Looking for ideas on how to train those with little internet knowledge

Many members who can access SilverHairsClub.com have at least the basic knowledge on how to use the internet, for emailing and searching for the information they want.  Of course, there are always alot to learn, and some members have more than working knowlede of the internet.  Others find that the internet is frightening to them, and do not use the internet for the daily use.  Many do not use the net, because their children do not allow them to use the home computer, or they do not have one PC to use.

The area that may be of concern is the lack of computer knowledge and use of the internet.  Many just are too frighten to use the internet. Some may be worried about messing up the data inside the computer, if they press the wrong button.  For others, getting the mouse to move is mind boggling.

Today, without the internet, some of us can be lost.  We either queue up at the bank counter, or we do our transaction online.  We either buy newspapers or we read the news on the IPAD or a smartphone.  We may be still sending Christmas cards, while for many, they no long send cards nor receive cards.  What’s happening?

I think that internet training may be a good project to undertake.  We had courses before, but they are no longer pursued.  For some, we prefer senior trainers and not some 25 year old telling us what to do.  We dont want to attend classes with other 25 years old, less we may appear odd.  Yes, many members are good enough with the internet.

As this is the new year, I am thinking we can revisit the issue of internet training and PC training.  We have tried, but we were not able to continue.  Do you think this is a cost issue?  Or is the fact that we cannot have courses, due to lack of venues or lack of computers?  Or, we have no trainers, or enough members willing to share?  Or are the rates charged too high, even if they are the same rate charged by the venue operators?  Or should trainers be paid?

This is the beginning of the year.  I hope you can share your thoughts on how we can get internet training going on, on a continuous basis.  Have you a suggestion or idea?  Dont worry about feasibility.  An idea or suggestion is still an idea.  Share it with us.  We might pick up these ideas for implementation.  Please respect other members ideas, whether you think workable or not.  Even if running internet courses or IT training is your line, say something so we can hear you too.

How to  provide internet knowledge to those who would like to know more about the internet and PC? Including those with no knowledge at all.

Terence Seah 


45 thoughts on “Looking for ideas on how to train those with little internet knowledge

  1. Hi Terrance,

    I can be one of the IT trainers. I have conducted classes for seniors in the Henderson CC before I went back to work in the Marina Integrated Resorts. Within two months, I have taught these seniors from knowing how to turn on the computer to surfing the Internet and sending/receiving emails to/from friends and love ones.

    Thinking aloud, my suggestion is as follows:

    1) Getting to know those who want to better themselves with IT, how to make full use of the computer and the Internet. On this, I intend to organize “Chitchat” sessions (about two hours, on a weekday’s off-peak period and in a convenient food court – maybe once a month). The number per session has to be controlled (say, max about 10) in order to have an effective and meaningful discussion.

    2) Hands-on to master the skills required. This can be conducted in small group (about 4-5 persons) in one of the members’ home. This has to be confirmed with member involved whether they are acceptable to the idea of a few people visiting their house (This can also be discussed in the chitchat sessions).

    3) Getting to know you to form the friendship bonding is the first step to gaining confidence in the pursuit of mastering the use of the computer.

    At the present moment, I do not have the “edit” button and have to depend on you or Jassmine Teo to assist when posting my events.


  2. Hi Hew Lee,

    A good start to ideas and thoughts. Please go ahead, with the suggestions you can start with with.

    I am looking at the total picture on various issues. Hope to hear more from members.

    As for EDIT feature, once you start the process as an EO, the EDIT feature would be given, for registration purposes. Try it first. You can already write a new Post.

    Terence Seah

  3. Hi guys!! Kong Xi!!

    I need to know how to use a Smartphone and an IPad and an IPhone…

    I can do very basic things on a computer:

    Turn it on
    Surf the net
    Some email

    But not things like Skype
    Music and video

    Maybe if we can get more people to sign up
    we can buy IPhones or IPads at volume discounts

    Keep the ideas coming… as Terence says


  4. Hi All

    Gong Xi Fa Cai. Wish u good health, happiness n prosperity in Dragon. I would like to share my toughts on this topic.

    Learning “how to” is simple n easy in 2 ways. Firstly, someone teaches or shares with others or secondly, if u are already a net surfer, u can learn it through Youtube’s text n videoclips.

    On bulk purchases, it’s not necessary that the more u buy the more discounts u get. Also, ask yourself if u really need to spend that kind of money on iphone/ipad. Many people are happy wif other brands of cheaper smartphone/tablet. Like myself, I’m very happy owning a Samsung Galaxy… model. U can best bargain the price of one from any shop or better still, bid one online. Mind u pls beware of bogus seller selling “too cheap” stuff online.

