In everlasting memory of our departed founder, TERENCE SEAH


Dear Members

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of our esteemed founder, Mr Terence Seah.  He dedicated 18 years of selfless and tireless effort to maintaining

Mr Seah departed us at 12:30am on Saturday, 25 November 2023.  We salute you, Terence, and you will be greatly missed.

Details of Wake and Cremation as follows:

Late Mr Terence Seah Kim Seng

Wake Date:         25 – 28 November 2023
Venue:                 MPH Block 76, Redhill Road, Singapore 150076
From:                   5.00pm onwards

Wake Service at 8.00pm on Tuesday, 28 November 2023

Cremation on Wednesday, 29 November 2023

  • 10:25 am – Encoffining
  • 10:40 am – Cortege leaves Block 76, Redhill Road
  • 11:40 am – Cremation at Mandai Crematorium, Hall# 3

SHC Donation Drive – Year 2023


This Oct is our 18th anniversary. We are now doing a donation drive. If you enjoyed what SHC is doing, you can donate to The SilverHairsClub. All contributions will be published in the Club forum. You can also choose anonymous.

Donations are used to build up our Club fund, club expenses, cover event losses and pay for venue deposits.

Plse PayNow to our Treasurer Dolly Lim’s mobile at 9815 9363.

Donation Fund received as follows.  Thank you for your generous contribution and much appreciated.

No Name Amt ($) Date Recd Remarks
1 Kristy Ng 100.00 8-Oct
2 Shawn Loke 20.00 9-Oct
3 Priscilla Wee 30.00 9-Oct Paylah
4 Valarie Quek 88.00 9-Oct
5 Norlinda 50.00 9-Oct
6 Dorothy Loh 88.00 10-Oct
7 Annie Chua 20.00 10-Oct
8 James Tan JH 50.00 11-Oct
9 Anonymous 100.00 12-Oct
10 Karen Thio 88.00 12-Oct
11 Mr Lee CM, Victor 100.00 13-Oct
12 Joy Tang 50.00 15-Oct
13 Margaret Wong 20.00 15-Oct
14 Lim Mui Hoon 50.00 19-Oct
15 KC Loh 100.00 19-Oct
16 John Chua 100.00 19-Oct
17 June Peh 100.00 19-Oct
18 Andrew Chee 1000.00 19-Oct
19 Anonymous 100.00 19-Oct
20 Ng Chor Ling 20.00 19-Oct
21 Veronica Kok 99.00 19-Oct
22 Chiam Poh Choo 30.00 19-Oct
23 Sarena Teo 30.00 19-Oct
24 Tian Lay Hoon 50.00 19-Oct
25 Peter Yue SK 30.00 20-Oct
26 Evelyn Moh 20.00 20-Oct
27 Aminah Bee 50.00 20-Oct
28 Dolly Lim 200.00 20-Oct
29 Helen Cheong 100.00 22-Oct
30 Gina Tan 100.00 22-Oct
31 Pony Teng 100.00 23-Oct
32 Terry Chun 30.00 27-Oct
33 Kwie Siew Wah 20.00 27-Oct
34 Sandra Chuah 50.00 28-Oct
35 Emily Wong 100.00 31-Oct
36 John Loke 50.00 31-Oct
37 Rina Tay 50.00 31-Oct
38 Sivagamy P. 100.00 31-Oct
39 Thomas Loh 100.00 31-Oct
40 Sekaran 100.00 31-Oct
41 Jane Tan 50.00 31-Oct
42 Louis & Joanna Siah 100.00 31-Oct
43 Pauline Tung 50.00 31-Oct
44 Lim Yoon Chin 117.00 1-Nov
45 Goh Teng Yin 50 11-Nov
Total Amt Collected 4050.00


Thank you
Dolly Lim/Treasurer

SHC 18th anniversary celebration on Sun 8 Oct 2023 at Pasir Ris Park


Video montage – courtesy of Ms Veron Kok

Pasir Ris Park is a great place for families to have a fun day out. It features modern park activities such as cycling, inline skating and barbeque rental. It also features a carefully preserved six-hectare mangrove forest. With multiple trails and a Mangrove Boardwalk, visitors can explore the beauty of the mangrove forest and get close to its inhabitants.

We are excited to announce that we will be celebrating our 18th anniversary at Pasir Ris Park.
Date: Sunday, October 8th, 2023 at 4 PM.

