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  1. Here is one recipe I read from the newspapers recently, tried and like it very much. Previously I have no particular liking for broccoli although I am aware of its nutritious value. Well, if you are like me, try this out :)

    Boil some water with salt added. Add cut up broccoli florets. Remove once the colour changes and rinse in cold water to stop the cooking and place on a plate.

    Heat up some oil (eg olive oil) and sear some big green chilli (remove seeds if you prefer less spicy). Lower fire or turn it off, then add soya sauce to taste (for healthy cooking, use one made without preservative or Bragg amino liquid) and Nori flakes (available at health shops, the dark green seaweed that is sometimes eaten as snacks). Pour this mixture over the broccoli and serve immediately.

    Hope you like this simple but tasty and nutritious dish.

  2. Hi, I am not only an Master Mariner, but also a Home Brewer and a Cook. I love cooking beside my wife and beer. My lucky wife, Usha!

    I compare Cooking to Painting. Once one has the basics of Cooking, one can design one’s own recipe. My best dish is Mutton Biryani, which I have improved it from usual Biryani. It is healthy, less spicy, but has natural spice fragrance, less oily and tasty. It is healthy because I use least fatty cuts, then I boil it and put the stock into a freezer to remove its fat. Then I use Olive oil for cooking.

    Since I enjoy partying, brewing and cooking, I would like to invite SHC members to my terrace house with a garden at Serangoon Garden to share my Home made Mutton or Chicken Biryani with side dish (Home Made low fat Curd with spring onions, fresh red whole chilly & corriander leave) at $10.00 a plate & Free German Beer and American Root Beer(Non-Alcohalic)!

    Max. 15 and Min. 5 members are invited for the party on Saturday evening.

    Interested, pls. contact me at 94234640 or email me at kaushal@mrbeer-asia.com.sg

  3. Hi, greetings to all members. I am looking towards to join our monthly meeting. I am a new member. My interests are cooking, go around hunting for tasty food, singing, travelling.

    Terence, I have a nice and cosy place for our members to meet. Parking is free. Do consider.

  4. Hi Kaushal, Eyvonne

    So when is the next eat-out that SHC members can have a taste of your fine cooking ,singing also

    I have just retired and join in and having a lot of free time so call me anytime.
    email: bswi@yahoo.com

  5. Hi Kausal and Everyone,
    I am a new member, still working fulltime, aged 60 yrs, male Chinese. My hobbies include finding good foods to eat, travelling, making friends, outdoor activities. Would like to sample your cooking and German beer. Pls let me know when is your next gathering.
    Best regards…from..sigyam..mobile.

  6. Hi all yam cake lovers,

    Here’s my recipe for YAM CAKE

    1/2 yam (coarsley grated)
    12 large chinese mushrooms (diced)
    100gm dried prawns (washed & roughly
    3 tbsp fried shallots
    300gm rice flour
    1000ml water
    salt & pepper

    garnish: chopped red chillies
    chopped spring onions

    1. Using oil from the fried shallots, fry
    dried prawns, mushrooms and yam. Add
    2 tbsp fried shallots, salt & pepper.
    2. In a separate bowl mix rice flour and
    3. Add No.2 to No.1 and cook over stove
    for 2 mins. (Taste to make sure there is
    sufficient salt & pepper).
    4. Pour into 2 round metal containers and
    steam for 30 mins. each.
    5. Decorate with spring onions, chillies and
    remaining shallots.

    I made this recipe up myself. Hope I did not leave out anything. Thank you one and all for the compliments.

  7. Hi Lina,

    Thanks for the yummy YAM CAKE recipe. May I ask you which type of mushroom you buy? Any particular brand/type of mushrooms, some mushroom taste horrible leh. How about the dried prawns, it should be small and tiny one right? This weekend if I am free, I try to make. :)

    Ah Nee

  8. Hi Ah Nee,

    I guess the better quality mushroms sure to taste better. I use the fragrant so called Japanese mushrooms – big and thick ones. As for the dried prawns, the small ones will do. Make chopping up easier. As for the yam, I use Thai yam. But M’sian ones OK too, so long as lots of veins present.

    I prepare a bottle of shallots in oil earlier. This one is most time consuming.I have a bottle on stand by always. Use them for soups. If not, a bit too much work for you to do everything in one day. (Peel, slice and fry small onions).Or are you going to cheat and buy the ready fried shallots? (Not so fragrant, not too healthy and an absence of oil which is required for frying the ingredients).

    If you are not successful, better I make it for you.

  9. Lina, Sat got whole morning to do the Yam cake. I want to try it out first, if successful, the first person to eat will be my aunty, you know why? because her Yam cake is always unsuccessful. So hard, not enough water, can throw at your enemy wan. he…he..he…show off a bit to her mah. Sure she will ask me to teach her. Then I let you taste, see whether pass :)or fail. :(

    Ah Nee

  10. Hi Ah Nee,

    You mean will make a hole in the wall!! Enemy can ‘siam’ you know. She should just add more water. Solve her problem. Happy trying.

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