Dinner & Dance at Marine Parade Community Club, SAT 31 August 2013

Hello hello everyone, good and great lobang, want to join some of us and  me for the below event:
Dinner and Dance at Marine Parade Community Club on
Date: 31 August 2013 (Saturday)
Time : 1730hrs
Band: Live Band (but hor.. .cannot list the band’s name lor)
Tickets : $12 per head (inclusive of dinner)
Where to buy the ticket: Marine Parade Community Club
The price is too good to be true but do come and have an evening of good dancing and getting to know people you have not met before.
Tickets will be reserved based on early registration and first paid basis hor.. Currently I had already reserved 1 table liao.. so let me know here and pay first if you are interested hor…
This lobang is informed by Michelle Khoo – SHC member but not sure if she got re-register bo and this will be an EC event.
So far registration as below:
Table 1 – Closed
1 Dolly Lim – Paid
2 Lily Ho – Paid
3 Lilyy Ho x 1 –  Paid
4 Caroline Gee – Paid
5 Ah Nee – Paid
6 Thomas Loh – Paid
7 Per – Paid
8 Karen Thio – Paid
9 Sally Kang – Paid
10 Bira – Paid
Table 2 – Closed
1 Grace Kok – replaced by Geraldine  – Paid
2 Yat Sing – Paid
3 Yat Sing x 1 – Paid
4 Douglas – Paid
5 Richard Wong – Paid
6 Gingko – Paid
7 Bobby Bok – Paid
8 Andrew Yeung – Paid
9 Shirleen Kao – Paid
10 Lina Tan – Paid
Table 3 – Closed
1 Lilian Teo – Paid
2 Pauline Khoo – Paid
3 Boon Liang – replaced by Arthur – Paid
4 Janet Chan – replaced by Peggy – Paid
5 Sockie – Paid
6 Marg Tian – Paid
7 Judy Lim – Paid
8 Helen Kuek – Paid
9 Helen Wong – Paid
10 June Koh – Paid
Table 4 – Closed
1. Catherine Ho – Paid
2 Eunice – Paid
3 Irene Poh – Paid
4 Vincent – Paid
5 Shirley – Paid
6 Debbie Oh – Paid
7 Audrey Wong – Paid
8 Richard Lean – Paid
9 Bessie Lam – Paid
10 Andrew – Paid
Table 5 – Closed
1 Mega – Paid
2 Lydia – Paid
3 Barbara – Paid
4 Jane Wong – Paid
5 Paul Kong – Paid
6 Peggy Kong – Paid
7 Nina Choo – Paid
8 Susan Chang- Paid
9 Daisy Phua – Paid
10 Dorine Tan

Good, All 5 Tables full liao so I can siew kang liao…. I will let all of you know the arrangement of ticket pass over come nearer to the function date… … :)

Dolly – EC

74 thoughts on “Dinner & Dance at Marine Parade Community Club, SAT 31 August 2013

  1. Hi All,
    For those yet to pay, you can pay me at my posb saving# XXXXXXXXXXX and let me know here so that I can update the status accordingly.


  2. Hi All,
    As you can observed that 1 table already full and all paid. As Table 2, there are still 5 more seats left. Table 3 will be on standby only and only be confirmed when the table is at full capacity.

    Michelle had been asking for the headcount so that she can reserve the tickets for us and I had specially requested that our SHC tables to be closed with each other.

    Michelle, please give me a dateline for the event.

    Cheers… Dolly

  3. Just saw the post. Please include me if the 3th table is formed. Is that means I have to wait for your confirmation before I pay? Thanks.

  4. Hi Dolly

    Me again, sorry

    Can you register Andrew Yeung x 2 for me. Haha, joking lah.

    Please also include Shirleen Kao and Lina Tan for the 3rd table, thanks

  5. Hi Dolly,

    One seat for me please. Just effected $12.00 via IB to your account.
    Transaction ref. 11168744770 .

    Thanks and regards,

  6. Hi Dolly

    Just saw your post. Wd love to join in but I’ve got another prior arranged appt.
    Will join you all some other time. Enjoy yourselves.


