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  1. Hi Feh Tuck,
    I would like to join your dancing session (rhumba, cha cha etc but not line dancing) or karaoke. I can do a little of both and wish to practise these again after a long break – can’t even remember when was the last time I did either!

  2. Hi, I am not only an ex-Master Mariner, but also a Home Brewer and a Cook. I love cooking beside my wife and beer. My lucky wife, Usha!

    I compare Cooking to Painting. Once one has the basics of Cooking, one can design one’s own recipe. My best dish is Mutton Biryani, which I have improved it from usual Biryani. It is healthy, less spicy, but has natural spice fragrance, less oily and tasty. It is healthy because I use least fatty cuts, then I boil it and put the stock into a freezer to remove its fat. Then I use Olive oil for cooking.

    Since I enjoy partying, brewing and cooking, I would like to invite SHC members to my terrace house with a garden at Serangoon Garden to share my Home made Mutton or Chicken Biryani with side dish (Home Made low fat Curd with spring onions, fresh red whole chilly & corriander leave) at $10.00 a plate & Free Home Made German Beer (6% Alcohol)and American Root Beer(Non-Alcoholic)!

    Max. 15 and Min. 5 members are invited for the party on Saturday evening.

    Interested, pls. contact me at 94234640 or email me at kaushal@mrbeer-asia.com.sg

  3. ‘Prime Candidate’

    Watch an interesting documentary titled ‘Prime Candidate’. This documentary shows that there is life to enjoy after retirement. Be a Life Long Learner, Be Active and Enjoy Your Life.

    Date: 17 March 2006, Friday
    Time: 9.30 pm
    Channel: Channel News Asia

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