Venue: 3 pits 41, 42 and 43 booked

The event is strictly for SHC Ordinary members and the payment is $20.00 through Paynow to Dolly treasurer from now to 21 Sept 2023 in order to finalize the headcount and food ordering.

Paynow : 9815 9363

Kindly help me to finalize the headcount asap so that can expedite the events procurement. Advance thanks with appreciation.

Phase 1 : determine the total number of attendances by 30 Sept

Phase 2 : detail of anniversary event flow,map, booking of food.
Here is the itinerary for the event:

– 4:00 pm: Arrival and registration
– 4:15 pm: Welcome speech by event organizer
– 4:30 pm: BBQ and food receptionist
– 5:00 pm: Mini games and prizes
– 5:45 pm: Closing remarks and group photo
– 6:00 pm: End of event

Please mark your calendars and RSVP by 30 Sep 2023.

Phase 3 : finalize to expedite the process.

Here the list for those confirmed the payment only.

Payment recd till now
1. Dolly Lim -Treasurer: Paid
2 Terence Seah – EO : Paid
3. Jean Lim – Paid
4. Irene Lim YI – Paid
5. Simon Lam – Paid
6. Veronica Kok – Paid
7. Wendy Kuan – Paid
8. Alice Cheah – Paid
9. Shirley Tan – Paid
10. Iris Lim – Paid
11. Vincent Hee – Paid
12. Jazlyn Lee – Paid
13. Sarena Teo – Paid
14. Luna Tan – Paid
15. June Quek – Paid
16. Helen Choo – Paid
17 & 18 Lawrence and Agnes Kwek – Paid
19. Ng Peck Kin – Paid
20. Thomas Loh – Paid
21. Rosalind Lee – Paid
22. Lydia Poh – Paid
23. Irene Tan – Paid
24. Sandra Chuah – Paid
25. Muna Lim – Paid
26 & 27 Lee Ah Moi & Josephine Loo (Mum) – Paid
28. Vivian Yong – Paid
29. EveSQ – Paid via Paylah
30. Henry Cheong – Paid
31. Ronald Lam paid
32 & 33 Alex & Catherine Chan – Paid
34. Douglas Chan – Paid
35. Jojo Wong – Paid
36. Cola Tan – Paid by Paylah
37. Carolyn Tok – Paid
38. Irene Ng – Paid
39. Maxine Seah – Paid
40. Doreen Chan – Paid
41. Pattiya – Paid
42. Loke Zhi Ming – Paid
43. Rina Tay – Paid
44. Faustina Juianna – Paid
45. Aileen Yeo – Paid
46. Angela Chia – Paid via Paylah
47. Colin Tan LK – Paid
48. Jane Tan – Paid
49. Nan C – Paid
50. Jenny Teo – Paid
51. Jenny Ho – Paid
52. Mega – Paid
53. Justina Lee – Paid
54. Annie Chua  Paid
55. Dorothy Loh – Paid
56. Hearpetta How – Paid
57. Kent Chan – Paid
58. Jessie Ow – Paid
59. Cecilia Lee – Paid
60. Charlie Lim – Paid
61. Florence Lim – Paid
62. Hazel Lee – Paid
63. Kenneth Lim – Paid
————- END ———–

ps : only payment accepted by Dolly then considered as registered for this event.


Zonal Tiong Bahru having its gathering this Tuesday 17th October 2023 at 2pm.

For those prefer  Sunday, there’s another gathering on Sunday 22nd October 2023 at 3pm.

You can come both days meet different Tiong Bahru zonal.members.
Both gathering at the newly renovated Kopitiam, 3rd Floor, Tiong Bahru Plaza.
Do join us for this joyful event.
Zonal Tiong Bahru is designed to help SHC Ordinary Members find friends living & working within the same region.

Tours and makan alert by members and non-members

The Club encourages members to organise and EO these trips. These trips do require deposits payable by members in advance and then payable to the travel agent.

There may be reasons and things do go wrong. The EO may cancel the trip, change the travel agent and fail to pay the travel agent.

Members are then confused as to what has happened with their monies and what to do next.

Then, starts the blame game. Members like to travel in groups.

I encourage members to

1. Pay deposits direct to the travel agent. It is your risk if you pay to any another other persons.

2. Get a receipt for the deposit, especially big amounts.

3. Be sure u know the travel agent or the transport company.

4. Some organisers are SHC members but some are not members or have exited the Club. Pls check before joining their tours

5. Bad incidents have recently.

This is an alert. This is your choice.