  7. Hi all those that paid – updated from here or thru smses to me – I had updated all your status. Sorry, too lay chey to individual – so those that had already paid me but status still pending, pls let me know here so that I can check and update accordingly.

    AndrewY – alamak, I said very clearly in the post that all must pay me first before a table can be formed to chop a place mah…cos I said first pay first in my post leh…

    I will need to liaise with Michelle for these tickets’ handover arrangement so I would definitely prefer to have payment first – as I will have to pay Michelle frst for those tickets that I am going to take from her. I cannot fork out money first then have headache later on if some of you started to drop out at later timing, right??

    BTW, having said this, kindly note that I will not accept any cancelation after payment being make but you get a replacement to take over the ticket at your own arrangement.

    Cheers and hope that my explanation is much clearer now… Dolly

  8. Ayio, sorry, sorry Mdm Dolly

    You know this old man always ????, and also has all the eyes’ problems – astigmatism, myopia, cataract, presbyopia. So my world always MCC.

    Luckily, this old man can still walk very fast. After your alamak, I quickly go to do the transfer. $36.00 has been transfer to your POSB saving account with Ref 5337 for Shirleen Kao, Lina Tan and me. Please check and update.

    Furthermore, I saw ?, ? and ?? in Table 2, position 8, 9, 10. Does it mean these positions still not occupied? If yes, please arrange these position for Shirleen, Lina and me, thanks.

  9. Hi Dolly,

    Me again, there should be no Andrew Yueng x 1, sorry for my confusion. Also I should be Yeung, not Yueng. Please update. Thanks

  10. Hahaha Karen Mei2, kamxia kamxia for the explanation… Andrew, now, you ??, nevertheless, I updated the records liao…

    Hi Lydia, if you hv read all comments with regards to this post, you will notice that I have put the payment instructions on comment#1 as I dont not wish to put in the post itself cos it is a EC event.. Nevertheless, I shall repeat the payment details here again, pay to POSB Saving Acct# 146005136.

    All concerned, since I had 3 more places to form up Table 3 and once this target is hit, I will stop accepting registration and payment. But, those interested, please feel free to contact Michelle Khoo directly for tickets as I dont think I hv the time to check on payment status and SHC website during office (working) hours. This is to avoid any dispute later on and I dont wish to be answerable to any unwanted remarks. Kind understanding much appreciated.

    Cheers.. .Dolly

  11. Dolly..dolly,

    You sound so excited…”macham” buay “Koh yeoh”. Hahaha….lai ah lai faster faster pay Dolly…hahaha… :)

    Ah Nee

  12. ANee ANee,
    Bo bian leh.. hv 2 par kun dao beh koa yeo lor.. Arboh den, hv 2b like Ah Long-san chasing 4 $$$$ liao.. Si beh chiam… tio bo?

    All those that hv registered but no payment recd so far, kindly note that I had started for Table 4 and expect to close this Friday regardless how many paxs can fill up Table 4 – so those paid, if by Fri, still not enough paxs to fill up the table, you might be sitting with others.. Hv to be fair to Michelle, she cant keep the tickets for us forever, right?

    So, those registered and really keen to join in this fun loving event, please make an effort to pay soonest possible. I need to cho kang also leh.. so I also want to close this thingy asap…

    Vincent and Shirley – Eventhough we had met in some event, too bad lor, you need to contact Admin right now.. If not, hv to categorise as alien booking liao, hahahaha… no offence meant.. joke only…

    Cheers… Dolly

    • Hi Dolly, Ah Nee, Caroline, Karen, RichardW, Frisna, Pearl, Lily,

      Why are you not volunteering to man the booth for two hours during Expo “Life Matters”.
      I have been waiting for you to raise your hand, on an event like thiss. It is important that the Club gets support from the senior members; and you are one of them.
      We still have plenty of slots, so if you can put on your cap, a dresss and your name, let me know, and we shall put you into the schedule.

      Terence Seah

  13. Hi Dolly,

    I will be going to bank tonight to trsf the money to you.

