More SilverHairsClub patches available

We are having the 2nd batch of SilverHairsClub patch which can be sewn on to T-shirts, caps, pants, tote bags, etc.

SHC first logo patch

SHC first logo patch

This batch design has the words “SilverHairsClub” on a black cloth background. The text is white.  The size is 2.5 cm x 8 cm.

The price of the patches as follows:

  • Without iron-on backing:
  • 1  – 10 pc at $3 each
  • 11 pcs and more at $2.80 each.
  • For no delivery charges, please collect the patches during the monthly gatherings.

If delivered and registered to your house address, please add $2.50 per local address.

More designs will be released from time to time.

Please place your orders here.

Terence Seah

2 thoughts on “More SilverHairsClub patches available

  1. For members whose names are in the 1st 30 names in the registration list, please collect a SHC cloth path from Howard Yong.after 6pm.

    The Club is creating some promotions for members who participate in EO events. Members who wear the SHC patch on their cap, tshirt, blouse, jeans or bags, and bringing them to EO events will be entitled to participate in special promotions. This will be announced at each event.

    TQ to the members who came up with this scheme. We need more such ideas.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi…allow me to try out Chinese texts here.
    (seems like we cannot input Chinese texts after the “upgrade”)

    ???????? ??????? ?
    If the above Chinese phrases cannot be reproduced, we will see irrelevant characters. Thanks


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