Business Round Table – follow up

We had a number of Business Round Table meetings, organised by Jeffrey Lim and assisted by Susan Chan.  These gatherings were usually round table dinners, and provided the opportunity for participants to network, understand each others business and sharing potential opportunities.

The objective is to provide members with opportunities to discuss business interests. However, while the dinners provided the settings for getting to know one another, a number of members felt the dinner overshadowed the intended objective.  We thank Jeff and Susan for the work and efforts.  We shall still move on, and see if we can have another format.  Let’s strive to see this event work.

Again, without putting restrictions in place, please share your thoughts on “How SHC can have a regular business meeting?” to cater to members business interests.  Please also register your name here.  I will likely have someone to coordinate this event on a regular basis.

Terence Seah

8 thoughts on “Business Round Table – follow up

  1. Having run the Round Table in its first incarnation, these are my observations:

    Many misunderstand that the Round Table is a place to do business. It is not. It is a place to know who is who, who does what and if there is a meeting of business objectives, then these are conducted at another place and at another time. In the course of the past events, I think only one person understand this. Ha! Ha! Andrew, we’re talking about you.

    I have another Round Table group going on which comprises of people who are old hands (old hens, if you may) in business and they understand this. It may seem a contradiction but almost no business talk takes place when we gather for a nice dinner but when the opportunity comes, we know who to call immediately.

    The isn’t the critical mass of entrepreneurs in SHC. And, after 50 is not a good time to start if one has not been in business before. Statistically 90% of new start ups fail. Tough if the capital was your retirement fund. Entrepreneurial skills are developed over the years through the ups and downs at the school of hard knocks. Tuition fees are very expensive.

    Not to paint the scenario with a broad brush, there are exceptions of course. Take inspiration from Colonel Harland Sanders who started KFC at age 62.

  2. Hi bro terence ,

    I am trying to look for SHC eldersister service..
    Search high & low..but cant find it…

    Pls englithen me i need de service ….for old folk…
    Thank you….

  3. This was and is What I understand about “Business Round Table” being conducted on Club/organised manner. I had exprienced,attended and got involved while I was working in China/Indonesia.
    First – We set a Place and Time of meeting
    objectives: Invited/participants members ( associate ) to provide a service or product that could be of interest. The product/service with a proposed business plan will be discussed with priority. Those ideas without proposed plan , we will assist to pen business plans for coming discussion.
    Attendee attrached :
    1. Member searching for Joint-venture funding
    2. Member with spare fund looking to invest
    3. Member with experience/expertise willing to participate as minor shareholders and get employed by the proposed venture.

  4. Hi Tony,

    I like your proposal and suggestion on how we can conduct a Business Round table activity. Can you help to lead this activity? I too like to attend.

    Perhaps, you can also identify a capable coordinator who can help identify a venue, date and track participants.

    We can use your guidelines.
    Please think about it.

    Terence Seah

  5. Thank you to those who have given feedback on a business network and Round Table. It appears that members are concerned that business round table will turn out to be expensive dinners. There is also voice that Business Networking will not turn out to be social event.

    I am forming a business network group, and you are invited to join the group. Old participanta will be invited.

    Terence Seah

  6. As a follow-up to a SilverHairsClub business network, we will be having Tony Ang to take us through a business neworking activity. Let’s hear from Tony when he has found a venue and a date. Hopefully, we can get to know more about him and his earlier career.

    Keep in touch.

    Terence Seah

  7. Tentatively we will organise one function base on the following:-
    Date : (A) 26th Oct (B) Nov 2nd (C) Nov 12th
    Time: 10.00 am to 1.00 pm
    Lunch : (1) S$ 12 to S$ 14 per participant OR (2) S$ 15 to S$ 18.00
    Venue : Depending on the Number of participants
    As in my ealier post on 21st Sept indicating the profile of members I wish to attract. Interested member please indicate 1. Prefer Date (A) or (B) or(C)
    2. The Lunch package (1) or (2)
    I hope the committe members can help to email to all registered member, this is 1 way we can reach out to max numbers .Sorry for such request as I cannot find the AddressBook ( a file that store all email addresses of members)

    looking forward to be ………….

    Tony Ang

    • Hi Tony,

      Great start, you have identified a venue for the next business network gathering for SHC.

      Please send the text of the email you would like to send out to the membership as soon as possible to admin. Allow 2-3 days before the email goes out.

      Thank again for this initiative as the EO for this event.

      Terence Seah

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