    If there is a need to conduct class for more than 10 persons in one session, Perhaps we can use the IT room at YWCA, Outram Centre which I think it is still available. Just need to contact the person in-charge there. I applaud Hew Lee’s initiative to conduct sharing session.

  5. Happy Dragon year to all SHCians!

    A good way to start the new year with
    some forward looking IT courses. I too had benefitted much
    from those conducted by Yew Kwong previously at YWCA.
    Besides internet and probably some basic MS Office, how about
    a short course or a quick run-through on mobile devices –
    iphone, ipad, tablets and other android platforms?

    I’m sure there would be a lot of demand for the above since
    more than 80% of mobile users have smart phone/tablets.


  6. It’s good to hear from Yew Kwong, the main initiator for IT courses in the earlier days of SHC. And, good to hear ideas of needs from Kenneth and James. So, these are needs.

    We have also trainer suggestions, especially from Hew Lee.

    I think one of the difficulties is a place where causes can be conducted. For PCs, it has to be a regular place. For phones, I guess it can be our own phones.

    Can we hear some thoughts on where we can conducted courses for PCs and other learning topics? If someone has a place, also good. We can take care of the upkeep expenses. Dont keep your thoughts inside your heart. Yours can be the right answer to the IT needs or smartphone needs for todays SHCians.

    Terence Seah

  7. Hi all, first of all I would like to wish everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai!

    I used to volunteer during the National IT literacy at Nanyang Polytechnic several times, and I noticed the elderly prefer someone of the same age to guide them. The IT trainer would be teaching in front of the class the the volunteers would be going around assisting the participants. I would love to help out if given a chance again . Can or not Hew Lee?

  8. Hi, all SHC. Happy LNY.
    First, the person who wish to learn “how to use a computer”
    must have a PC, laptop, or notebook.
    Once he/she has own a PC, I will invite him/her to my place for coaching.
    I have broadband and can feed to 3 PCs for active surfing.
    But the training can ONLY be on holidays, Sats and Sundays.
    Cause I am trading a few hrs during the day and night.

  9. Hi

    just wondering aloud. Apart from conducting a formal course, there could also be some follow-up informal sessions where small groups of participants could ask any ‘how-to’ questions. This could be a consolidation exercise to ensure there is complete mastery in learning.

    As they are all adult learners, more hands-on component should be built into the lessons i.e they learn by doing.

  10. Hi All,

    From what I understood so far, the main problem is finding a suitable place (venue) with Wi-Fi.

    To sum up, the following are the current situation:

    Trainers/Assistant trainers:
    1) Hew Lee
    2) Jama Hameed

    Possible Venue:
    1) Tiang Soon’s place (with conditions apply).

    Those who want to widen their IT skills:
    (Please state whether you have the “smart device” and/or laptop computer that you can bring along)
    1) Kenneth Tan
    2) James Tan CL
    3) Huang Choong Swee

    # Please correct me if I understood wrongly.


  11. Hi Hew Lee

    Yes, I have my wife’s IPad, my daughter’s IPhone (which I think I cannot borrow for personal reasons!), and my Nokia E5 Blackberry-lookalike.

    Thanks to you and Jama for your kind offer and assistance.

    Now we need some more SHCs to sign up!


  12. Hi All,

    Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Dragon Year.

    Hi Kenneth,

    So your wife and daughter has the IPad and IPhone, and Kenneth, you have the IPAY, haha.

    Hi Tiang Soon #08,
    May I ask which areas do you intend to cover ?


  13. Hi-Dear all
    Happy a happy and prosperous lunar new year with no lack and good health always.

    Based on all the discussions raised I like to make the following points

    a)IT training for seniors is not a problem, but the desire to use the knowledge acquired is important. I know of many people who attended IT courses but did not use their PCs because they are not keen or like a passing fad they just stop and their PCs become a white elephant.

    b)Is a there a genuine demand for this training. Can SHC send a survey to members to gauge the demand.

    c)How are we going to train? As a oneoff project or for the long term. This will determine the resources in terms of hardware and trainers and costs involved.

    Why am I asking these questions. Because if we are thinking of training members to use our website then we do not need to conduct our own training but encourage them to attend some of the govt sponsored places like RSVP in Bishan where they conduct regular IT courses for seniors only. They have the facilities and and can give a very good training.

