Reading an entire article also prevents you from becoming a victim of click bait and fake news.

Here’s something I wanna share with you guys.

Yesterday, I went to the supermarket with the prudence dictated by the new normal. Mask, Safe entry and safety distance.

I then started to get the things that were on my short list, and when I was lining up to pay, between taking the money and storing the phone, the $50 note I had to pay fell on the floor, and the man who was in front of me finishing paying his purchases slowly bent down and picked up my note.

Woww, How much education and kindness in these pandemic times – I thought. I held out my hand, waiting for him to give me back my money, trying to stay away, so that he would feel safe, while preparing to thank him for the gesture.

But suddenly, what he told me was shocking – What’s on the floor belongs to whoever finds it! – and just like that, he left … naturally, as if he hadn’t done anything wrong.

I looked at the lady behind me and the people next to me and they all looked at me in shock and disbelief, whispering things between them.

For a moment there, I was trying to evaluate myself. I wanted to do justice on my own … I left my purchases, because I had no way to pay (I forgot to bring my credit card), and went after him to the carpark, to have my $50 returned.

However, I realized that the people closest to the line came after me, curious to know what was going to happen …

I spoke to him demanding my money but he just looked at me with contempt and acted like I was invisible.

When he got to the car, he slowly put his two shopping bags on the floor to take the key out of his pocket and open the trunk, and I thought – It’s now or never!

I took the two bags and told him the same thing he had said to me – What is on the floor belongs to those who find it! – and I started running towards the exit, between fright and laughter, proud of my revenge.

The spectators started to applaud and I saw that the “smart guy” had been irritated after all, as he left the parking lot dropping security cones in his path.

I swear I felt a rush of adrenaline, fright and nervousness, but then I cried with laughter.

When I got home I opened the bags and found:

  • 2 kg shrimp
  • 1 kg of salmon
  • ham, cheese and yogurt of two flavors
  • whole grain bread
  • 1 bottle of white wine
  • 2 bottles of red wine
  • 2 jars of strawberry jam
  • 2 kg of very good quality salami
  • 1 jar of mayonnaise

I had never made so many purchases with only $50.

And now here I am … Having a glass of wine, eating and thinking as I write – am I a vigilante or a vindictive person?

This obviously did not happen to me. It’s just a campaign to promote reading!

Reading stimulates the mind and imagination, makes us travel to other places and even helps communication.

If you want to copy and paste and produce a smile from your friends.

Please go ahead, stimulate someone else’s mind.

What I had learnt from e-Commerce lately

Dear Members,
Due to Covid-19 pandemic and its uncertainty routes of recovery, many are plagued with lots of issues : lesser job opportunities, reduced workday/salaries and/or retrenchment as employers are facing the same fate as we do.

Thus, so much uncertainties and lots of times on hand, I had been scouting around for other sources of incomes and e-Commerce is 1 platform that I had been actively looking into but regret to say that it had not been very fruitful to me. Let’s share my personal insights with regards of the e-Commerce platform.

There are numerous ways to go around e-Commerce which I tried

1) Attending free and/or paid webinar talks by those experienced pioneer players whom had been successful in their days and now just get income thru seminars/courses to earn their dues.

2) Tap on those current well establishment sites (Lazada, Q00, Taobao, and many times) but each individual sites have their own R&R to follow. Except for Taobao that I am more keen to join but to a standstill right now as I was unable to reach some general consensus with the suppliers, eg, prices, deliveries, stock management inventories and last but most important, payment. As travel is currently out of reach, I will need to kiv this project till time permits me to do so again.

3) In my opinion, these days, some e-Commerce sites also practised almost similar business strategies like MLM but those so-called up-lines these days do not enjoyed as much earnings as those MLM in earlier days which make it more challenging for us to partake. I had also in mind 1 or 2 products/ sites which I am still considering. But most important is that, we must learnt not to be so gullible as to believe that this will be a easy route to success – As this platform still need a small capital to start up with. Also, should I decided to join these, must be prepare to work very hard so as to achieve my goal.

After a breakfast meeting with a close girlfriend this morning which she was layoff recently and driving grab right now. She shared her experiences on e-Commerce. All she said is that I must be prepared for time/monies wasted should these e-Commerce turned out to be fruitless. Hence, in conclusion, I had decided to hold on till I am ready to do so.