Terence Seah

Update on my hospital stay last week.

Tq everybody for your concern.

I thot I shall update myself here, as there are hundreds of messages every day about my health, and I am unable to respond.

Yes, I had a 2nd heart attack, an unusually low BP, below 80 levels, leading to a blood infection which require moving my dialysis point from the chest to my groin.

The infection has caused severe chills, despite the cold air conditioning at TTSH. 7 blankets did not help. And my leg joints were just painful.  Further, blood tests are required and one more surgery expected.

Jean Lim has been with me all this while.   And she is well updated.  Tq for her care all this while.

I will be moving to the general ward, but have to apologise I wish to rest and unable to take visitors.

I enjoyed all the strange stories about this hospital stay, many are very wrong, but I guess concern was at heart. Pls do not circulate other stories, except from this forum.

For this reason, I had been pushing with succession, and will pushing again in keeping SHC team moving.

Since 2005, it has my been my desire to help seniors find friends of common interest and keep loneliness at bay. So, stay social and dont fight.

Terence Seah


Maintaining a respectful and harmonious environment is crucial. We are all senior adults and should be able to do the followings:

  1. Respect: Treat fellow members with kindness and consideration.
  2. Inclusivity: Welcome and include all members, making an effort to connect with and understand one another.
  3. Positive Communication: Use respectful language and keep your body language positive – steer clear of negative words and avoid forceful words
  4. Conflict Resolution: Address conflicts or disagreements in a calm and constructive manner, seeking resolution through open dialogue.
  5. Cooperation: Collaborate and work together to create a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere for all members.
  6. Courtesy: Practice good manners and etiquette, showing appreciation for the efforts of fellow members and club event organizers.
  7. Safety: Prioritize the safety and well-being of all members
  8. Privacy: Respect the privacy of fellow members by not sharing personal information without permission.
  9. Empathy: Show empathy and compassion towards others, understanding that everyone may be dealing with unique challenges.
  10. Open-Mindedness: being non-prejudiced or tolerant.

Remember the above are the fundamental principles of living in harmony. SilverHairsClub has one main objective; and that is to provide a platform for SilverHairs to meet new and more friends.



What is Silver Hair Club anniversary mean to me

Here is an article I wrote about the SilverHairsClub as a journalist:

The SilverHairsClub: A Social Platform for Singaporeans Over 45

Singapore is known for its fast-paced and competitive society, where people often work long hours and have little time for leisure and socializing. However, there is a group of Singaporeans who are not willing to let their age or busy schedules stop them from having fun and making friends. They are the members of the SilverHairsClub, a social club for Singaporeans and PRs over 45 years old.

The SilverHairsClub was established in October 2005 by a fairy godmother who wanted to create a platform for people in her age group to meet new and more friends, share experiences and interests, and participate in various activities and events. The club is free to join and has a strict policy of no politics, religion, sex, race, direct selling & MLM. The club has more than 25 employees who help to run the club’s operations and ensure its smooth functioning.

The club has a website and a Facebook group where members can find information, updates, and announcements about the club and its activities. The club organizes monthly gatherings at different venues where members can socialize, network, and have fun. The gatherings usually have a theme or a topic of interest. For example, the September monthly gathering will be held at Big Appetite, a restaurant at Suntec City that offers a wide choice of food and seating space.

The club also organizes trips and tours to various destinations, both local and overseas. Some of the recent trips include Melaka, Kukup, JB, Penang, Ipoh, and Bangkok. The trips are designed to cater to different preferences and budgets of the members. For instance, the 3D2N Melaka, Kukup & JB shopping tour costs S$268 per person for twin sharing and includes Nonya lunch, BBQ dinner, porridge supper, sky lanterns, fireworks, fish spa, games, mahjong, karaoke, coconut milk shake, snacks, and shopping.

The club has a forum where members can post their introduction, feedback, suggestions, or queries. The forum also has categories for different topics such as travel, hobbies, health, finance, etc. The forum is a place where members can interact with each other and exchange ideas and opinions. The forum also serves as a channel for members to voice their concerns or complaints if they encounter any issues or problems with the club or its activities.

The club is always open to new members who share its vision and values. The club welcomes anyone who is over 45 years old and is a Singaporean or PR to join the club and enjoy its benefits. The club aims to provide a friendly and supportive environment for its members to enrich their lives and have fun.