    If we are talking about training on IT applications then SHC can set up a IT interest group where members can meet and discuss or through skype or chat sessions. However assumptions is members must know the basics of IT such as
    creating email,internet use.

    In summary we are talking of 2 groups
    a)beginners with no IT knowlege at all. need to check demand
    and decide to train in-hse or encourage to train at IT centres for seniors.
    b)members who are familiar with IT but like to meet to advance their knowledge of new applications.

    Hope this will generate some further thoughts for comments.

    Peter Lim

  14. Hi, Lilian.
    For those who have no PCs and would like to build a desk top PC I’ll help. A non-gamer PC will cost between $450 and $600
    complete with a LCD monitor. It will give u 2 outputs, so u must buy another monitor. This type of setup is used by traders.
    If u have no intention to know computer, but like to use it to surf, email, using MS words to write story then buy a low cost notebook, below $700 should do.

  15. Over the next few weeks, members who have offered to provide training and facilities, or have a planned program for IT/smart phone training may go ahead and put up a new Post, and invite participants. This is applicable for adhoc training only. So Hew Lee, Tiang Soon, you may go-ahead when you are ready. Do state clearly what training you would provide in your Post.

    I am looking at a structured program, on an on-going basis eg once a week or fortnightly. If you have ideas or suggestions on a training venue, for say 10-12 pax, that can be used, please share. Also, your thoughts on equipment too.

    Terence Seah

  16. Hi-Terence
    contact RSVP @http://www.rsvp.org.sg/volunteer/cyberguide-programme/#it_courses

    They have It courses ranging from basic to advanced levels.
    The beauty of it is the courses are structured to suit seniors.

    Previously we can hire their training room and use it to train our own seniors with our own trainers, but I am not sure now.

    Peter Lim

  17. Hi-Lilian #16
    To add to Tiang Soon’s input, wait for promotions at PC show
    st least twice per year to buy the PC or laptop. it is very much cheaper and best you get a lot of free gifts.

    I just bought an Acre laptop from the last PC Show and it has all the things I wanted such as 6G memory, 700G HDD, HDMI 3 USB ports,i5core CPU etc.only for $799. Unfortunately it was a gift for my grandson and I am envious of him for having a beffer performing laptop than mine.

    Peter Lim

  18. When I bought my first desktop pc from the PC show during the last century, it cost more than a thousand dollars and alway cause problem and will take a few days for their technical staff to service the PC.

    For the all the subsequent PCs I alway bought them from Sim Lim Square and at a much competitive prices. Never buy a branded pc if you are already familiar with PC unless you have too much money to throw.

    Do research on the components prices at hardwarezone.com and understand the pricing of individual components which you need and then approach any of store at Sim Lim Square to build the PC according to your specifications. Any problem just bring the PC to the store for services and it will done in less than 1 to 2 hours.

    Remember most of components in the PC is plug and play system and can be easily replace by you easily or if you are not able to do it just approach any of the store at Sim Lim Square to do for you at a reasonable cost.

  19. Hi Steven #19, Peter #18,

    It’s always nice to hear from you when it comes to high tech stuff. Again, I like to solicit your brain activity.

    If we were to have regular sessions for training PC or smartphones, what are your thoughts regarding a training place, equipment and schedule.

    Anybody got suggestions, please let’s hear them.

    Terence Seah

  20. Hi Peter #17,

    I guess you have taken a course in IT at RSVP. Note your point about the courses catering to seniors. This would be nice if those who have little or no knowledge in IT take these courses. One comment which I heard when Yew Kwong was organising these IT classes was “Seniors do not like to be thought by young teachers”. In fact, I notice that courses conducted by people you know very fun and also shiok, and fast learning.

    As such, I tend to support trainers, who are members of SHC. Do you know if trainers get paid at RSVP and if yes, how much?

    Unfortunately, we have no ready venue with proper computer equipment, with a structured program and appropriate training projectors and screens.

    Terence Seah

  21. I agree with Peter Lim that you can learn the basic of internet/computer at RSVP or your friendly neighbourhood community/centre. If you REALLY want to learn there are so many avenue where you can learn without the need to step outside your home.

    Remember internet is your library and it is accessable at a click. Just Google for any topic that interest you or if you are a visual person then go to youtube.com and you can practically find any video tutorial which interest you.

    Every year I spend thousands of dollars buying video tutorials and ebooks on internet marketing related topics which range from Google Plus, Facebook, Photoshop, Twitter, WordPress etc. I even have tutorials on how to speak good English and NLP. It’s almost take up a thousand gigabyte of my harddisk. I am prepared to share the tutorials with fellow SHCers unfortunately SHC does not have the infrastructure to share the tutorials in a secured environment.