    I wiill be transferring $24.00.. will update the ref no. when done.

    I will be paying for Babara Ong & myself. Pls include her name.

    As for Carlos Lim. yes, he’s a new SHC member. But at the moment, he has not confirmed his attendance. Once he can confirm, he will make the payment.

    Thanks alot Dolly, for all your hard work to put together this event.

    Lydia Chin xxx

  14. Lydia/Judy,
    I can only said that my stand still valid, ie register fast and pay first to get a place for this event. I had told already Michelle that I m going to be responsible for payment for these 4 tables’ payment and after 4th table is full and closed. I will be deleting those that register but still no sign of payment cos I really dont have the time luxury now to handle this. So, as long as I recd any emails or smses for those had paid before Lydia or Judy (on behalf on Barbara) – You will have to liaise with Michelle directly after this.

    FYI, all concerned, after the 4th table is full/closed – I will be comments off for this event to hv a closure of this post… Thank you and best regds… Dolly

  15. Hi Mega,
    Can I put you tentatively at Table 1 with total of 11paxs instead of 10paxs. Those in Table 1, kindly agree to let our dear Mega to be included in Table 1 as I really need to close this. Understanding much appreciated. If not, I will join other table and come back to join all of you when pom cha cha session on lor…

    Cheers.. Dolly

    PS: I m going to comment off for this post and those not listed in the Table# given, please purchase directly from Michelle Khoo or Marine Parade CC.

  16. Hi All,
    Since Lydia had volunteer to coordinate attendances for Table 5 – Thank you and I shall update the list accordingly.

    But Lydia, please bear in mind that this is a CC event and 1 cant expect that payment come in at the 11th hour and expect seat to be reserved as that also. There are other outsiders in CC itself that will be interested to go also, hence, quickly fill up the table and be done with it. If not, you might end up paying for those balance unsold tickets hor.. That is the reason why I insist to close and payment to be done 1st – SHC culture -chop chop first and payment forever akan datang then last min cancel due to cannot make it 1…

    So happy cheoing and close immediately when Table 5 is full ok.

    I had officially told Michelle that I will be responsible for 4 tables and will be meeting her this Sat at Suntec to do payment to her…

    Cheers.. Dolly

  17. Aiyo, Joan, I think you new member hor… Once you make payment before Table 5 is closed, I will update your status lor… Cheers.. Dolly

  18. Hello hello,
    2 more paxs to pay before Table is full and closed – Those yet to pay and want to join in the fun.. please pay asap. I will based first come first pay basis to close this.

    Pls take note of this also.

    Cheers.. Dolly

  19. With the payment recd from Daisy Phua, Table 5 is now left with only 1 seat and wander who will be the lucky 1 to join this fun event with us… Cheers..Dolly

  20. Hi All,
    Registration and payment for this event are closed now and should anyone needs any tickets, please get them directly from MPCC or Michelle Khoo.. ok…

    Cheers… Dolly

  21. Hi Dolly
    Hi dolly,

    Made payment $12.00 on 25/7/2013. Ref No: 7606 (POSB
    to your account No: 146-00513-6.
    Awaiting your reply.

    Joan Ang

  22. Aiyo Joan,
    I had indicated closure of registration and payment for this EC event liao leh.. Can you email me your bank acct# so that I can transfer back to this money to you. You will need to get directly from Marine Parade CC now.

    Sorry.. but bo pian liao….Cheers.. Dolly

  23. Hello Dear Friends,
    Regret to inform those who did not purchase the tickets for the Marine Parade Dance, the tickets are “SOLD OUT” . Thanks to all those who with the help of Dolly has booked their tickets. Will organise one more before the year end look out for the poster.

    There will be a ” Line Dance Jam” on 10 August 2013 (Saturday) at the Marine Parade CC from 1730hrs, tickets are at $3.00 per pax . Dance list is already in the “Line dance ” Calender. Just drop by and I am sure you can just follow the dancers.

    I am already at a “lost’ since I came back and hope to catch up with all of you soon, take care, have fun, wishing all our muslim friends “Selamat Hari Raya”
    May all be well and happy Always.

