JULY 21, 2024 Monthly Gathering – It’s a FUN-FILLED Weekend!!!

Event Organizers: Jean Lim | Evon Ng

Yet, another UPCOMING event – organized by our wonderful SHC community group. Click this What’sApp  LINK to join the group.

BIG Appetite Food Court
Sunday, 21 July 2024
Time: 12 noon – 3:00pm
Suntec City, Tower 3
Level 3, #03-367
3 Temasek Blvd
Singapore 038983
Promenade MRT Station

Do show us some support to strengthen the bonds, foster fellowship and build a robust camaraderie amongst all of us proud SHCians, Let’s celebrate our shared spirit and create lasting memories! Looking forward to this joyous day.

And who knows it might inspire our Co-Admin to organize at least one event yourself. Looking forward to getting to know more members!

On behalf of Events Organizers


AUGUST 21, 2024 Monthly Gathering – Birth Month Celebration

Event Organizers: Cephas Teo | Raymond Seah

Join us for our Monthly Gathering and Birth Month Celebration!

Click on the What’sApp LINK to join the group

We’re thrilled to announce that our co-Admins, Raymond Seah and Cephas Teo, have taken the initiative to co-host this special event. They’re “killing two birds with one stone” by combining both August & September Babies with a celebration in the month of August.

Mark your calendars and get ready for a fun-filled evening with friends, food, and celebrations! We can’t wait to see you there!

Save the Date: Wednesday, August 21, 2024!

Food Republic @ Shaw House
Time: 3:00pm to 6:00pm
#B1-02, 350 Orchard Road
Singapore 238868

On behalf of Event Organizers


Saturday, 26 October 2024 – SHC 19th Anniversary Dinner & Dance

Celebration, Unity, and Timeless Memories

UPDATED BY Jean Lim (06 July 2024)

Thank you for your patience and support. We are pleased to announce that our upcoming anniversary celebration is officially scheduled for Saturday, October 26, 2024.

Interestingly, our late founder, Terence Seah, served his quarantine in this hotel for two weeks in October 2020 upon his return from Thailand, and today happens to be his birthday as well.

We look forward to your participation in this wonderful occasion.

To confirm your attendance, please click on the  WhatsApp Group Invite  to join our group chat.

Kindly PayNow $120 per person to Dolly Lim as soon as possible so that we can finalize the number of attendees for the hotel’s arrangements. Thank you.

EO: Jean Lim
Dolly Lim

Date: Saturday, 26 October 2024
Time: 6:30 PM onwards and cocktail will be served
Venue: Carlton Hotel 76 Bras Basah Singapore 189558

Join us for an enchanting evening of:

  • Sumptuous 7-course Set Dinner @ $120 per guest inclusive of free flow of soft drinks, Chinese teas and wine
  • Live Music & Dance Floor Delight
  • Dancing, Karaoke, Lucky Draws and many more…

On this special occasion, we celebrate the rich tapestry of memories woven by our esteemed members over the past 19 years. Imagine an evening where every dance step echoes a chapter and every smile tells a story. Whether it’s a tango or a twist, a waltz or a groove, let’s make it a night to remember!

Thank you for your understanding and support.


SEPTEMBER 29, 2024 Monthly Gathering

Hey fellow SHC members, it’s been a while……..we are back in September 2024 for some crazy fun !!

Reliving the spirits of SHC for SHC members with an afternoon of fun & activities………

Date : 29th September 2024 (Sunday), 2 pm to 6 pm

Venue : Le Danz, 6 Tampines St 92, Blk 3, #01-15, yo:HA @ Tampines, S’528893

Easy access via MRT – Tampines West MRT station (Downtown Line), Exit B

Or access via Bus service – 5, 8, 15, 15A, 18, 21, 23, 28, 59, 65, 67, 118, 118B, 168, 293T, 513, 518

S$30/- per pax (limit to 70 pax)

Please register your attendance here or WhatsApp to Irene @ 9633-6546.  Attendance is only confirmed upon full payment of cover charge of S$30/- via PayNow or PayLah to Irene’s mobile @ 9633-6546.