That’s all l want to share. Kindly note that these are my own personal views only.

Thank you… Dolly

SilverHairsClub wishes all members a Happy National Day

A National Day video by Project Providence Media Team

On this coming 9 Aug 2020, we celebrate our 55th National Day. We are Singapore. A home and Nation for all, regardless of race, language and religion. United we stand as one.

Let’s take this opportunity to remember our past and to look forward to our future as we enjoy our SilverHairs years.

Please share your greetings to fellow members and to Singapore.

Terence Seah

Club handover

Dear SilverHairsClub members,


We started SHC in 2005. Now 15 years old, we should review succession and handover plans. Change is needed to keep up with time and changing membership interests. It is my aim to be a SHC ordinary member by this year end and for a new person/committee to take over.

SHC operates as a free and easy to join Club with no physical premises. Its rules are no politics, religion, race, sex, direct selling and MLM.

We need a new person to head and lead this Club for another 5 – 10 years. We need someone with wide ranging interests so we can fulfil our Club objective of providing a platform for SilverHairsClub members to meet new and old friends, with like minded interests.

We need more activities and ideas. We need creativity, imagination and dreams. We need to expand our membership.

I am holding a brain storm meeting on how to transit to a new SilverHairsClub and who you see as someone who would lead SilverHairsClub for another 5 to 10 years.

Invitation to participate ONLY if you rsvp ‘handover” before closing date 18 Jul.

Venue: SHC Zoom
Date/time: SUN 19 July 1000am 1.5 hrs.

SHC Zoom Diary:

RSVP “handover” for password.

Terence Seah

Let’s exercise and dance together every Sat 4pm. Lose 1kg this month

Disco dance exercise (Chinese music spinned by VJ Candy) is on every Sat 4pm (1 hr of non-stop beautiful disco dance music.

Come in exercise gear, on your mobile or computer, and dance F&E. Stand 1 metre from the screen. You can see everyone dancing. A good break before dinner and geat exercise as we spend so much time in front of computer and mobile. You can sing with the music too. Join us and let’s aim to lose 1 kg this month. See you all this Sat 4pm.

One easy click. No password.

Terence Seah

No Age Limit: 4 Reasons Seniors Should Train Martial Arts

Staying active is important to people in their 50’s, 60’s or even 70’s. The body starts to weaken during these years, especially when seniors get trapped into the sedentary lifestyle.

As we age, our bodies become brittle. The importance of daily activity cannot be more emphasized by this fact. It is vital to consider engaging in activities that will keep us as active as our bodies will allow to ensure that we stay healthy and physically fit to avoid any future illness that could prevent us from living a higher quality of life in our later years.
During a time in their lives when they become free from the pressures of the daily grind as they enter the retirement stage, seniors must focus on health now more than ever. Of course, physical limitations and health considerations need to be addressed before engaging in this type of activity. But the beauty of martial arts is that it is for everyone, no matter the age, and can be tailor-made to suit anyone of any fitness level.

Martial arts training is becoming popular with people in this age bracket. Like most people, seniors turn to martial arts for the same reasons such as improved physical fitness and mental alertness. But more than that, martial arts is an activity that seniors choose to undertake to discover how far their physical capabilities can take them while learning something new.
Today, four reasons martial arts is the perfect fitness activity for seniors.

1) Martial arts helps sustain mental health
It is a fact that there is a direct link between keeping active and maintaining mental alertness. For seniors, however, the brain does not function as quickly or as healthily as it did during the younger years. They tend to experience worse reaction time and become less sharp.
The practice of martial arts is an activity that can significantly reduce these effects of aging. Through constant practice of reflexive routines required by training, seniors are able to maintain mental alertness. It is not just a set of techniques learned and practiced in the gym a few times a week, but rather, it becomes a lifestyle that seniors learn to adopt as a way to maintain physical and mental discipline.
The brain is a muscle that needs to be exercised just as much as other muscles within the body. Martial arts allows seniors to not only engage in an activity that stimulates their mental capacities but also strengthens and conditions their physical capabilities as well. It can be anything they choose to make it because it allows them to participate up to their comfort level.
2) Martial arts develops new friendships and builds a community

