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One of the nicest things about retirement/semi-retirement is the opportunity to take on part time work/jobs on an ad hoc or short term basis, thus enjoying the varied experiences that life has to offer.

Recently I went to work for four hours as a Standardised Patient – a what? yes, i was also baffled when i first heard this label. Basically, an SP role plays in a set clinical scenario. This scenario forms the practical assessment of mainly medical and nursing students.

After several days of bracing myself for the ‘job’, i went to report at the venue and saw the great buzz at the lift lobby. How exciting, i thought.  Well, I was really relieved that my ‘debut’ went smoothly and i found the whole experience very interesting, so much so, i’m looking forward to my second assignment!  lol!

I know there are other interesting part time work/jobs  and it’ll be nice if you could share your experience. Who knows – we might form a network of sorts. A part-timers network?  lol!   :)


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I came to know about the SHC from eNN (Seng Kang). My interests are varied. I write on the forum regularly to improve my writing. In my autumn years, my priority is voluntary service. Hope to meet like-minded people and help initiate a programme/project for the disabled like the hearing impaired.

7 thoughts on “Interesting part-time work

  1. A new friend once shared with me that she was a guinea pig in a medical research in Changi hospital.She had to stay in the hospital for 6 days and she said it was like a relaxing vacation. On top of it, she was paid a 4 figure remuneration! :)

  2. Hi Jassmine
    there has been a lots of discussions on the issues of ageing and the like in the press recently.
    i’m curious – why is it that volunteers in general, are not paid??
    Singapore is a very expensive place and the minute one steps out of the house, it means paying for ERP, petrol, fares ((bus and MRT), etc..
    Since we are not a welfare state, the “volunteers” still need to incur some costs to get to the place to volunteer. A friend of mine, sadly, had reduced her volunteering hours because it is costly for her to travel to the place to volunteer her services.
    Do you have any idea why most institutions (private and public) somehow has the mindset that “volunteers” should not be paid?

  3. Hi Inez
    The post on part time work refers to paid work, not voluntary service or charity work.

    Volunteers involved in voluntary service or charity work are not paid because they volunteer for the work themselves, knowing they will not be paid.

    Companies looking for volunteers to do some publicity work for e.g. should pay the volunteers, otherwise no one will sign up!.


  4. I too tend to agree with the meaning of volunteers and part-time work. Generally, we would think that voluntarily work are not paid, while part-time work, yes.

    From my experience in SHC, I think it is difficult to keep doing voluntary work. Few members can do voluntary work for an indefinite period of time. At most, they can do so for one, two or three times. Also, it is difficult to get commitment on dates and roles. I guess that’s what voluntary means.

    Inez raised an important fact that voluntary work requires one to fork out expenses like food and transport. We are unlike other societies, which gives generous allowances, even when the citizens are not working. Sometimes, I feel that volunteers should be provided an allowance, at least to cover some food and transport. Many organisations feel that people with free time should offer their time, effort. While this thinking can be beneficial to both the organisation and the volunteers, the element of cost should not be trivialised.

    Which brings me to a point within SHC. We too have a lot of difficulty getting volunteers, and we have many members that would like the club to organise a number of activities. It’s a bit of a headache, and sometimes, I think that voluntary may not always work.

    Terence Seah

  5. i think that voluntary service does not enjoy high priority in life because it involves sacrifice of one’s time & money.. . Having said that, it’s precisely this sacrifice element that makes unpaid voluntary service meaningful to the doers. This may seem like a paradox ( in giving one receives for e.g.), hmm…

    …anyway, the post is about interesting, paid part time work that ppl with flexible hours, like retirees, etc can take up and enjoy the experience. :)

  6. Hi Jassmine,

    you have indeed found an interesting part-time work haha
    I would like to hear more from you this Saturday.

    May I borrow your post, please :)
    I read the comments… I could not resist to make a wee comment…
    Dear TS.. you said “think it is difficult to keep doing voluntary work” you bet!
    It is tough, very tougher hor….. the walk team have volunteered precious time, incurred transportation costs; 3 of us since beginning of 2006! and others 3 to 5 years…..worn out a few pairs of walking shoes,,, maybe, we will try walking barefoot,,, would you? volunteer to do so ahaa ahaa hahaa

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