  • 1 lunch box & 1 bottle of mineral water for each participant
  • Free-flow coffee & tea
  • Live music
  • Social / Line dancing (dance till you drop !!)
  • A little bit of open-mic
  • A little bit of game
  • Lucky draw
  • Free seating

If you have further enquiries, please WhatsApp call or WhatsApp message to Jeffrey @ 9009-2627 or Irene @ 9633-6546.

Looking forward to seeing as many fellow members as possible in September 2024 for some really crazy time !!


Participants confirmed :

  1. Chew Seng Kim
  2. Joseph Lee
  3. Josephine Tan
  4. Robin Foo x 2
  5. Francis Raj
  6. Chan Cui Ying
  7. Dorothy Lo
  8. John Howe
  9. Cheryl Tiong
  10. Theresa Seow
  11. Jane Tan
  12. Mega
  13. Julie Ong
  14. Dwight Baptista
  15. Nancy Lim
  16. Susie Seah
  17. Adrian Au x 2
  18. Jess Lim
  19. Bobby Bob
  20. Elsie
  21. Steve David
  22. Royston Low
  23. Alice Tan
  24. Westly Ong
  25. Vincci Lee
  26. Jasmine Lim
  27. Shirley Tan
  28. Justina Lee
  29. Annie Chua



In Loving Memory of TERENCE SEAH

Dear SHC members

It is with heavy hearts that we share the last voice message from our dear friend Terence, who recently left us. In his memory and honor, we hold onto the warmth and wisdom he shared with us.


May his words continue to inspire us, and may we find solace in the memories we shared.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and memories in the comments below.


No photo description available.

How SHC led Senior Club in Singapore amassed over 10,000 Active Members

Dear Members

SilverStreak is an online lifestyle media platform dedicated to promoting the concept of living younger for longer, with a focus on purpose and enjoyment. Click on the link below about an article on SilverHairsClub and how our founder has made it what it is today.

SilverHairsClub: How This Community-Led Senior Club In Singapore Amassed Over 10,000 Active Members – SilverStreak

As we celebrate Terence Seah’s contributions, the SilverHairsClub remains a vibrant and dynamic community, continually evolving to meet the needs of its members. The impact of Terence’s work is evident in the thriving lives of the club’s members, a true testament to his enduring legacy.

On behalf of Jean Lim

JUNE 17, Monthly Gathering 2024

UPDATED: 20 June 2024


Video reel courtesy of Veron Kwok

Event Organizers: Jean Lim | Chris Tan

Good Day, SHCians!

Remember this heartwarming picture from our January Monthly Gathering in 2024? Close to 100 SHCians turned up, and we started the year on a high note! Let’s keep that positive energy going by coming together again in June with even more vibrancy.

Save the Date: June 17, 2024
Time: 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Venue: Suntec City Big Appetite Food Court
3rd Level of Suntec City Tower 3
Nearest MRT: Promenade MRT

Join us to strengthen the bonds, foster fellowship, and build a robust camaraderie among all of us proud SHCians. Let’s celebrate our shared spirit and create lasting memories!

Looking forward to see you there!

MAY 25, 2024 Monthly Gathering

Update: 28 May  2024



Event Organiser: Anne Choi

Date: 25 May 2024 (Saturday)
Time: 5pm to 10pm

Venue: Function Room 1 and Function Room 2
Double Bay Residences
17A Simei St. 4. Singapore 529882

Simei MRT- cross the road and walk just 3 minutes along the PCN to the gate entrance.

Event cost: $26/- per pax
Payment: PayNow or PayLah to mobile 96347628 and WhatsApp to Anne your screenshot and your name for verification. TQ

Dinner Buffet (Halal): 7.15pm


Karaoke Singing – (Karaoke Room1) – 5.15pm to 7.45pm (booked)
-Music and Songs LIVE by Jeffrey Gan & Irene Lee

-Line Dancing
-Lucky Draw X3
-May Birthday Celebration for members’ birthday in the month of  May

Complimentary birthday cake from Anne.

I hope this day is as special as you are.