As people enter the retirement stage, their circle of friends tends to decrease. They no longer need to go to work regularly where they are in constant connection with their workmates and colleagues. Enrolling in martial arts allows them to make and build new friendships with people that share the same interests.
A community of like-minded people determined to stay physically fit and healthy is motivation enough for seniors to pursue this activity that will inspire them to push themselves to their limits.  It could come as a surprise for seniors to know that martial arts training gives them a social environment similar to that which can be found in other social activities.
New friendships developed through the regular practice of martial arts inspire and motivate people to stick to their routines. They help each other in times when the will to push through adversity is low.
Being part of a group of people who aim to achieve similar goals in terms of physical and mental fitness is a great advantage when seniors choose to enroll in martial arts. Furthermore, the social engagement enhances the workout and training as opposed to a regular gym membership that requires them to perform exercises on their own.
3) Martial arts keeps your body healthy

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the most popular martial arts courses for seniors due to its aerobic benefits. Grip strength and hip mobility decrease past the age of 50 and BJJ specifically develops these through routines that are advantageous to seniors. This is just one of the benefits of engaging in martial arts for this age group.
Keeping active no matter how you choose to do so ensures that your body stays in tip-top shape but doing it through martial arts makes the activity more interesting and encourages one to remain faithful to their daily routine.
The idea of keeping oneself physically fit through martial arts gives you a sense of accomplishment while placing your bodily functions in check. Burning fat, maintaining healthy cardiovascular health, and improving muscle tone helps you avoid common illnesses that are almost always present as you age, such as arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease.
4) Martial arts reverses or slows down aging

Martial arts slows down the aging process and prevents the development of age-related diseases.
As we age, our body experiences major changes in our balance, strength, posture, flexibility, and endurance. The main cause of these is mostly through inactivity.
Balance declines over time as your muscles tighten and become weaker. Your physical strength is also affected and could lead to muscle atrophy. A study conducted on men and women over 90-years old revealed that after six weeks on a specific routine or exercise regimen, the participants achieved an almost 200 percent increase in strength.
Poor posture is one of the major shifts our body experiences over time. Through martial arts training, one is required to execute forms and techniques that guarantee improved posture that could help in the prevention of osteoporosis.
A loss in the body’s collagen structure is a consequence of the aging process. Muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissue become stiffer and as a result, decreasing the body’s flexibility. Likewise, the difficulty one encounters as they perform even the simplest of physical activities is a sign of reduced endurance that comes with age.
With regular martial arts training, the chance to increase your heart rate and lung capacity leads you to much-improved endurance. Overall, martial arts training can ultimately reverse or slow down the signs of aging, which is something we should all strive for.

When you put in the work towards a long term goal, you pick up life lessons that apply to areas of your life that are unrelated to your pursuit. You are forced to cultivate discipline…

Cola Tan

Saturday and Sunday Morning Breakfast LIVE on SHC Zoom 7.30am

As we move into the new Normal, SilverHairsClub (SHC) will continue to host Morning Breakfast. Here, members meet other members, have your breakfast and share updates on the latest happenings.

** Every Sat 7.30am, Catherine Ho is the EO on Saturday Morning Breakfast. A SHC member since 2007, Cat is a relief teacher, fluent in Malay and Chinese dialects and someone with life experiences. A regular participant during the weekday Morning Breakfast and Lunch time chat.

** And every Sun 7.30am, Sally Foo is EO on Sunday Morning Morning Breakfast. Sally is an active member of the Cooking and Baking goup where she shares her experience on cooking, receipes, where to find food items and all the fine details in the kitchen.

SallyF loves singing. She has powerful vocals and great with Chinese dialects. A joy to listen to as she switches from topic to topic. A good start to a beautiful Sunday.

Come make Morning Breakfast your regular date every day 7.30 am.

Terence Seah

Suggestion for forum log in

During our previous monthly gathering and zoom meeting – always heard members lament forget their user log in this forum. Some even can’t recall their email account. Also our Admin support like Ms Yoon Chin and Ms Dolly patiently assist to amend to reset.

Can i suggest our “user name” to be input as last 4 digit of Nric or Mobile so that member won’t be able to forget their log in.

Hope that will help and encourage more to log into this forum to share and contribute.

