Mid Autumn Kok and High Tea – 29 Sep (Sun) 1 – 5 pm

Mid Autumn festival is traditionally held annually in the month of September and October. The official date for year 2013 is September 19. Moon cakes abounds in shops all over towns and carrying of lanterns lends gaiety to the occasion. What is the significance of this festival and how does it affect the life of each of us? Many folklore are told and it would be good to hear from those who are familiar to share with us here. One fable was those how it came about.

‘The Zhuang people, for example, have an ancient fable saying the sun and moon are a couple and the stars are their children, and when the moon is pregnant, it becomes round, and then becomes crescent after giving birth to a child. These beliefs made it popular among women to worship and give offerings to the moon on this evening’.

Well, that only half of the story. We are here to join in the celebration and I have booked a nice place.

Date: September 29 (Sun) 1.00-5.00pm/Kolam Ayer Community Club, Geylang Bahru/Nearest MRT Potong Pasir (11 minutes walk)

Bring Moon cakes and snacks for High Tea. We shall have singalong and fun. Hot water only provided, bring hot beverage packages.

Cost: If we have 10 pax each at $6.00, if 20 pax $3.00 each. We especially appeal to new members to join us…………

Who coming:

  • 1.Dan
  • 2 Gabriella
  • 3 Lily
  • 4 Caroline
  • 5. Dolly
  • 6. Patricia Low (new member)
  • 7. Lydia Chin
  • 8. Bobby Kok
  • 9. Noelle Tan
  • 10. Barbara Ong
  • 11. Janis Han
  • 12. Christina Pan
  • 13. Anne Chee


23 thoughts on “Mid Autumn Kok and High Tea – 29 Sep (Sun) 1 – 5 pm”

  1. Caroline, Lily and Dolly, so glad you can join us. I dun have to sing alone. No need to ‘sau tong!’.
    Well, this will I do, I will sing a song in mandarin pertaining to the occasion. Who can guess?
    ‘You ask me how deep my love for you is
    My affection for you is real
    You ask me how deep my love for you is
    My affection does not waver
    Just one soft kiss is enough to move my heart
    Go think about it
    Go and have a look at the moon
    A period of time when affection was deep
    Has made me miss you until now!’
    Who else can come?

  2. Dan,

    I like your never say die attitude. No matter how hard the brick wall.

    I will always try to participate in activities organised by EOs and ECs if the date and time are ngam. if i do not register, that means i already have a prior engagement.

    Thank you for keeping SHC activities alive.

    Looking forward to your Chinese song and see who you are serenading to.


  3. Hi Dan

    I can’t make it on the 29th.

    It seems your activities clash with my appointments. Sigh………another time then.

    Have fun!

  4. Thanks Caroline for the kind words of encouragement. Well who would I want to serenade to but ‘to all the girls i love before’ especially to my ex whom I initiated a separation 7 years ago and I live to regret till this day!.
    Lily, yes by TeresaTeng ‘The moon represents my heart’. I am still learning to sing.
    Geraldine, no worries ample opportunity ahead.
    I forgot to mention the cost for the kok and High Tea. The room is booked for 4 hours at $15.00 and hour. Based on 10 pax at $6.00 each, if 20 pax only $3.00, very cheap! Emphasis will be on singalong and fellowship. Board games also can like chess, Rumikub or scrabble. I want member to feel like this is a mini- clubhouse to come and relax.
    Sunday chosen because I could not get a slot on Saturday. Some may treasure Sunday as a family day but there are also many without a family like me to mingle with.
    I want to make it a monthly affairs and have booked October 19(Sat) from 6.30-10.00pm. We are having Happy Hour but alas no beer allowed but wine can. Hoping for better response next month.

  5. Hi Lydia,
    Good to have you and we know that you love to sing.
    The present venue do not permit mahjong in the room. No worries for those keen to learn mahjong I will be scouting for a suitable venue soon.

  6. Hi Dan,

    Sorry I have to skip this one – have to juggle my time between work, family & friends. Coming weekend I’m booked on Saturday with friends, the more so I need to spend Sunday with my family.

    But I’ll be there on Sat 19 Oct – wait for my surprise food item.

  7. Hi Susan,
    No worries, see you on October 19 Singalong and High Tea at the same place. We will be having Happy Hour with wine. Looking forward to your surprise for us.
    Bobby, glad that you are coming and Noelle too, I will register you here as you are having problem logging in.

  8. Hi Dan,
    You are very wise to organise karaoke singing cos cheap and good as we can sing out loud to release stress .so count me in and also can help me to pronounce the chinese or English better as I am weak in this,have great voice to sing;but lack of practice cos busy mah;;;with work,family,cooking, business,meetings, swimming, sharing, delivering,dancing ,wow never ending so happily enjoying , not enough time to read news also; So its great and blessings to enjoywith friends;
    I like this song “I hate myself for Loving you ” wow hot and never tired of listening ,like the ang mo,let yr hair down and shake out boogie oogie, like exercise and shed some fats on my belly, so is it banned or permitted,as people might think we are a group of crazy oldies,,ha ha
    any hot khakis to have this fun, xiao liao

  9. Hi Barbara Ong,
    Certainly glad to have you joining us, yes this is where we learn to de-stress and sing our hearts out. i am not able to help with the pronunciation but hope that Daniel or other may be of help. We do wish to see more of you coming to join in the fun and fellowship.
    Janis and Christina, heard that both of you are coming too!

  10. Hahaha Barbara
    You sure know how to have fun. I am a bit sedated so cannot xiao lah. I only sing and be guai guai after that. I only become “xiao” when I have a bit to drink but I usually do not partake in drinking activities cos I will be naughty after that and Christmas is round the corner. Santa may not give me my pressie at the December gathering. But I do enjoy watching people have fun.


  11. Hi Dan
    Thank you for organising this event. A pity I could not stay on for the whole time. But nevertheless, I enjoyed the four songs I had time for.
    And also, I got to meet several members I have not met before. Christina Pang, Janice Han and Pat. And also Bobby.


  12. Thanks Caroline for your presence though for a short while. Glad to have met your lovely grandson, now wat his name?. Though we have nine pax we enjoyed ourselves singing to our hearts content.
    Next meeting at the same venue on October 19 ‘Wine and Song’ follow by another round on November 29 which I have oredi booked.
    This is a place for our new and old members to relax and have fun!

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