Participants attending

1) Aminah Bee – Paid
2) Robin Foo – Paid
3) Betty – Paid
4) Carolyn Tok – Paid
5) Irene Lim – Paid
6) Ivy Soh -Paid
7) Jane Chang – Paid
8) Mui Chin Goh – Paid
9) Leon Lau – Paid
10) Michael Gan – Paid
11) Gladys Lau – Paid
12) Frank Poh – Paid
13) Evelyn Thong – Paid
14) Amos Lim – Paid
15) Francis Raj – Paid
16) Dorothy Loh – Paid
17) Jeanette Seet – Paid
18) Royston Low – Paid
19) Doreen Ho – Paid
20) Aileen Yeo – Paid
21) Audrey Goh – Paid
22) Vicky Wong – Paid
23) Rosalyn Khoo – Paid
24) Benny Han-Paid
25) Sally Lee- Paid
26) Sally Tan-Paid

27) Liz Yeo – Paid
28) Chan CE – Paid
29) G P Chua – Paid
30) Elsie Koh – Paid
31) Theresa Chia – Paid
32) Dolly Lim – Paid
33) Mega Abdullah – Paid

34) Jean Kwan – Paid

35) Elsie Tay – Paid

36) Bobby Bok – Paid

37) Kent Chan – Paid 

38) Jeffrey Gan – Paid 

39) Irene Lee – Paid

40) Grace Chong – Paid

41) Lydia Chin – Paid

42) Edward Lim – Paid

43) Andy Hilliard – Paid 

44) Evon Ng – Paid 

45) Terry Chun – Paid

46) Tony Goh – Paid

47) Sally Foo – Paid

48) Ayliana – Paid

49) Anne Choi – Paid



Organizing Overseas Tours

Dear SHC Members

At SHC, we highly encourage our members to take the initiative in organizing and leading exciting overseas tours. These experiences not only foster camaraderie but also create lasting memories for all involved. To streamline our processes and ensure the safety and enjoyment of our members, we’ve established the following guidelines:

  1. Registered Event Organizers (EOs):
    • Only individuals who are genuinely committed and enthusiastic about organizing tours should register as Event Organizers (EOs). This ensures a high level of dedication and accountability.
    • Prospective EOs are encouraged to first become registered as ‘Ordinary Members’ on our SHC platform before proposing or leading any tours.
  2. Consolidation of Groups:
    • We’re transitioning away from scattered group chats to centralize all tour-related discussions under the SHC umbrella. This consolidation allows for better coordination and communication among members.
  3. Central Point of Contact:
    • All tours initiated by dedicated and organized EOs should be coordinated through Jean Lim at 92264911. Jean will serve as the primary point of contact for tour inquiries and arrangements.
    • Tour details, including itineraries and participant requirements, will be published on the SHC Forum. This centralized platform ensures tighter control and enhances security measures for all participants.

We believe these guidelines will facilitate smoother tour organization processes and foster a stronger sense of community within SHC. Thank you for your cooperation and enthusiasm in making our overseas adventures memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Please understand that our responses may take some time, as this platform operates on a voluntary basis. Our Admin prioritize their own livelihoods, so we kindly ask for your patience.

Warm regards

SHC Admin | SHC FB Admin
Jean Lim
Dolly Lim
Sally Foo
Cephas Teo

Zonal Tiong Bahru Gathering 8th March 2024

The next Zonal Tiong Bahru gathering is on this Friday 8th March 2024.
Enjoy the fun, join us for this joyful event. Meet-up at 4.00pm at Raffles City Shopping Centre 3rd floor Foodcourt.
MRT is City Hall MRT, not Raffles Place MRT.
Zonal Tiong Bahru are designed to help you find friends living & working within the same region

UPDATED on 09 March 2024
Yesterday Friday 8th March 2024 SHC Zonal Tiong Bahru members gathering at Raffles City Shopping Centre Foodcourt. Everyone had a great time.

APRIL 10, Monthly Gathering 2024 @ Shun Li Industrial Complex (Sims Drive)

UPDATE on 11 April 2024
Videography – Click on the link to view the joy of our members bonding, thanks to Ms. Veron Kok’s wonderful work.