New SHC Travel presentation and discussion LIVE on Zoom every Thur 8pm

SHC Travel presentation is ON, every Thur 8pm (1 hr). 30 mins per location for general travel chat and 30 mins for presentation. Gardens, markets, sceneries, eateries, shopping, hotels, maps, friends, etc

Plse share your travel holiday pictures and video via screen share. Whatsapp Jessie Ow at 9846 1089. Tell her which city/country you are presenting as she is scheduling the topics. We will then announce to the club. Plse inform your friends.

EO Laura Wee
Password shc

Terence Seah

“Ladies Only” on SHC Zoom Thu 18 Jun 2020

“Ladies Only”, our 2nd session is ON Thur 18 Jun 2020 at 3pm. Members can come at 2.30pm to set up their video and microphone.

Hosted by EO Sandra Tay and co-host Jean Lim.

This program aims to enable Ladies to discuss personal, private and unique issues among ladies. This will take time, and members need time to find friends and be comfortable with one another.

Sandra has accepted the role to kick-start a Ladies Only discussion and sharing. There are games, intro and getting to know one another.

Plse note this session requires participants to show their faces and enable the microphone. There is no video, sound or text recording on all SHC Zoom events. Main room closes at 3.10pm. No discussions on politics, religion, race, direct selling and MLM.

Terence Seah

Part Time Job for retiree

Firstly, I like to thank Terence for allowing me to post this here.

Job details as follow
Hourly rate : SGD 8.00

Job Scope : Receive and arrange goods ( Tables and chairs not more than 8 and other simple set up.

Duration : 2 days

Period : To be advised by agency. Likely July over weekend

Location : Will be advised by agency. Will be near your home

Skill Required : 2 hours paid training will be given

It is an Essential Service. So no problem of the permission

If you are keen, submit your name and phone number to my phone or email
me at

Think it is a fun way for retiree to earn some pocket money if you think it is suitable for you. A great opportunity to get out of the house for some exercise and get paid.

Meanwhile stay safe, stay healthy.

Leon Lau



I am a guitarist. I have a youtube channel :

Looking to collaborate with anyone who can sing vintage Chinese, Hokkien, Cantonese and English pop songs and post on youtube channel. I will do the song sheets and backing with drum track. And the final remixing. Everything will be done virtually. No meet ups. No jamming sessions. All contactless and virus free.

Vocalist is expected to know some basic music knowledge and able to sing. We can sort out your singing note (key) later. Unlike karaoke, everything is raw made. It is like making your own record. Afer a few training sessions you will get the idea. This is for retirees who are free and have plenty of time at home.

If keen please email me at

FN I am NOT looking for another guitarist nor ukulele player.

Have a good day.

Dave Lee.

Are you afraid of listening to ghost stories? Telling ghost stories Sat night, coming soon.

For more than 40 years, I have not watched a ghost movie.  When I pass the television showing a jumping ghost, esp a female one in white, I would quickly close my eyes and walk away.  Unfortunately I can still hear the screams, because I cannot close my eyes. Today, I would still not go see a ghost movie.

Some seniors can sleep well, even if the doors keep opening and closing.   A few members are very good at telling ghost stories.  At the same time, many of us can glue our eyes to the screen, if the ghost story teller wears white or red, and has long straight or fluffy hair, and big black round eyes

We all have our experiences.  The soldiers talking in an empty barrack.  A woman crying besides the road at 12 midnight.  And something moving in the bushes but cannot tell what it is.

If you like to be frightened or to frighten others, come join us Sat night. Date and time to be announced.  Ghost story tellers invited to meet fellow friends

“The Jokers” – an entertainment program, EO Frisna Tan and team. Sat 6 Jun 2020 1300 hr

Covid-19 is a creative time for all of us.  Some of us have gone crazy, others keep forgetting we are at home.  Some of us have lost our jobs, some of us get $600 from the govt, others get only $100.  Lucky ones get to keep our jobs while many seniors are happy to stay at home.

This Sat, 6 Jun 2020 at 1pm, we have Frisna Tan and a team of jokers to entertain us, and help us forget Covid-19.  Frisna hold the Club’s longest tile as the Xiao Xiao girl.  She had promised to host an entertainment channel some 10 years ago.  This Sat shall be the 1st planned event.

Come log into SHC Zoom and be tickled from your sofa, your bed or your bathroom.  The group has made plans for practice this week.  I guess there will be many hiccups, but let’s all enjoy the jokes, the laughter together and the unplanned scenes.