  24. Dear Dolly,

    Special Thanks to you for your help in getting our members to “gather” I am sure you all will enjoy yourself. Could you please fill in the names of who is going to sit with who and I need to print their names or would you prefer them to wear their name tag as identity, it’s up to you all. Thank you and call me and let me know when you can collect the tickets.

  25. Hi Michelle,
    Thank you very much that I finally recd your comment. I did smsed you couple time to arrange for payment for those tickets that I had booked but so far, no reply from you so I wander whether did you recd them? And what will happened to Joan’s booking status – she paid for 2 but she cant be in our list cos the 5 tables were fully booked – Do you or she managed to contact each other? If not, what if she and friend turn up on that day – headache again…

    Hi Joan, if you are reading this, please get back to me as I had sent an email to you to arrange for refund but todate no response from you…..

    Terence, what happened to the ‘comments off’ function, again headache if I am unable to comment off here… Please help…


  26. Dear Dolly,

    We regret to inform those who sms me for tickets, that it is fully booked. We need space for social and ballroom dancing. I know some ‘line dancers” are coming too, please let me know the type of dance you can do for “Line dance”. I cannot promise you that your request can be met but, will try our best to slot in a few line dancing in between, so as to make everyone happy.

    Dances will be like Rock N Roll, Disco Rock, Cha Cha Cha, Rhumba, Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quick Step, Vienne Waltz, O B Cha Cha, Samba. This is also depending on the dancers request on the day. We will play accordingly and we hope you all will enjoy yourself.

    For those who missed the boat, the next function would be in either Nov or Dec, will inform you once the date is confirmed after this event.

    Thank you very much , take care, have fun and see you all soon.


  27. Hi Michelle,
    Thank you for the detailed updates.

    Hi All registered members,
    Kindly note that Michelle had already allocated Table 14 to Table 18 for these 5 tables booked and please be seated at your respective table as tabulated above to avoid any dispute later on OK – All cooperation towards this much appreciated.

    Hi Joan,
    Please see me on the actual day for your refund as I understand from you that you had make your own arrangement to secure your tickets with MPCC directly liao…

    As Grace is injured and is on cast now, her seat will be taken over by Geraldine. Grace, please email me your POSB A/C# so that I can do the refund for you.

    As for others, in any event that you are unable to attend, please find your own replacement and let me know…

    31 August, here we come…..

    Cheers.. Dolly

  28. Hi Joan,

    I understand that you bought your tickets from Marine Parade CC, please let me know your ticket number so that I can arrange for you to sit near our SHC members but cannot promise if you want to sit where you like Ok.
    Looking forward to see all of you
    Thank you

  29. Hi Dolly,
    With sincere regret, Janet & I will not be able to attend this event, We have arranged Peggy & Arthur to take over our seats. To everyone who will be there this Sat evening, have a wonderful evening dancing and enjoy the big feast.

    Thanks BL

  30. Hello all my dear friends,

    Will be seeing all of you this evening at Marine Parade Community Club, don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes . Please come early to avoid the crowd and to know where your table will be.

    Poster will be pasted on the entrance as where you will be seated. Table numbers
    remain the same. No change.

    Take care and have fun

  31. Yes, right, those registered members for this event, see all of you tonite. But please do me a favor, do not change table seating arrangement that had been allocated based on first pay first serve basic. No worry about the distance as I was promised by Michelle that they are very close to each other, OK? I hope that everyone will enjoy this event and there will be no dispute of on seating arrangement. However, if it is self arrangement on the spot tonite between the members, I am fine with this.

    So, let our hairs down tonite… Cheers.. Dolly

  32. Hi All, hope all of you hv a enjoyable nite at MPCC. I had for my side, 2 missing lambs, Mega n Audrey. Audrey told me that she forgot till 8pm n decided to give this a miss. Aiyo, LLP la so must jot down in our mobile calendar to remind us of these coming appointments Liao. Hope to see u of u again in the next event lo.

    Anyone want to raise to organize 1 har?
    Cheers… Dolly

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