If you are interested in joining the SilverHairsClub or learning more about it, you can visit their website or Facebook group. Alternatively, you can contact Terence Seah, the fairy godmother’s assistant, for more information.

An investigation

Hi SHC members,

An investigation is currently underway. This involves threats and violence, and police report.

If the final conclusion is valid and true, the member involved will be dismissed and exited from the club.

All club members will be informed, and will be asked to exit from all activites and groups, organised by the investigated person.

This is a serious issue, and SHC cannot tolerate any such occurence and threats.

Fairy God mother has been been alerted. She sound grouchy.

If you have feedback or complaint, plse type FEEDBACK or complaint. You can be sure it will remain P&C.


Terence Seah

Sept monthly gathering, Big appetitte, Suntec city, Tues 12 Sept 2.30pm

We have started planning for Sep mthly gathering. As usual, this venue has been recommended by members.

Date and time: tues 12 sep 2.30pm to 5.30pm.

Place: Big appetite Suntec tower 3.

F&B: wide choice and seating space.

Address: Tower 3, 3 Temasek Blvd, Suntec City, Mall, #03-367/368 369/370, Singapore 038983

MRT: Promenade. Stuntec City.

Registration: To join:

Terence Seah

3D2N Melaka, Kukup and JB 14-16th Sept 2023

3D2N 14-16th Sept 2023
Melaka, Kukup & JB shopping tour

Twin Share S$268 per pax

DAY 1 Singapore -Melaka (Lunch)
6am 1st pick up Eunos MRT
6.15am 2nd pick up Lakeside MRT
Depart for Tuas check point. After immigration & customs stop at local coffee shop for Breakfast (own expense.) Continue journey to Melaka stop at YoYo for toilet break and buy local goodies. Upon arrival at Melaka for Nonya Lunch, shop at Jonker Street for local products and try their Famous Durian Chendol. After 3pm check in at Hatten Hotel free & easy to walk across from hotel visit St. Paul’s Hill, shopping at Mahkota Mall or go for relaxing massage (Dinner at own expense.) Optional tour for those who like to go to Malim Hill Santa Cruz We assemble at 5pm Hotel Lobby and proceed for 6pm Holy Cross Adoration, Feast Day Mass Celebration

Day 2 Melaka-Kukup ( Breakfast, Dinner, Porridge for Supper)
After Breakfast in Hatten Hotel, we can shop at Mahkota mall, Hotel check out at 12noon. Will proceed to Coconut milk shake and snacks, and proceed to Malim Hill for veneration if we haven’t done the night before due to time constraints. The rest of pax, may alight to purchase some souvenirs at Santa Cruz or rest in the coach. We will transfer to Yong Peng for Ming An local products. Check in Kukup Hotel for BBQ dinner, can put out sky lantern, fireworks, fish, play games, mahjong, sing karaoke. Porridge served for supper.

Day 3 Kukup-JB-Singapore (Breakfast)
After Breakfast at the resort hotel Free & Easy shop around Kukup for Tshirts, watches, tibits, local products and souvenir. Check out 10am transfer to JB Aeon Mall for Shopping. (Lunch own expense in Mall) Around 3pm transfer back Home Sweet Home Singapore ???????? Remark – Otah will be collected before our return to Singapore.

Tour Price includes
1 night in Hatten Hotel
1 night in Kukup Resort Hotel
SVIP 30 seater Aircon Coach
Sightseeing and Meals as per attached tour itinerary
Tipping for Guide & Driver
Group Insurance of $10,000 and Medical Coverage of $500 (as per terms & conditions stipulated by appointed agent)

Tour Price excludes
Meals and sightseeing not specified in the itinerary
Visa (if necessary)

Tour Agent has the rights to change or cancel the itinerary if due to unforseen circumstances.

For further enquiry kindly reply via comment below this post. I am reachable via email From 19-26th August, I will be in Taiwan and maybe late in replying your enquiry. Thank you for your patience too!

Full payment by 28th August 2023

Christmas in November

EZ4U Music & Dance proudly presents “CHRISTMAS IN NOVEMBER”

EC : Irene Lee / Jeffrey Gan

Date : 5th November 2023 (Sunday)

Time : 2 pm to 6 pm

Venue : Serangoon Garden Country Club, Club 22

Ticket per pax : S$60/- (limited to 70 pax)

  • Llive music with oldies
  • Dance till you drop (ballroom, social, linedance) with our all-time favourite DJ, Kason Kee
  • Buffet
  • Game / Lucky draw
  • Crazy fun all afternoon

Book early to avoid disappointment.  Reservations are only confirmed upon full payment via PayNow to Irene’s mobile at 9633-6546.

