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Besides tossing on the ideas of summing up the members potential area of involvement.We can look into sub-grouping all the different linkage of the SHC members Ie: those who are fully retired and NO work involvement and those who are still actively working.I am toying with the idea of encouraging the “non-involvement” type of minority group. This group of people who are nearer to 55 and yet has no plan or totally no idea what to do next. We can sell the idea of how To grow old with “rich” enhancment and fulfillment. Rich not in moneytary term. Rich in experience and sharing with each other. Encourage “old” and those not so “old” to walk out of their usual small comfort zone.
I do agree that monthly event is rather important to get SHC members keep in touch and look forward towards some happening. Be it a gathering at coffee shop. It will be a good meeting ground.

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  1. Glad to be part of the 30Nov meeting. Dec is a busy month for me both officially and personally. Official because this been end year, most expatriate are returning for home leave and been their administrator in their travel plan. I am scratching my head to give them the best time and best rate to return home and back during the peak early Jan06 .. hmmp

    Likewise home front, beside Church gatherings event, ie small group and “Big Group” with my ”Big families” I am the second youngest amongst 11 siblings. Though I am single, or because I am single. I am also the “chosen one” to run the show. Just finished our early Christmas Celebration last Friday. This year
    We are having home Christmas to gather as many of us as possible to come together for Christmas. If I gathered all my siblings plus their children and grand children .. We have 80 of us. So usually if we have 60% attendance, we take it as a blessing.

    30Dec, I wont be able to give you an answer till next Tuesday (27Dec) Hope to see All.


    Jessie Lu

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