TQ Frisna and team.  I am already laughing.

Terence Seah

Business discussion for entrepreneurs starts Sat 30 May 2020 – 1st meeting on Zoom

Our 1st SHC Business discussion starts today on SHC Zoom.

This discussion is for entrepreneurs who are looking to share ideas and finding likeminded members.

Only those who had responded their interest to participate will be admitted.  The 1st group has been set up and registration is now closed.  The 2nd group can register here.

Terence Seah

Pyjamas night

What’s it like to wear our pyjamas and zoom in bed? I guess we put on our ear piece, cuddle our bolster and tie a band aroun our head.

Maybe we can recognise one another.  Who?

Think about it and share.  Dreams work well if we think hard.  We need ideas.

Terence Seah

“My Private Channel” for Members on SHC Zoom

We can now move to the next stage on our “New Normal”,

Presently, all SHC activities are conducted on a Club basis, strictly for Ordinary members only.  The New Normal encourages members to share their interests, hobbies, thoughts, viewpoints and activities with friends.  Share your likes, your loves and dislikes.  Talk about your dog, your trips or your TV Drama.  Talk about your desire and dreams.  Whatever you like.

All of us have own own small group of friends.  ‘My Private Channel” is our smaller group of friends.  SHC activities are for the whole club, the bigger group.  It is ok to have smaller groups.

For a start, we have allocated Sat 0900 – 1000 hrs.  Please let me know if you wish to take a slot.

  1. Venue:  On SHC Zoom
  2. Date/Time: Sat 0900 – 1000 hr (fixed).  Plse inform your guests, if you have to miss a date.
  3. Your time slot is ONCE per month.
  4. “My Private channel” members are given Co-Host rights.
  5. Share screen, Textchats, waiting room, removal of unacceptable participants will be available to the Host.  Breakout rooms are not available forthis program.
  6. ‘My Private channel” invitees are invited at the full discretion of the respective My Private channel hosts.
  7. Your channel will be published in the website diary.
  8. Rules:  No discussion on direct selling, MLM, race, politics, sex and religion.
  9. You are encouraged to join SHC  Zoom activities and learn “How to be a co-host?”.
  10. Terence Seah will not be participating in all “My Private Channels”

Plse whatsapp 9489 4360 if you are interested to have “My Private Channel”.  Have fun and let your hair down.

Terence Seah


“Wine, women and song” Happy Hours at the SHC Lounge, every Fri 1730 – 1900 hr. 29 May 2020

Wef Friday 29 May 2020, the SHC lounge will be open to all members.  Feel free to drop in every Friday after 5.30pm; we close at 7pm.  Make a date with other SHC members, after work.  Enjoy your beer, your soju or your favourite tequila drink.

This is Happy Hours and this event will continue even after covid relaxation.

Pre-loaded relaxing singalong English songs on stage.  No DJ available,  Sing LIVE as many times as you like, as long as you have an USB micophone.  Just raise your hand when the song is about to start.  Just have fun.

No screen share.  Textchat available.

Venue:  Password shc.

Suggestions, ideas and comments welcome.  We need plenty of ideas as covid will be relaxed next month.  Dont be offended if the title offends you,

Co-host: Terence Seah

Stars-in-Concert #3, early Aug 2020 evening over SHC Zoom

In 2009 and 2013, SHC organised two 2 Stars-in-Concert respectively.  These two events bring out the singing and entertainment talents of our SilverhairsClub members.

This year 2020, we have set the dates for Stars-in-Concert #3.  The event is open to all SilverHairsClub members, SHC Ordinary and SHC Facebook members.  There will be prizes for both singers and home audience.   You are encouraged to participate.  This event will be held LIVE over SHC Zoom.

  • Date:  1st week of Aug 2020
  • Time:  after dinner, approx 3 hours.
  • Venue:  SHC zoom.  New password will be issued after registration.
  • Judges:  3 members plus audience participation.
  • Singers and Audience open to all members, Ordinary and Facebook members.
  • Requirements:  All singing participants are required to use their own Desktop PC, with Windows 10, speakers and an external microphone.  You should also have a singing or song application.  You can choose to have lyrics if you wish.  Ideally, you have  5mm from the microphone, for best results.
  • Top 5 winners will be judged based on voice clarity, music and vocals broadcast stabilty and entetainment.
  • Practice sessions:  regularly from now to 15 Jun 2020
  • Registration closes 27 Jul 2020.  Enough time to practise before registration closes.