For enquiries & reservations, please call Irene 9633-6546 / Jeffrey 9009-2627.

Thank you for the support as always and look forward to having some really wild fun with everyone.



Zonal Tiong Bahru Gathering

Thank you to members attending the Zonal Tiong Bahru gathering on yesterday 8th August at Kopitiam, Plaza Singapura . We had great time knowing each other bonding with old and new friends. Until we meet again in the next gathering.

Best wishes to you all and Happy National Day too…

Zonal Tiong Bahru is designed to help you find friends living & working within the same region.
Let’s Zonal Tiong Bahru members meet up for lunch gathering this Tuesday 8th August, 1 pm at Kopitiam, Plaza Singapura, 6th Floor #06-15.  Please add your name if you attending.

1. Aminah Bee
2. Alicia Lim
3. Vicky Koh
4. Vicente Rueben Cher (Papi)
5. Catherine Chng
6. Olivia Jiang
7. SandraC
8. Loh YK
9. Richard Mak
10. Annie Loh
11. Elsie Koh
12. Jane Ong
13. Jennie Law
14. Katherine Yap


6.00 am 1st pick up at Eunos mrt
6.45 am 2nd pick up at Kovan Hub
9.00 am Woodlands immigration & JB immigration
9.15 am After immigration to JB for Breakfast. After BF, to JB shopping malls: Paradigm
Mall, Aeon Mall Permas Jaya & Aeon Mall Bukit Indah (depending on the
opening hours of the shopping centers)
2.30 pm check in KSL hotel, F&E, Pasar Malam
10.00 am check out KSL hotel. After breakfast till 10 am & bus ride to Melaka
12.00 pm Melaka (is a rich state). Lunch – Nyonya Restaurant, Chendol
Will tour round all UNESCO World Heritage Historical Town: A Famosa,
Christ church, Stadhuys (Red Building), St Paul’s Church &
San Shu Gong, Dutch 3D Jonker Walk, Giant B Bee Farm Tour.
The Shore Sky Tower, Taming Sari Tower & others (entrance fee not included)
2.30 pm check in Hatten hotel. After Nyonya lunch, may continue tour if time permits and
check in hotel at 3 pm
Dinner satay celup, own expense
7.30 pm River Cruise tour
10.00 am check out Hatten hotel. After breakfast till 10 am & bus ride to Kukup
12:00 pm check in Kukup resort, F&E; 6 meals provided
Check out resort 11 am
After lunch, bus ride to Singapore (those who have ordered otah, will collect
before going back)
(a) Tour will proceed with 30 pax: Fare S$370.50 per person
(b) Tour will proceed with 40 pax: Fare S$352.50 per person

Tour Covers::
Tour guide
KSL hotel with breakfast
Hatten hotel with breakfast
Melaka – 1 Nyonya Lunch
Melaka – 1 River Cruise Tour
Kukup – 6 meals provided
Basic insurance covers covid & etc for age 1-65 yrs old @ $10.50 per person;
for age 66 – 100 yrs old has to pay additional $4.50 per person
Own expense:
JB – Bf
Melaka – D, all entrance fees/ticket prices are own expense
*Tour Agent has the right to change/cancel the itinerary/shopping places if needed due to unforseen circumstances*

Full Payment on 1 August 2023 6 pm
Closing date: 10 August 2023 6 pm
For further enquiry WhatsApp or PM Doreen Chan 90070660

Member/s confirmed the tour
1. David Ong
2. Lilian Chua

SHC ukelele group

There are a number of Ukelele groups. To serve beginners as well as members wanting to share and playing different languages and dialects, we have allocated Monday 8pm over zoom for 4 weeks.

Due to the nature of zoom and the internet, this group will focus on solo playing.

This group is for members who has already a Ukelele and has started playing the instrument.

The EO for this program is Jasmine Wong.

After 4 weeks, we can decide how to proceed further.

To participate, join on zoom on Monday 8pm 1hour. Whatsapp ZOOM LINK on your mobile or desktop.

Terence Seah

Tiong Bahru Zonal Lunch

Tiong Bahru Zonal lunch gathering Tuesday 4th July, 12 noon at Long John Silver’s restaurant, #01-160 Tiong Bahru Plaza. Please add your name if you attending in Tiong Bahru Zonal gathering.