  22. Hi All,

    In a group like SHC, the need for wanting to know more about IT can be very wide and diverse. It can range from members who have little or no knowledge of IT skills to use the Internet effectively to those more advance wanting to learn how to use all the smart devices or how to build a personal web site.
    For those of us who know and have the means and time, we can address this in multiple directions and to start at different skill levels.

    The main problem in IT training is the availability of a suitable venue with Wi-Fi connection. Of course any SHC member can go to RSVP or Community Club to take up a short course for a nominal fee. But nothing is better than learning with friends and have your questions answered directly whilst enjoying a cup of coffee. For the moment, to keep this topic alive, I intend to start ”chitchat” sessions where a small group of us can sit around a food court during off-peak hours to discuss any topic of interest to us, including IT topics. Please come along to this first chitchat session to see what we can do for you. As it is a public area, I think we limit the group to about 12. Please see the separate Post on “Chitchat” Session for details.

    For those beginners who want to learn on-line, you can go to link below starting from lesson B1 through B11. The aim of these lessons is to give a kick-start to all beginners to acquire the basic skill to surf the Internet confidently and be able to send/receive emails to/from friends and love ones.



  23. Hi-Terence #21 I did not take a course at RSVP. I started as a tutor for the seniors and later did some training.
    The trainers are all seniors above 55 years. I have not been active there for some time due to personal committments. Yes the trainers are given an allowance but it is peanuts only for transport and drinks. All are members of RSVP and are volunteers who train out of love and compassion to fellow members.

    regarding using their training room you can contact them.
    their website is http://www.rsvp.org.sg

    On reflection I believe all SHC members are not beginers because they need to have basic IT knowledge to join SHC such as filling up application form and sending by email.
    i believe each member has an email account.

    So the focus I believe will be on upgrading IT knowledge for existing SHC members.

    The basic course would be for potential SHC members who wants to join but do not have the knowledge to join.

    Peter Lim

  24. To add to Steven’s input #19 IT is a very fast changing industry. Prices of PC drops very fast every year and you can get a PC with the latest gadgets for a fraction of a price maybe 3 years ago.

    Also the PCs nowadays are quite rugged if you take care of them. You need to have the basic programs besides your windows installed such as
    a)antivirus and antispyware programs
    b)firewall switch on
    c)defragment your HDD every week
    d)backup your system regularly

    If you do that, be assured that you will not need to call a technician every couple of days.

    Peter Lim

  25. to add to Steven #22 and Hew Lee #23
    You should start considering using PC to
    a)trade stocks online-cheaper than calling broker
    b)internet banking -save queing at bank
    c)pay bills using paypal
    d)buy/sell ebay
    e)submit meter reading of utilities online
    f)renew national lib books online and email alerts
    g)facebook and twitter
    h)reading newspaper online
    Daily lifestyle events via IT will create interests.

    Peter Lim

  26. In reference to #24, the so-called peanuts are still considered as monies. To those volunteers who are totally not working n have no income, they mean a lot to them. I personally know a handful of them. There are 2 classes of allowances, one for tutors (those who assist) n the other for trainers (the amounts are bit more). The allowances help volunteers to defray expenses incurred travelling from home to RSVP n then home. Allocation of one tutor to every 4 participants is standard practice.

    Glad that many energetic volunteers are coming forward to share their IT skills n knowledge with the less priviledged members. Keep the learning alive.

  27. I’m computer literate only because of work, but i’m not enamoured of IT or computers. The disadvantage is when i want to buy a new computer at an IT fair, i’m not confident of getting a ‘good bargain’ as i don’t know what important questions regarding the performance and the quality of the computer i should ask. I wonder if there are other members in the same boat as I.

    What i would appreciate is a humble IT/computer ‘expert’ member willing to guide me (with a checklist of qns?) and accompany me to browse at an IT fair or sale for a ‘good bargain’.

    Coffee on me for such a volunteer…..lol! :)

  28. Hi Yew Kwong #27,

    Your comment on the payment to tutors and trainers has touched me; and as such, I am even more inclined now to take note of your observations on payment.

    For those who may not know, Yew Kwong has put up a number of IT courses, not Tian Soo’s IT courses in the past, when his time was more available. At that time, I have noticed his structured classes generated wide interest in SHC. And, he had drawn volunteers to serve as tutors during the classes. I attended one of them; and I saw the inspired students asking so many questions.

