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Thank you very much for your reply and it was really great to browse through your interesting and informative website. You have definitely done a good job in this field. I salute to your contribution, bright idea and good heart

Hope to meet up with you one of these days when you visit Singapore. However, since i have stayed in Hongkong and Beijing for the past ten over years, i am more familiar with the Singapore, Hongkong and China’s situation and culture, inclusive the attitude towards life of the silverhairs group in these 3 countries.

Thailand, unfortunity, is completely new to me. To be frank, i have not been to Thailand for the past 12 years.

I would think if we are able to work together for this wonderful silverhairs club, i might be able to organise some activities which cater for the special interest of the silver hairs group for the above 3 countries where i am familiar,  just the "in country" events, to promote the close relationships for those silverhairs who will love to spend their silver hairs years in Singapore. So to promote more friendship, more good health, more happiness, and let them feel that life is always young and active until their "last day". This, i am sure,  will l definitely be an added confindence to this group.

Being an event organiser in  Hongkong , Beijing and Singapore, i am sure, as long as these SH group can open up themself, come forward, enjoy themself…everything will be changed easily.

I stressed again,  strickly no profit is to be made, as what you had sugguested, all the cost involved in the events will be  shared equally amongst all the participants.(even the organiser will have to pay their cost, if any, but not letting the other partipants shared and pay for them) . Futhermore,  all the particulars of the cost which incurred in any event, must be OPENED to everybody, there must be totally NO hidden mark up. I am sure only by doing such a way, so the club will be able to do it in a  very successfull and problemless manner.

Will love to see strong grow of the Silverhairs Club.

Author: Terence Seah


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  1. Susannah,

    Care to share your events organisation talent with me? Particularly your experience in China as I have interest to start a Holistic Cancer Research Centre there and still deciding on the location?



  2. Hi Susan,

    I have just retired and am just waiting to get all rounded up, making full use of my time now to travel,for fun,even backpacking to Europe,etc. So will like to know what are your latest plans ?

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