UPDATE on 07 April 2024

UPDATE on 23 March 2024
For food hygiene reasons, the restaurant has enforced stringent regulations. All dim sum orders must be consumed on-site, with no leftovers permitted. Any excess wastage exceeding 100g will result in a $20 penalty fee, which is to be borne by the members of the table. Taking home any remaining food is strictly prohibited. Adhering to these guidelines is crucial for upholding hygiene standards and preserving the quality of their cuisine. Being mindful of portion sizes can help prevent unnecessary penalties.

The schedule for the gathering is as follows:
2:00pm – Registration
2:30pm – Dine and mingling
4:30pm – Chit Chat and Wrap up
5:00pm – End of Gathering

Please ensure to arrive on time for registration, and then enjoy the dining and mingling session. The chit chat and wrap-up period will begin at 4:30pm, followed by the conclusion of the gathering at 5:00pm.

Helmed by Hong Kong Chef Yiu Wah Tai, with over 30 years of experience and a background in renowned establishments crafting authentic Cantonese Dim Sum.

It sounds like a fantastic choice! Private dining areas are perfect for intimate gatherings where we can enjoy good food and conversation without distractions. A Hidden Dim Sum Place in an industrial complex sounds intriguing – like a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. I bet the ambiance adds a unique touch to the whole experience. What’s on the menu? Come and join us and find out for yourself.

Wednesday, 10 April 2024 (Hari Raya Puasa)
2:00pm – 5:00pm

SGD 28 nett per member (PayNow to Dolly Lim’s mobile# 98159363)

NOTE: Payment made cannot be refunded, but transfer is permissible, on the condition that the recipient is an SHC Ordinary member.

** Get a table of 10 Ordinary Members, will be great and PayNow $280 to Dolly Lim

Five Star Hong Kong Style Handmade Dim Sum
Shun Li Industrial Complex  [view on google map]
705 Sims Drive #07-01
Singapore 387384

EO – Dolly Lim | CoEO – Sally Foo
** To register, please Leave a Reply

REGISTRATION CLOSED @ 70 pax (7 tables only)

Registered Participants
1. Dolly Lim – PAID
2. Sally Foo – PAID
3. Jean Lim – PAID
4. Thomas Loh – PAID
5. Cephas Teo – PAID
6. Pattiya – PAID
7. Mow Lai Lin – PAID
8. Sandra Chuah – PAID
9. Dorothy Loh – PAID
10. Gingko Tay – PAID
11. Belinda Toh – PAID
12. Jennifer Wu – PAID
13. Juliana Yeoo – PAID
14. Angela Choo – PAID
15. Winnie K-Tan – PAID
16. Eve SQ – PAID
17. Joan Ang – PAID
18. Doreen Chan – PAID
19. June Peh – PAID
20. Melissa Khng – PAID
21. Maria Tan – PAID
22. Jay Hu & – PAID
23. Ang Lian Hua – PAID
24. Douglas Chan – PAID
25. Jojo Wong – PAID
26. Roy Ong – PAID
27. Carolyn Tok – PAID
28. Doreen Ho – PAID
29. Christine Lim – PAID
30. Audrey Wong – PAID
31. Sharon Leong – PAID
32. Janie Leong – PAID
33. Steven Phua & – PAID
34. Daisy Phua – PAID
35. Caroline Gee – PAID
36. Agnes Seow – PAID
37. Simon Lam – PAID
38. Crystal Tan – PAID
39. Susan Tan – PAID
40. Catherine Soon (Marlyn Suen) – PAID
41. Albert Choo – PAID
42, Irene Lau – PAID
43. Joyce Wong – PAID
45. Michelle Koh – PAID
46. Winnie Kee – PAID
47. Penny Lim – PAID
48. Cheryl Tiong – PAID
49. Esther Tan – PAID
50. Raymond Lim – PAID
51. Anne Choi – PAID
52. Veron Kok – PAID
53. Foo Chik Meng – PAID
54. Sherie Ong – PAID
55. Tan Yong Kwan – PAID
56. Lim Hong Peng – PAID
57. Helen Tan – PAID
58. Terry Chun Chian Hong – PAID
59. Winston Chua – PAID
60. Jonathan Tan TAM – PAID
61. Luna Tan – PAID
62. Stewart Ang – PAID
63. Freddy Yeow Meng Quee – PAID
64. Roberta – PAID
65. Liang Han Chek – PAID
66. Jessy Ow – PAID
67. Fong WC – PAID
68. Howard Yong – PAID
69. Eileen Sin – PAID
70. Jessie Ow – PAID