    One reason why I asked about payments, is I believe that adhoc one time classes can be voluntary and maybe on a no-fee basis. However, after many years of being associated with SHC, I tend to view that trainers and tutors who put up a structured program, in a dedicated place with equipment, and over the course of a few months, should be given an allowance for their time in planning the program, making time and effort to travel to the training area and of course not forgetting transportation costs.

    I too believe that trainers and tutors should be active members of SHC, and are known to the general membership.

    Without doubt, I am intent on pushing for basic IT/smartphone courses among new SHC members. You will be surprised that there are so many SHC members who have little IT or no computer skills. That’s why we dont read or hear from them. Of course, there are more experienced ones around us; but there are so many new stuffs to know and learn.

    As you can see, I am trying to identify venues where such courses can be conducted; at workable rates to our membership. Computers can be bought; but a workable location and costs are also key factors, how we can train the less IT savy guys and gals in SHC.

    Thank you Yew Kwong for your contribution.

    Terence Seah

  29. Hi All

    We can adopt a 2-prong approach to work on it. First, the trainers/tutors volunteer to share n part their skills n knowledge to fellow members is done. Next, we can revive the used PC campaign we had worked on few years ago. We received gd responses from fellow members. PCs donated were refurbished (with some in perfect working condition) n redistributed. Only 3 members responded.

    U may ask “why” would members still want PCs. It’s very simple’ sole ownership n right of decision. Many of them share PCs in the family n if they need to use, they must seek “permission” or use at a time when it is “available”. Members who are keen to help out can learn also simple troubleshooting. Key factors are storage n transport. We welcome u to endorse your support in one way or another.

    From the start Terence had spent time n effort to get members to learn to be IT n/or computer savvy. We have to live wif the fact that whether u like it or not, this is reality since communication is best using technology. Learning never end. It’s u who decide.

  30. Hi Jassmine Teo at msg #28,

    Assembled machines are popular because they are more economically priced. You are not forced to accept a rigid component configuration which may not suit you.

    With the same price that you would pay for a branded piece even at the PC show, you will be able to own a superior assembled PC that suit your requirement. You cannot customise a branded PC to suit your exact requirements.

    I am not a computer ‘expert’ but still can provide some informed advices before you decide what type of configuration your PC should have. Unfortunately I seldom drink coffee or tea. I prefer cold dessert. :)

  31. Hi Steven N #30

    Alas, the only things i can assemble with confidence are Lego blocks! But i do envy DIY people like you. Not only do you save a lot, there’s also the satisfaction of seeing your ‘creation’.

    For consumers who don’t know much about computer component parts, it’s better to buy ‘off the shelf’. Hmm…do you have the interest/time to browse at IT/computer fairs/sales?

    Cold dessert- no problem. Young coconut is yummy and healthy. :)

  32. Hi-Jasmine #28
    I can help if you wish to buy a computer. To me I browse
    at conputer show to know about any new products that are on show. if I want to buy I will like to buy at PC show because like I say I get a good price plus goodies.

    I can provide a checklist for you and accompany you to buy if you need to buy but not to browse (no patience…)
    You can write to me at didoentp@gmail.com if you need help


  33. Hi-Yew Kwong #27
    My remarks about peanuts does not meant to be offensive or humiliating but rather to contrast with what the instructors get at CCs or commercial institutes.
    Why do tutors teach at RSVP? many are qualified by PA to teach at CCs. Because they are volunteers and do not expect any monetary reward. In fact initially we are not paid and like Terance said, RSVP feel that some form of allowance be given as a token of appreciation for the loyalty of the volunteers.
    I beg to differ that these volunteers need these allowance to survive. I believe it is the love and commitment to serve society that brings them to do this task

    Peter Lim

  34. Hi-Yew Kwong #30
    refurnishing PC is in the advanced area regarding knowledge of hardware and software. You are fortunate that there are 3 response. Even I cannot help competently.
    I do not know whether it is worth refurnishing because PCs are getting cheaper and cheaper and more and more advanced.
    Besides the Govt also provide subsidized PCs for seniors. look at the website for the 3rd Age.
    However i agree it is good to know how to refurnish PCs as a interest group because it will form the foundation of a group that can help members to diagnose and rectify faults and recommend suitable hardware for replacement….

  35. When I was still employed, I had the opportunity of learning how a PC work. The instructor let me dismantle and assemble a PC back.I saw what a CPU looks like. What is a Mother Board. What is a video card. What is a sound card. What is the use of a power supply transformar. And also the different types of slots that takes different cards. In one afternoon they remove all my fears of a computer.

