Needed: Whistle-blowers

(In the light of rising numbers of unscrupulous individuals…)

The cheat, the corrupt, the evil…they are manifestations of the DARK side of human nature. It is not easy to be ‘good’ when the good ends up being victim; the vulnerable also needs protection against unscrupulous people. Justice is ‘blind’ and seems under threat by these dark forces….

Just when it seems the good in human nature is being destroyed, along comes the WHISTLE BLOWER to the rescue! The wrong doer is punished! There is HOPE for mankind!

The long arm of justice depends greatly on whistle- blowers. I hope our country enact whistle-blower protection laws soon.  Meanwhile while waiting, we can learn to blow the recorder, the harmonica, the flute… and of course the TRUMPET!  :)

elephantjumbo trumpeting!