1. Aminah Bee
2. Catherine Chng
3. Nancy Lim
4. Olivia
5. Vicky Koh
6. Richard Mak coming for coffee after 3pm
7. Sandra Chuah coming for coffee after 3-4pm

5D4N Ipoh/ Betong/ KL/ Malacca – CLOSED

____________________TOUR CLOSED_______________

22 – 26 July 2023

Contacts: June Peh (EC)
Whatsapp to the below if interested,

  • S$538 – Twin sharing / triple sharing per adult
  • S$658 – Single room per adult

Pickup points:

  • 0600hr – People’ Park Centre
  • 0620hr – Clementi central BLK 450 in front of taxi stand


Morning assemble at your designated pickup point. Local transfer (must) from Sin to Malaysia for Malaysia coach.  After morning breakfast, proceed to Malaysia.  In the evening, arrive Ipoh and dinner at own expense.

DAY 02 – IPOH /BETONG (B / L / D)

After morning breakfast, assemble and proceed to visit Bentong – south Thailand. On the way, visit a hot spring, the largest bronze Vihara Duta temple, 14.4m tall, also visit the largest letter box for photo taking. Check in Winter Flower Garden. Flower Garden is nice and low temperature.

DAY 03 – BETONG (B / L / D)

After morning breakfast, visit the Yuyi village, understand how the history of communist, how they survive in the jungle. In the evening, stay in town hotel. You can go for massage on your own and walk along the streets, try the local durians

DAY 04 – BETONG / KL (B / L / D)

After morning breakfast, proceed to Kuala Lumpur with stopover in Ipoh for lunch.. Upon arrival KL, visit Chinatown and Mural arts of KL.


After morning breakfast, proceed to Malacca for nonya lunch. Tour around Malacca. In the afternoon, return back to Singapore.

*Tour agency have the right to change Itineraries due unforeseen circumstances.


  • Transfer of local coach to Malaysia custom (must)
  • Malaysia 30-seater aircon coach
  • 1 night at Excelsior Hotel or Ipoh Downtown hotel or similar
  • 1 night at Modern Thai or similar
  • 1 night at White Flower Garden
  • 1 night at 4* KL hotel or 3* Element Hotel OR Malacca hotel
  • 5 breakfast, 5 lunch, 4 dinners
  • Entrance to Youyi Village & Flower Garden.
  • Sky ridge Walk & Viewing cloud (if good weather)
  • Overland Guide Service
  • Betong guide, insurance and custom tax
  • Group travel accidental insurance S$10,000 & medical $500 (1-75yrs)
  • Fare includes guide/ driver tipping


  • Personal travel insurance
  • Personal buying
  • Durian is not included in the package.

** If number is less than 24 pax, a lower grade 3* Hotel will be used in order for the group to depart.

EC – June Peh

Click on the link below to view our recent trip, we had organized

5D4N – Ipoh | Betong | KL | Malacca – 04 to 08 Jun 2023

PART 1 –

PART 2 –

PART 3 –


Celebrating our Founder, Terence’s 68th Birthday – 25 June 2023

Saying THANKS is a great way to celebrate someone special in our life. And we are grateful and glad to be a part of the birthday star’s life.

Recounting over the decades of shared memory since 2005 – Terence has paved the path for us seniors and gave new members the chance to interact with other members is indeed a milestone of SilverHairsClub.

Here is a video montage to help us get our memories flowing of this wonderful guy.  Do share your thoughts and once again wishes our Birthday Boy…


A Tribute to Terence video by Sebastian Szeto –

SallyF (SHC Admin – Post n Comment)


From Malacca with Love.

Travel Date:       2D1N (29 – 30 July 2023)

Limited Seat:     40 pax @ S$150/pax

3 more pax and we upgrade to a 40 seaters coach.

Please indicate who your roommate will be.



