Mandarin Hokkien Karaoke every Mon 9pm – 11pm on SHC Zoom

This singing program has been ongoing for the last 2 months. The EO and cohost is Cheryl Tiong. Backup co-host is Vincent Hee.

Date/Time: Every Monday, 9 pm to 11 pm.

Venue: SHC Zoom, Password: shc.

Strictly for Mandarin and Hokkien singers.

To participate, plse contact Cheryl, Vincent, or your group leaders.

Terence Seah

2 thoughts on “Mandarin Hokkien Karaoke every Mon 9pm – 11pm on SHC Zoom

  1. Hi Terence.
    I am lost. I would like to join a group, any group. But now I dun know where is my supposedly group leader.
    Can you recommend. My address is at Bedok Reservoir Rd. Tq

    • Hi Roland,

      SHC has many many groups. You have already attended many events. Find out which group you like to join, and approach the group leader.You can also join the interest groups eg the gardening group, the cooking group, the walking groups, the numerous makan groups, the chitchat groups. Join them and you will find a group leader GL You can also form your own groups.

      Terence Seah

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