More updates from organisers.  Keep in touch.

Terence Seah


The new SilverHairsClub Facebook group

Dear members,

The previous SHC Facebook page is now discontinued.  As part of getting our platform and objective to enable SilverhairsClub members to meet new and more friends, we are preparing to increase our membership via Facebook.

The new setup is called “SilverhairsClub in Singapore”, and this is our SHC Facebook group.  Facebook members have to be Singaporean/PR, over 45, and have to abide by the same club rules.

All SHC members with a Whatsapp/tel registered mobile number are considered Ordinary members.  You can also join as a SHC Facebook member, to enjoy another communication channel via Facebook.  This is optional.

New members as well as current SHC ordinary members can join “SilverhairsClub in Singapore” Facebook group.  Facebook Group members are called SHC Facebook members.  Facebook members get to enjoy the same SHC activities and use our Club website “”, provided their Tel/Whatsapp are registered with the Club.  This is the key difference between Ordinary member and Facebook members.

We intend to keep our membership registration simple.

Click here to join our Facebook group at

Terence Seah

SHC Zoom monthly gathering wef 31 May 2020 (last Sun of the mth, 1400-1600 hrs)

Wef 31May 2020, SilverHairsClub will introduce an online LIVE monthly via SHC Zoom.  This monthly event aims to provide a platform for members to find new friends, more friends, and catch up with old friends.  Find your interests. Chat on travel, plan your lunch outing. Find close friends for coffee chitchat and mahjong kakis, sudoku and cycling/walking. Or meet your JB group to go shopping and massage.  Find friends to go Europe, China or Canada. Guys and gals, all up to you.

2008 Gosh 2008 picture. Blurred to look good.

If you arrive before 1415 hr, you will be given 1 min to introduce yourself. Eg your name, what you do, what are your interests, where you work or boyfriends, girlfriends.  Haha, I can give you more ideas.


Date: every last Sun of the month

  • Time: 1400 hr to 1600 hr.
  • Venue:
  • A new Password will be sent to participants.
  • For security, only participants, who have downloaded the app, can participate. Full First and last names are required.  Those without camera, without video are required to obtain prior approval.
  • Dress:. Appropriately dressed from waist up.
  • Rules: No singing, karaoke, presentations and sales talk.  Club rules on No politics, race, religion, sex, direct selling a d MLM apply.
  • If you arrive on time, we can break the group into small rooms of 4 – 6 pax each.  More quiet.  You can also stay in the main meeting room.

Meantime, download Zoom.  Join us for breakfast or lunch.  Check out zoom diary in

We are planning to discontinue sending club events via email.  Plse text “WhatsApp” to 9489 4360 to receive activities via updates.

Have fun.

Terence Seah

SHC two new Zoom entertainment – the Xiao Xiao and the gossip channels during Covid-19

For a long time, SHC has been looking out for members who stand out to make other members happy and entertainment. These members usually can talk, non-stop.

Frisna Tan does customer surveys with passengers at the Singapore airports. Some of you may have bumped into her at the airport which waiting to enter the gates. Frisna is also a keen gardener. She is a member of SHC Gardening group. Join her if you have green fingers. Frisna will be hosting our Xiao Xiao channel.

Howard Yong is a Baba. Once he starts on a topic, he can carry on non-stop. His speciality is gossip. Talk about foreign wives, dealing with govt agencies, squeezing his duck rice seller and buying a BTO flat. Any topic to gossip, he is game. But you must be prepared to sit down and listen. Toss him a question, and he will be able to get you engaged for the next one hour. Howard had an unusual sleep pattern. He sleeps at 9pm, so no program latter than 9pm.

We shall be scheduling these two channels. Stay tune.

Terence Seah

How to be a co-host of a Zoom account? Practice Sun 16 and Sun 17 May 2020

This will be the last series of training sessions on how to use Zoom.

Zoom is a video conference app used to communicate LIVE with friends, colleaques and students.  SHC has already conducted one week of basic ‘How to use Zoom?”.