MARCH 21, 2024 Monthly Gathering

A great thank to SHC for amazing 63 member to show up.

Looking forward to next activity.

Thursday, 21 March 2024
Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm
1 Woodlands Square #07-03
Causeway Point
Singapore 738099
[view on google map]

Calling all SilverHairsClub Ordinary Members!

It’s been quite a while since our last monthly gathering, and we don’t know about you, but we’re missing our vibrant conversations and laughter-filled moments together. Let’s bring back the joy of our club meetings!

We propose to revive our monthly gatherings, starting this March 2024. It’s a chance for us to reconnect, share stories, and enjoy each other’s company once again. Whether it’s reminiscing about the good old days or discussing current events, we know our gatherings will be filled with warmth and camaraderie.

Please let us know your thoughts and availability for this gathering. Together, we can make our SilverHairsClub gatherings even more memorable and meaningful.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

EO – Howard Yong
** To register, please Leave a Reply below:-

    1. Howard Y
    2. Dolly Lim
    3. Caroline Gee
    4. Gingko Tay
    5. Cola Tan
    6. Cephas Teo
    7. Terry Chun CH
    8. Winnie K-Tan
    9. Naseem Akhtar Conde
    10. Cheng WK
    11. June Peh
    12. Wendy Woon – Pending or watapps member?
    13. Rosy Ang
    14. Sujata Jing Xiang
    15. Karen Thio
    16. Susanna Leong
    17. Ong Kim Yin
    18. Susan Goh
    19. Sandra Chuah
    20. Joan Ang
    21.  Francis Raj
    22. Thomas Loh
    23. Iris Lim
    24. Geok Yan
    25. Jerry Han
    26. Alex Chan &
    27. Catherine Lim
    28. Grace Lam
    29. Ros Lee
    30. Jayne Kwek (Ordinary Member)
    31. Lucy Sng (Newbie watapps group)
    32. Lim Hong Peng (“)
    33. Freddy Yeow MQ (“)
    34. Florence Er GS (“)
    35. Irene Y I (“)
    36. Andrew Tan (“)
    37. Stewart Ang (“)
    38. Rosy Nicole (“)
    39. Ivy Chua (“)
    40. Steven Lim KL (“)
    41. Sharon Leong
    42. Valerie Lim
    43. Pat Oei
    44. Jess Lim (Watapps member)
    45. Joyce Wong (“)
    46. Emme See (“)
    47. Jess Lim (“)
    48. Tony Goh (“)
    49. Luna Tan (“)
    50. Michael Chung (“)
    51. Thomas CH Lee (“)
    52. CM Foo (“)
    53. Liang Han Chek (“)
    54. William Kok CY (“)
    55. Alan Ang
    56. Rosalind Lim and
    57. Mr Lim Chin Sam (via Facebook)
    58. Lim BH
    59. Regina Chen
    60. Freda Lim
    61. Mavis Mok
    62. Catherine Soon (Malyne Suen) +
    63. Albert Choo
    64. Lawrence Lee       REGISTRATION CLOSED……..

Zonal Tiong Bahru gathering this Friday 26th January 2024

The next Zonal Tiong Bahru gathering will be on this Friday 26th January 2024.
Enjoy the fun, meet-up 4.30pm at Raffles City 3rd floor Foodcourt.
MRT is at City Hall MRT, not Raffles Place MRT.

Zonal Tiong Bahru is designed to help you find friends living & working within the same region.

