 mei ti frisna …de greatest joker..dun worry about Bo hong chia..
    Got de white house secure de pad for your helicopter ….hahahaha
    #8 handsome Peter goh.,
    Dun think we ve meet b4 …like yr saying ah huat white kopi now so hot like Harlem shake…hahahaha…pls email me at same goes to tan seok Wah & Gabriellea jie jie hor…

    Okay of de trip is most likely on
    19 march Tuesday..0900 hr…
    $$$ Rm 200 3 meals ,1 massage ,1 light yoga cum yoga excerise ..
    1 t shirt souvenir …
    Pls take note …this does not cover de car owner petrol.parking toll etc…
    So far I ve 1 car full..any more to cheong Bo ?
    We will confirm everything thru our private email lah…
    Ai had my 40 winks liao… Good nite….brother Sam…

  5. Hi Sam,

    Definitely cannot go on that date as my Maths dept. is having parents wotkshop in school in the afternoon. My HOD & teachers needs my help during that day.

    If is on weekend, that’s OK. Have to earn aliving to survive not like some of you especially who are retirees who have the time to do what they like.

  6. Xiao Ti Sam #9

    So sad, Tuesday is not suitable for me. Thought it’ll be on a weekend.

    Sorry, have to give it a miss.

    Enjoy yourselves.

    Myra – pl note also.

    Warmest regards,
    Ah Jie

  7. Huat-ah, yah lah – long time no see!
    I am interested in “yoga and laughter exercise” in JB.
    I scared to drive in JB lah. The road bullies will block my car, drag me out, and beat me up… (joke joke only).
    If you can take in one more pax in your hong chia, I tompang?

    Let me know? Jacqueline Han, wishing you huat-ah x3

  8. Hahahaha ah jacq jie ,

    Wow wow wow , u must be driving yr Ferrari ,lamoughni hong chia lor…
    Okay I ve send out email to u ,Myra & 2 more mysterious senior members…pls check on yr email box lah…..
    Ah gab & Tan seok Wah …no worry..if time permit will do 1 on weekend also Akan datang….u ,mesti buka. SHC. Website lah every 3 seconds lah hahahaha…
    Ah Daniel Kang , kor kor….kita jagan confirm …saya da hantam satu email
    Ada ,i hp nos lah…u tak jumpa ya….??

    Cheer from brother Sam goh

  9. Hi Xiao Ti #14

    TQ ! Pl let me know early if you are organising one on a weekend.

    Interested in the makan, massage and fellowship.

    Enjoy yourselves,
    Ah Jie

  10. Wee whew ,buddies

    So I have my car full & also got ppls pre chopping de seat in my car for next trip….so an Hiah & jie mui…will give u all a morning wake up call in every ten minute ..1 st to pee pee , drink water,wash legs ,droll on heavy make up lor….hahahahha

    Cheer Sam goh

  11. Hi Sam Huat Huat Huat Huat Huat Huat Huat Huat

    Thank you so veri much for this wonderful trip. Our 1 day in JB was really well spent.

    For RM200, we really got a very good deal :

    1. Laughter yoga exercises with our ho ho ha ha ha, that was really fun. Very good, very good.

    2. The young Thai masseuse managed to knead the knots and cares away. I nearly zzzzzzzzzz

    3. Bak Kut Teh – really sedap.

    4. Refreshing hot coconut drink – if it is not with you on this trip, I will never be able to sample this nutritious drink.

    5. Wow, the “dok gong”cuisines at Restoran Wen Hua, really yummy.

    Kam Sia Sam and looking forward to you organising another trip.

    Notice I gave you 8 X Huat. Ha Ha Ha.


  12. # 17 ah Myra jie jie ,

    Whew whew steady Pom pi pi lah…so high standing ovation hor!

    Me Tao tua tua liap…( head swollen ) …yeah agree wholeheartly ,

    MeToo enjoy u all fellowship company too…

    We all den heng hor…de hot kelapa Ayer …open fo chor seng li ( open for )

    Business ..only de lua kong face suck…other den dat was damn good…

    So finally uncle Richard kee & Jane …manage to visit de orphange home !

    Okay ! Now I will be calling for de 2 sampan . This time de sampan choon

    Will only anchor at lakeside or kranjil MRT station …for de pick up point….

    So , those who ve pte email one hor…pls open yr email ..oops almost 4 got

    Will hit de shore on Saturday tis time…am gg to check out which Saturday lor…now ai wee wee cos just koon li …so thirsty also

    Cheer from brother Sam goh

  13. Buddies, peng you,Hiah ti jie mui ,brothers n frends,

    De next sampan choon is coming in full load again…will see u all at our

    Early email pick out point which I ,just send out..pls check yr email hor…..

    This is our 1 st saturday outing…no worry gab jie…will do again lah…..same goes fo Tan seok Hua hor…..those who re keen can pte email if ..u like too!….3 more days..we all cheong ah !!!

    Brother sam goh

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