Lessons to learn

The Phey YK story is a tragedy.*  One cannot help but feel sorry for his suffering while he was on the run. Flashback to 35 years ago ….he was such a powerful figure and his greed that led to his corruption.  Now old and frail, he decided to turn himself in and ‘come home’ and has been sentenced to five years in jail. No commiseration from the judge. I think he might die in jail.

There are some lessons to learn when a powerful mortal falls from grace and thoughts about life in general. For the latter, it is old age that counts when it comes to evaluating whether one has a good life.

It seems ironical to say take care of your old age when you are young. The cool advice to the young is “just do it!” I shudder.

*ST Saturday Jan 23.

autumnif autumn is here can winter be far behind?