  • Deposit:             S$70/pax to reserve now
  • Final Payment:   S$80/pax latest by 14 July 2023

Package Tour inclusive:

  • Twin sharing at  Straits Hotel (Single additional $55)
  • Breakfast at Hotel
  • Tour Guide + Driver tip / Accommodation
  • Tour Guide fee
  • Melaka River Cruise ticket
  • 2nd day Nyona lunch
  • Bus transfer from SG to JB
  • 3 pickup points from SG
  • Excluded any entrance fee to Tourist attractions
  • Own expenses:
  • 1st day lunch at Jonker Street
  • Durian eating at Uncle Chiong farm
  • 1st day dinner at Celut
  • 2nd day dinner at Kulai or JB
  • Places of interests
  • Dutch Square
  • Malacca River
  • St Paul Church
  • Baba & Nonya Heritage Museum
  • The Shore Sky Tower
  • A Formosa
  • The Huskitory (pending)
  • Jonker Street
  • Pick-Up Point:
  • 6:30am                 Eunos MRT
  • 7:00am                 Bishan MRT
  • 7:30am                 Kranji MRT

**Please indicate whether you require Group Insurance.

Participants List:-

  1. Dan Huang – EC
  2. Irene Lim co-EC
  3. Emily Koh – Paid $70
  4. Joy Lee
  5. Lilian Ngiam
  6. Emily Wong
  7. Raymond Tan
  8. Hoon Mow Ing
  9. Audrey Goh
  10. Thong Fook Chen – Paid $70
  11. Tsai Hui Feng – Paid $70
  12. Anthony Chan
  13. Alfred Png
  14. Lydia Poh – Paid $70
  15. Elizabeth Bong
  16. Jennifer Lim
  17. Derrick Ang – Paid $70
  18. Angie Yang – Paid $70
  19. Joanne Koh
  20. Aileen Yeo
  21. Florence Lai
  22. Katherine Yap – Paid $70
  23. Florence Tay – Paid $70
  24. Koh Lye Teck
  25. Sylvia Wee
  26. Rosy Te’o
  27. David Ang
  28. Elsa Fong
  29. Roger Kwok
  30. Shirley Toh
  31. Catherine Lee
  32. Winnie Tan
  33. Joan Ang
  34. Agnes Ong
  35. Lee Lai Kuen
  36. Lee Siok Noi
  37. Winston Chua



Invitation to Book Launch on Saturday 1st July, 12.00 to 4.00 pm

I am launching my book, Ninety9 Reasons Why Cats Make Purrfect Pets – A Voice For Voiceless Stray Cats

DATE     :  SATURDAY 1st July 2023

TIME      :  12.00 to 4.00 pm

VENUE  :  #02-31/32 Thomson Plaza (shop across from KFC) 

You are all invited to this event. 

Besides giving me support :-) there is a cat talk, “Recipe For a Happy Cat” by a Cat Behaviorist Specialist, craft activities for childrendécor items for sale, and an auction of a cat house…all activities aim to raise funds for different cat welfare groups.

Admission to the launch is free! You only spend when you buy a book, décor items, or even bid for the cat house – all in support of cat rescuers’ work.

This is an open event, so do feel free to invite your family, bring your grandchildren for the craft activities, bring your friends who love cats or are cat curious. 

If you have not been to a book launch, this is a wonderful opportunity! Never too old to experience something new and different! I have not met any of you yet so will be very glad to see you there! 

After visiting the book launch, you may like to proceed to the Kentucky Fried Chicken right across, steps away from the launch venue…to spend more time to catch up over a snack or drink (expenses on yourself.)

Please do indicate your attendance so I know to look out for you. :-)

Look forward to see you all there!



Tea Dance on Saturday, 2 September 2023 (EC)

Updated 29 August 2023



Date:  Saturday, 2 September 2023

Time:  2pm – 6pm

Place:  Bailemos Studio

44 Pasir Panjang Road, Block G, Singapore 118504

About 5 minute’s walk from Pasir Panjang MRT Station

Music:  One of the best DJs in town – Armstrong

Refreshments:  Plain water from water dispenser, Hot Coffee or Tea – Free Flow

Kuih/Cake (items may change) – Banana Cup Cake, Samosa (or curry puff), Spring Rolls, One type of kueh and sandwiches (may get surprises)

Cost:  $27 per pax

Maximum pax:  50 pax – Target met

There will be a lucky draw, a game, dancing and loads of fun!

If you are unable to attend it after payment has been made, please look for your own substitute and inform us of the change.

