Teaching English in China

One of our members Gary Loke is now in Shanghai. He has bravely made the move, and is now teaching in Shanghai.

We are reviewing opportunities for retired SilverHairsClub members, with a teaching profession to teach in China.

If you are retired, interested to teach English in Shanghai or other cities in China, please leave your name here. Communications with Gary can be made on this POST.

Terence Seah

Author: Terence Seah


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  1. Gary called to say there are good opportunities for those who would like to teach P5 & 6 (MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE), in preparation for PSLE exams. Should have experience & have taught such in Singapore schools before.

    Please contact Gary at sploke_77@ahoo.com.

  2. Hi steven I have responded to ur email address. For the others, there will be a vacant post to teach kids at Primary Two level. anybody interested? next term starts late August 2007. pls furnish me ur email so as not to clog up & have lengthy threads here. take care & rgds, gary

  3. Hi Gary,

    Are you the one who posted as shanghaibird.

    With reference to thread 14,thanks for your thread regarding teaching in China.

    I appreciate very much if you can give me more details of the teaching assignemnt.Btw, my email address is sfc0007@yahoo.com.sg

    Steven Chan

  4. Ok Hi Steven are u Steven Chan? From back threads r u the retired MOE teacher with 26 years experience and OK in Science & Maths.? There is vacant post for Head of Science Dept in my school for next semester. If u r seriously interested pls give me your Email & I will fill u in with more details?? OK?? URGENT (2)..

  5. Pls dun try 2 hide in the closet -I will not let u. T & I r on to some serious plans & I expected respectable interest. It was fine until the 7th & 9th threads when u started those ‘cantonese’ nonsense stuff. Blue Helmet is a serious & worthy project to help some SHCs in need & deserve some serious respect. So pls kindly grant us the courtesy & refrain from further creating disorder that we may get down to more serious actions! BTW I know wot’s happening back home, I know abt ‘Asia One’too!

  6. Gary, what do you think? Shall I ask you to go fly kite or come fly kite with me? No, you got it wrong, pls come and be my guest as we fly the kites to lofty heights. Then we can hv tea and then merrily roll abt like humpty dumpty.

    In the context of my reply immediately appearing after yr posting, the “you” surely looks like a reference made to you, Gary.

    In all honesty this is not the case, and never was intended to be the case.

    The “you” is similar to what JF Kennedy once said “Ask not what the country can do for you but………..”. The President didnt hv anyone in mind but used it as a generic reference.

    For sure i too would hv felt offended when, here I am earnestly offering my help and there someone slighted it to frivolity.

    Lately, back home, we hv been swarmed with many types of “Ps”….GDP, GNP, ECP, ERP, NDP, PEP…the last one has been so badly smeared that the 2nd letter seems changed.

    Haha, Gary, when you come home for a holiday, the beer is on me. Terence will pay.

    Cheers !


  7. timbuktu is not related to, has no connection with and absolutely got nothing to do with tim liu or tim ah liu so you can do as you like with timbuktu including pegging yr pay with its GDP and building casinos in every GAP you can find there.

  8. hi all. can teach english even if u dunno putonghua -no sweat. but when you take a taxi -he’ll bring u to timbuktu first lor. I teach in an Intl school & contract is for 1 year & renewable. I teach the multi-nation kids english & local teachers teach them putonghua. if interested, pls tell me what age groups u wanna teach & what was your major last time. Even a pure cantonese like me cannot makeout wot u people trying to say leh…stay in touch….

  9. Hahaha, Steven, you very the h-s hor…….. tong….hole and then you vividly described the act as kwat.

    Pien Ah Pek………go get the cue from janadas devan nair’s sunday article in the ST and you’ll know what i mean. For heaven’s sake, cue ok, not a tong or thong or nguyen van thieu’s dong. Or nixon’s ping pong.

  10. Hi Tim,

    Tim Liu Says:
    Steven, what I said, tersely, is this “Halo, old boy, yr cantonese is behind times,……( Wei, dai lor ah, lei dit kong fu wa ng hup si leh, di di da da dou ng ji lei kong muk? Dou jo kong dong sarn, koi dey dong lei hai sor lor. zi sin luen kum watt, kam lei zao ji sei……)

    Not really true, your message has HIDDEN meaning ( Tai lor, lei mo tong or hai so lor,
    Lei kor swee wa yau hole toi kwat tow.)

    Not to worry, Tim , I had been to Guangzhou and I can talk to them and they understood me, except that their Cantonese is more refined like the Hongkies.

    Tim, why you always
    Am Am, Cham Cham? Bei ta han leh,

    pien ah pek formula in red dot ???
    Look 4 ward 2 c u on 29/4.

  11. Steven, what I said, tersely, is this “Halo, old boy, yr cantonese is behind times, sound-packed but msg leh? When you reach canton province, they wont know what talk you & think you kena short-circuited up there as you wobble in circles, then you mati susah sekali”.

    It makes an exciting experience to teach after one has retired…….with so much learned in life, one has more than mere academic knowledge to impart.

    I know of an eurasian who is teaching in china. He hardly speaks more than 4-letter words in chinese dialects but has done well so far bcos he can really roll his tongue, twang like real and wow the villagers.

    Haha, are we not familiar with the pien ah pek formula which we, the red dot, are so famously renowned?

  12. Hi Terence, Gary

    Can someone who does not know much Mandarin at all teach English ? By the way heard there are a lot of English and USA guys teaching English who does not know Mandarin , so how do they do that. If it is possible, would really like the experience.

    Can accept anything, relief , short term or any period or time and is available from to morrow onwards.


  13. Hi Tim Kor,
    It seems that Tim has gone MULTILINGUAL as well.

    Can you pls.translate your Vietnamese message DING DING DONG DONG…. below.

    Must be thinking too HARD over the Vietnamese currency DONG.Speculating its currency ?

    Tim Liu wrote :-
    ( Wei, dai lor ah, lei dit kong fu wa ng hup si leh, di di da da dou ng ji lei kong muk? Dou jo kong dong sarn, koi dey dong lei hai sor lor. zi sin luen kum watt, kam lei zao ji sei………….)
    Posted Apr 10, 9:41 AM | View Post

    Tim, Wei Dar Loh,Lei Kong Muk? Yat Tou Mou Shay??? Translate all in Cantonese.


  14. Wei, dai lor ah, lei dit kong fu wa ng hup si leh, di di da da dou ng ji lei kong muk? Dou jo kong dong sarn, koi dey dong lei hai sor lor. zi sin luen kum watt, kam lei zao ji sei………….

  15. Hi Terence and Gary,

    May wish to consider for this opportunity, please keep me informed. Teaching English at Guangzhou would be great for me as I cannot speak Mandarin but can speak Cantonese.

    How long will the contract be ?


    Thanks ,

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