However,  there is a difference between being a host of a paid Zoom account, compared with a free Zoom account.

This Sat 16 May and Sun 17 May, we have allocated Zoom time, starting 1400 hrs and ending 1700 hrs.

  1.  Participants are given Co-Host rights during the practice period.  Similar to those with a paid account.
  2.  You get to practice all Zoom admin functions with SHC friends.  So, come early  at 1400 hrs so that you can be assigned a group of friends.  Every group will have 30 mins to play around the Zoom co-host features.  You will then return to the main hall, for coffee break, before being assigned another room for another practice group.  We close practice at 1700 hrs.

Our Paranakan friends among us

Singapore Paranakan culture can be traced to their links in MalaccaSingapore, and Penang.  Originally from the southern provinces of China, the immigrants travelled south to Peninsula malaysia, inter-married and created a distinct culture Paranakan, 

According to Laura Wee, Nyonya is the term for women and Baba for men.  These terms apply to the populations of Chinese descent in the British Straits Settlements and the island of Java and other locations, which have adopted the Nusantara customs and most have lived for generations along the Straits of Malacca.  Paranakans are usually educated and are able to speak the father’s language and mother’s dialect.

We have a number of members who are Parankans.  Some of whom I know include Kenneth Tan, Agnes Seow,  Sue Chan, Laura Wee and Catherine Soon.  I also remember Ronald Wie.  Keys words associated with Paranakan include Malacca, Penang, Phuket, Paranakarm food, baju kebaya and the sarong.

Since our first fashion parade, and for a long time, I have wanted to gather the Parankans together.  We shall form the Paranakan group now, and if you are Parankarn, please whatsapp “Paranakan” to +65 9489 4360.  We shall gather you together to share your family history, culture, traditions, dress and food.

good memories.

Terence Seah



Come celebrate my birthday on SHC Zoom this 25 June 2020

During this “Morning Breakfast” chat, an idea came up.  We can use Zoom to celebrate our  birthdays. We shall start oganising our party, and I like to invite all June babies to join me celebrate our birthdays.

  1. Date:  25 Jun 2020
  2. Time:  Open 9.00 pm sharp.  Part closes at 10.00 pm.
  3. Cake cutting 9.30 pm.  I am looking for a member to make a cake.
  4. Venue:  Password: shc
  5. Dress:  Put on your hat, paint your face and switch on your room lights.  Upper part appropriate.
  6. Don’t forget to bring a present.
  7. Program:  Ideas welcome.

Plse keep this date.

Terence Seah



What and where to eat today? Come share with other SHC members.

Can you beat these places?

1/3 of our life is spent eating.  So, “what and where to eat ” are favourite talking points.  Probably, food is a great way to get to know more friends.  That’s why we always hear “Sudah makan?”, after lunch time.

Food is the easiest topic in any discussion.  There is Hokkien, Hakka or Cantonese style dishes.  There are Thai, Indonesian, and italian dishes too. Where to eat?  Many places are hidden, and some of us know where to find tasty dishes, old fashioned Hokkien mee at some faraway corner, at really good prices.

I have always tried to look for topics and reasons for SHC members to meet.  Well, food is a good reason.  With Covid-19 still around us,  let’s use SHC Zoom to meet, talk and share “What and where to eat?”.  and meet new and old friends.

Let us meet every Sat 11.30 am to 12.30pm.  The main table can be as big as we like.  For those who like smaller tables, we can seat you in separate private rooms of 4-6 pax (automatic free seat assignment).  Come join us, and you can see how SHC Zoom works for big and small groups.  Get your friends to meet you at 11.30 am every Sat.

Password shc.
Time:  11.30 am sharp.  1 hour only.


Terence Seah


CANTO Karaoke on SHC Zoom, Wed 2 – 4pm. EO Daniel Chan, Co-host: Catherine Soon


Daniel Chan is hosting the Canton Karaoke on SHC Zoom on Wednesday, 6 May 2020, 2pm – 4pm.

Come, whether you can sing Cantonese or not . Who knows you can learn some Cantonese words?

Perhaps you will love to listen to us singing your favorite songs too. Just join in the fun during this Circuit Breaker period. Stay at home , stay safe.

Let us know you are coming, or Simply click here to enter Karaoke room.
Karaoke room
Password shc.

Catherine Soon