As of today, the confirmed list of attendees is below:

Registration List:D

  1. Dolly Lim
  2. Caroline Gee
  3. Caroline – Friend (J )
  4. Janie Leong
  5. Lynn Miao
  6. Janie Leong – Friend
  7. Lydia Poh
  8. Ronald Lam
  9. Lynn Miao – Friend (C Q)
  10. Caroline Lee
  11. Rosalind Lee
  12. Caroline’s Friend -WAT (MW1)
  13. Angie Loo
  14. Angie Loo Friend – (L S)
  15. (E W)
  16. (C G)
  17. Gingko Tay
  18. Joan Ang
  19. Mary Ho
  20. Mary’s Friend – P L
  21. Mary’s Friend – M N
  22. Vicky Wong
  23. Geraldine Ting
  24. Judy Lim
  25. Benny Low
  26. Caroline Friend (M W 1)
  27. Sarena Teo
  28. Susan Loh
  29. Vinna Tay
  30. Vinna – Friend (HY)
  31. Audrey Wong
  32. Audrey – Friend (AL)
  33. Rina Tan
  34. Caroline Friend
  35. Caroline Gee Friend – PT
  36. Mega
  37. Jane Tan
  38. Albert Tye
  39. Thomas Loh
  40. Sue Chan
  41. Wong HJ
  42. Lynn Miao Friend – LSK
  43. Muna Lim
  44. Marilyn Tay
  45. Caroline Gee’s Friend – AC
  46. Jane Chang
  47. Susan Choo
  48. Caroline Gee’s Friend – EG
  49. Ivy Lim
  50. Lynn Miao Friend – LW

Look forward to see you at the party!

Caroline & Dolly


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UPDATED 12 Jul 2023 – video montage courtesy of Lim BT –

Date: Tues 27June 23

Registration closed.

Basic Trip Cost: $17 + $18 Dinner

All paid up and we are ready to go.

Itinerary: Updated 07 June 2023

7.00am Eunos MRT Open carpark along SIM Ave
7.30am Bishan MRT Exit D
8.00am Kranji MRT,  Bus stop opposite Kranji MRT
9.30am Breakfast at Hiap Joo Bakery famous for Banana Cake.
10.30am Shopping at Ninso
12.00noon Durian Buffet
2.00pm Tea Time at Fifty Trees.
3.00pm Shopping at Aeon in Bukit Indah.
4.30pm Massage at Holiday Plaza at RM90 for 2 hours including cupping and ear candling.
6.30pm Dinner at Famosa Restaurant in Taman Sentosa.  Menu posted.
7.30pm Karaoke at Citi Square or Pasar Malam .
9.00pm Heading home.

Who’s coming?

  1. EC: Dan Huang Pd 5/6
  2. CoEC: Irene Lim Pd 5/6
  3. Eliza Leong – Pd 5/6
  4. Winnie K Tan – Pd 5/6
  5. Doreen Cady – Pd 5/6
  6. Pattiya – Pd 5/6
  7. Joan Ang – Pd 8/6
  8. Dih (Diana Ho) – Pd 5/6
  9. Lim BT Pd 7/6
  10. Jennie Kuan Pd 5/6
  11. Leong Seng Juan – Pd 4/6
  12. Raymond Tan – Pd 5/6
  13. Hoon Mow Ing – Pd 5/6
  14. Amy Ko Pd 8/6
  15. Ko Tiek Kian Pd 8/6
  16. Linda Soon Pd 6/6
  17. Lynn Kee – Pd Pd 3/6
  18. Ronald Lam Pd 9/6
  19. Pearl Kwan Pd 9/6
  20. Simon Lee Pd 9/6
  21. Mr Koh Lye Teck – Pd 4/6
  22. Audrey Wong – Pd 5/6
  23. Aileen Yeo – Pd 5/6
  24. Vicky Wong – Pd/5/6
  25. Marilyn Koh – Pd 4/6
  26. June Peh – Pd 96
  27. Rosalind Lee – Pd 4/6
  28. Jade Kee Pd 9/6
  29. Julia Goh – Pd 4/6
  30. Rosie Kwan Pd 5/6
  31. Jess Lynn Pd 6/6
  32. Catherine Yeow Pd 7/6
  33. Peter Chan Pd 7/6
  34. Lynne Hoe Pd 8/6
  35. Eric Woon Pd 10/6
  36. Angie Tan Pd 8/6
  37. Linda Lim Pd 8/6
  38. Jessie Tan Pd 8/6
  39. Willie Chua Pd 7/6
  40. Jean Kiang Pd 7/6
  41. Michael Chung Pd 10/6
  42. Jessie Law Pd 8/6
  43. Jessie Tan (Audrey) Pd
  44. Loh Yew Kwong