UPDATED on 27 January 2024
Yesterday Friday 26th January 2024 SHC Zonal Tiong Bahru members gathering at Raffles City Foodcourt.
Everyone had a great time.


Let’s Raise a Toast to the New Year

As we bid farewell to another year and eagerly await the dawn of a new one, let’s take a moment to reflect on the journey we’ve traveled.  Each passing year brings with it a collection of moments – some challenging, some joyous, and some transformative.

As the clock ticks down to midnight, wishing all members a New Year filled with hope, happiness, and the fulfillment of dreams. May you find joy in the simple pleasures, strength in adversity, and love that knows no bounds.  Here’s to a year of endless possibilities and to making each moment count.

Happy 2024 New Year!

Next Zonal Tiong Bahru Gathering

UPDATE: Saturday 23rd December 2023 SHC Zonal Tiong Bahru held another members gathering at Tiong Baru Plaza. Everyone had a great time.

No photo description available.

The next Zonal Tiong Bahru gathering is on this Saturday 23rd December 2023 at 3.30pm at Kopitiam 3rd Floor, Tiong Bahru Plaza.

Do join us for this joyful event bonding.

Zonal Tiong Bahru is designed to help you find friends living & working within the same region.


Zonal Tiong Bahru Gathering on 20.12.23 & 23.12.23

UPDATE: Zonal Tiong Bahru gathering today (20th December 2023) at Tiong Bahru Plaza

No photo description available.

Sorry for the loss of our beloved founder Terence Seah. RIP.  With deepest sympathy & heartfelt condolences. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away. May God bless his Soul and Heaven be his place.

Zonal Tiong Bahru having it’s gathering this Wednesday 20th December 2023, 3.30pm at Kopitiam Foodcourt, 3rd floor Tiong Bahru Plaza.

For those unable to attend this Wednesday gathering, there be a similar gathering this Saturday 23rd December 2023, 3.30pm at same Kopitiam, Tiong Bahru Plaza.

You can come both days.

Zonal Tiong Bahru is designed to help you find friends living & working within the same region.

In everlasting memory of our departed founder, TERENCE SEAH

Dear Members

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of our esteemed founder, Mr Terence Seah.  He dedicated 18 years of selfless and tireless effort to maintaining Silverhairsclub.com.

Mr Seah departed us at 12:30am on Saturday, 25 November 2023.  We salute you, Terence, and you will be greatly missed.

Details of Wake and Cremation as follows:

Late Mr Terence Seah Kim Seng

Wake Date:         25 – 28 November 2023
Venue:                 MPH Block 76, Redhill Road, Singapore 150076
From:                   5.00pm onwards

Wake Service at 8.00pm on Tuesday, 28 November 2023

Cremation on Wednesday, 29 November 2023

  • 10:25 am – Encoffining
  • 10:40 am – Cortege leaves Block 76, Redhill Road
  • 11:40 am – Cremation at Mandai Crematorium, Hall# 3



SHC Zonal Tiong Bahru gathering yesterday 22nd October 2023 at Kopitiam, Tiong Bharu Plaza & at Grantral MacPherson we met other SHC members.

We had great time knowing each other bonding with old and new friends. Until we meet again in the next gathering, best wishes to everyone.

No photo description available.Zonal Tiong Bahru having its gathering on Sunday 22nd October 2023 at 3pm at Kopitiam, 3rd Floor, Tiong Bahru Plaza.
Do join us for this joyful event.
Zonal Tiong Bahru is designed to help SHC Ordinary Members find friends living & working within the same region.

SHC Donation Drive – Year 2023

This Oct is our 18th anniversary. We are now doing a donation drive. If you enjoyed what SHC is doing, you can donate to The SilverHairsClub. All contributions will be published in the Club forum. You can also choose anonymous.

Donations are used to build up our Club fund, club expenses, cover event losses and pay for venue deposits.

Plse PayNow to our Treasurer Dolly Lim’s mobile at 9815 9363.

Donation Fund received as follows.  Thank you for your generous contribution and much appreciated.