    Although technology have moved rapidly, this knowledge have helped me follow the development more intimately. I can also understand PC suppliers and the technicians’explanations and they do not treat me like an old idiot.

    I also think it is good fun and encourage you guys to teach it.

  36. Hi Jassmine,

    I am now less adventurous. 10 years back I build my own PC after paying a few hundred dollars to attend a course. It need a lot of trouble shooting as there will alway some problem cropping up especially with the OS.

    Nowadays I will do a research on the price and the reliability of the components on internet and then visit a few shops at SLS and ask for a quotation for the cost of building the pc according to my specification. If the price is reasonable according to my research, I will award the ‘tender’ to the store to build my PC.

    They will not charge for the services as they already build their service charges into the components. It normally take less than 2 hours to get your pc built on a normal day except weekends and school holidays.

    I only visit IT fairs for research or to while away my time while waiting to do somethings as they are for people who are looking for perceived ‘bargain’ and yet if you look around at SLS and can afford to ‘dirty’ your fingers a bit you can find bargain all around the year.

  37. Hi Peter Lim,

    I have no passion in building PC, DIY or otherwise. I learn how to build PC either by myself or get people to build as PC is essential to my well-being. I need PC to enhance my productivity and to put food on the table. My income is derived through PC – internet/facebook/linkedin/video marketing or whatever.

    When I get my first PC almost 17 years ago at a PC show, it give lot of problems – hdd, ram, modem problems etc. It take about a week to get it serviced (during warranty period) and it happen regularly. No choice I have to learn to understand how computer works to ensure that my computer can be repaired/serviced/restored within 2 hours – no computer mean less money.

    How to build computer DIY is not my core competence – I don’t think I can share much about it. However if you want to understand something about internet marketing I MAY have something to share if you are not an expert in these areas.

  38. Hi Peter #33
    Thank you so much for your generous offer. :) Will contact you.

    Hi Steven N #37
    You are definitely the tech savvy type. :)

  39. Hi Yew Kwong,

    In the past, I am sure you have thought of where courses can be conducted. Other than RSVP and Outram, do you have other ideas on venues where courses can be conducted, with reasonable costs.

    If the sun shines bright enough, perhaps with good fortune, someone can offer a place where we can set up WIFI facilities, and we set up our own 10-12 Pcs or notebooks. This way, we can look long term, have regular courses, run by seniors, preferable SHC members, the trainers get a fee and the students give a fee and students may bring their own notebooks too.

    If not, maybe if a good wireless wifi network can be carried around, it can service 10-12 notebooks, and everybody gets to enjoy a good training and company. Not a dream, but I hope we can keep working on this.

    I hope we can all put our heads together to make this work. There are many knowledge to pick up if a strong wireless network can be set up, even under a cocconut tree, in UBIN.

    Terence Seah

  40. Hi-Terence#41 and Yew Kwong
    With present technology is it possible to use
    mobile broadband using 3g router and 3g dongle to create
    a Wi-Fi network system to train.

    Presently my house has no home tel so I use singtel 3.6M mobile broadband dongle to connect to internet via my laptop.
    If I need to use my tablet I hooked my dongle to a 3g router to create WE-FI network for laptop and tablet.


  41. to steven #39
    Haha I am retired so in interest in internet marketing.
    I do go to ebay to buy something. haven’t sold anything yet.
    i do online stock transactions. Can discuss


  42. For the moment, we shall abandon ideas of having IT classes for members who need the necessary training, on a regular basis, as no venue can be found. As such, members are free to conduct adhoc courses, where suitable.

    This Post will continue to accept suggestions and ideas, in the meantime.

    Terence Seah

  43. Sounds like I gave up too easily on IT traing or any training for SilverHairsClub members, due to the non-availability of training venues. Thank you to members for your contribution on akternative ideas.

    Trainers – there are.
    Equipment – there are too, except they are only available at some ccs. Others have their own notebooks or smartphones.
    Internet connection – well, again at ccs, MacDonalds or where there are hotspots. Some may have mobile broadband, and with a wireless router, a few trainees can share the connection.
    Training gadgets eg projector, whiteboard – yes, only at training venues.
    Drinks – we can make do with water or light tea/coffee.

    So, the missing link is the venue. An idea cropped up and that is to use a conference room in a hotel, for a fee per day. Your thoughts? We can give up, just because of no venue. There are many around us who genuinely want to learn. Let’s toy this idea around.

    Terence Seah

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