No Name Amt ($) Date Recd Remarks
1 Kristy Ng 100.00 8-Oct
2 Shawn Loke 20.00 9-Oct
3 Priscilla Wee 30.00 9-Oct Paylah
4 Valarie Quek 88.00 9-Oct
5 Norlinda 50.00 9-Oct
6 Dorothy Loh 88.00 10-Oct
7 Annie Chua 20.00 10-Oct
8 James Tan JH 50.00 11-Oct
9 Anonymous 100.00 12-Oct
10 Karen Thio 88.00 12-Oct
11 Mr Lee CM, Victor 100.00 13-Oct
12 Joy Tang 50.00 15-Oct
13 Margaret Wong 20.00 15-Oct
14 Lim Mui Hoon 50.00 19-Oct
15 KC Loh 100.00 19-Oct
16 John Chua 100.00 19-Oct
17 June Peh 100.00 19-Oct
18 Andrew Chee 1000.00 19-Oct
19 Anonymous 100.00 19-Oct
20 Ng Chor Ling 20.00 19-Oct
21 Veronica Kok 99.00 19-Oct
22 Chiam Poh Choo 30.00 19-Oct
23 Sarena Teo 30.00 19-Oct
24 Tian Lay Hoon 50.00 19-Oct
25 Peter Yue SK 30.00 20-Oct
26 Evelyn Moh 20.00 20-Oct
27 Aminah Bee 50.00 20-Oct
28 Dolly Lim 200.00 20-Oct
29 Helen Cheong 100.00 22-Oct
30 Gina Tan 100.00 22-Oct
31 Pony Teng 100.00 23-Oct
32 Terry Chun 30.00 27-Oct
33 Kwie Siew Wah 20.00 27-Oct
34 Sandra Chuah 50.00 28-Oct
35 Emily Wong 100.00 31-Oct
36 John Loke 50.00 31-Oct
37 Rina Tay 50.00 31-Oct
38 Sivagamy P. 100.00 31-Oct
39 Thomas Loh 100.00 31-Oct
40 Sekaran 100.00 31-Oct
41 Jane Tan 50.00 31-Oct
42 Louis & Joanna Siah 100.00 31-Oct
43 Pauline Tung 50.00 31-Oct
44 Lim Yoon Chin 117.00 1-Nov
45 Goh Teng Yin 50 11-Nov
Total Amt Collected 4050.00


Thank you
Dolly Lim/Treasurer

Tours and makan alert by members and non-members

The Club encourages members to organise and EO these trips. These trips do require deposits payable by members in advance and then payable to the travel agent.

There may be reasons and things do go wrong. The EO may cancel the trip, change the travel agent and fail to pay the travel agent.

Members are then confused as to what has happened with their monies and what to do next.

Then, starts the blame game. Members like to travel in groups.

I encourage members to

1. Pay deposits direct to the travel agent. It is your risk if you pay to any another other persons.

2. Get a receipt for the deposit, especially big amounts.

3. Be sure u know the travel agent or the transport company.

4. Some organisers are SHC members but some are not members or have exited the Club. Pls check before joining their tours

5. Bad incidents have recently.

This is an alert. This is your choice.

Terence Seah

Update on my hospital stay last week.

Tq everybody for your concern.

I thot I shall update myself here, as there are hundreds of messages every day about my health, and I am unable to respond.

Yes, I had a 2nd heart attack, an unusually low BP, below 80 levels, leading to a blood infection which require moving my dialysis point from the chest to my groin.

The infection has caused severe chills, despite the cold air conditioning at TTSH. 7 blankets did not help. And my leg joints were just painful.  Further, blood tests are required and one more surgery expected.

Jean Lim has been with me all this while.   And she is well updated.  Tq for her care all this while.

I will be moving to the general ward, but have to apologise I wish to rest and unable to take visitors.

I enjoyed all the strange stories about this hospital stay, many are very wrong, but I guess concern was at heart. Pls do not circulate other stories, except from this forum.

For this reason, I had been pushing with succession, and will pushing again in keeping SHC team moving.

Since 2005, it has my been my desire to help seniors find friends of common interest and keep loneliness at bay. So, stay social and dont fight.

Terence Seah