Announcing the launch of SHC Live!; use of SKYPE, Sat 4 Aug 2012

Dear members,

  • is a good way to meet new friends and keep in touch with SHCians.
  • The monthly gatherings are another way to keep in touch regularly, meet new friends.
  • The Interests groups are another way to share common interests, and meet friends.

As we get older, we become less mobile and less willing to leave our house.  We may also be busy, got grand children to look after or just back from a wedding dinner or dance.  We may be somewhere else in the world.

But, we still need to meet friends, keep in touch, and not feel lonely, just because we are house bound.

Let’s have another way to meet friends, old and new, keep in touch via SHC Live!

Technology has made this possible.  Singapore is going to have one of the fastest broadbands.  Most HDB flats and houses are going to be connected.  We can be connected from anywhere in Singapore.  See one another.  SKYPE is one of the applications we can use.  Go into and sign up for an account online.  If you are not sure, ask online and someone can help you.

  • Venue:  Your home, anywhere, your own PC, note book  or IPAQ, your own SKYPE
  • Day of the month:  First Saturday of each month
  • Time: Gathering starts starts 2200 hrs and ends 2300 hrs.  This time is chosen, because this is the most popular time SHCians come online.
  • Moderator:  Terence Seah (Initially for a few meetings, and after that volunteers appreciated).  I am also pretty new; but I dont think you want to wait until I become an expert.  My account name is swift_squirrel.  Please invite swift_squirrel to your skype contact list.
  • We can also have group video, and I am hoping we can introduce ourselves during the first part of SHC Live!
Those who are good or comfortable with SKYPE, please help and advise.  Let me know if you can help me. I need a time keeper, so that we can keep to schedule.  I need someone to help chair so that those who wish to speak gets a chance.  Everybody wants to speak too.

Next and first SHC Live! is on Sat 4, starting 2200 hours.  We will connect you 10 minutes before 2200 hours. So make sure your SKYPE is on.

Terence Seah

Please register here.

  1. Charles Wee
  2. Susan Chan
  3. Terence Seah
  4. Janet Ang
  5. Li Li Tan
  6. Oi Cheng
  7. Jenny Lee
  8. Vivian Lai
  9. Dorine Tan
  10. Steve Seah
  11. Patricia Low
  12. Low Ah Sze
  13. Eve Sim
  14. Debbie Oh
  15. Christopher Choo
  16. Doreen Cady
  17. Elsie Tay
  18. Janet Ang
  19. Jonathan Ong
  20. Lawrence Lee
  21. Lee KT
  22. Susan Tan
  23. Jeffrey Lim
  24. Peter Tan
  25. Phang Thean Liew
  26. Grace Chan
  27. Geraldine Ting
  28. Eliana Seow
  29. Winnie Tan
  30. Alan Ang
  31. Kheng Lim
  32. Feztus Lim
  33. Melissa Khng
  34. Hanniah Chiang
  35. Mike Tay
  36. Josephine Ong
  37. Kittie Lee
  38. Alan Ang
  39. Patricia Low
  40. Terry Tang
  41. Lynn Tai
  42. Molly Quek
  43. Please register here so that you can join SHC Live! at any of the meetings. 


28 thoughts on “Announcing the launch of SHC Live!; use of SKYPE, Sat 4 Aug 2012

  1. Hi Terence,
    Please include me. For effective meeting, it may be nice to have an agenda for discussion.
    We can lay the ground rules when we meet.
    Once we are familiar with the skpye, we may use FM (flash meeting)for meetings which can be recorded. Our overseas SHC friends can also join in such meetings.
    thomas kuan

  2. For members wishing to participate in SHC Live!, please ensure that you register here. Only registered names can participate in this event.

    I was no expecting such good response, so I have to limit the party to those who registered. Unfortunately, I just realised that SKYPE does not always show your real name or email address; so a registration here is important.

    At the same time, I am also not able to say hello to everyone; So, once registered, you will be invited on Aug 4. Have fun.

    Terence Seah

  3. I think it may be a good idea to have an agenda. So, I was thinking of making it simple.

    1. Introduction of members. 2 minutes each (Voice)
    2. Any communication outside the agenda, we can use text chat, at the bottom of the skype window.
    3. I am looking for two moderators and 1 time keeper.


    Terence Seah

  4. Terence

    Once we have an agenda for the skyping gathering, I shall register.

    I see Debbie Oh (Hi) and a few whom I know and of course, many more I have yet to meet, let alone yak with them.

    Hopefully someone can come up with an interesting topic for us to take this new concept to something fun and exciting.

    I don’t want to talk about investment and shiat, please. I like for us to you know, chat on light subject that we are all comfortable with and take it from there.

    I like this initiative cos for an overseas old cow like me, it’s a good way to ‘meet’ more members and stay in touch with existing ones via this monthly thingy.

  5. Hi participants of the coming SHC Live! on 4 Aug,

    This will be a big group and I am not sure what to expect of it. I believe many have not participated in big group SKYPE.

    So, for a start, the first event will focus on self-introductions of 2 mins per person. This will enable others to know you, just in case you are shy to introduce yourself in the Club forum. When you moderator calls for you, please start with “My name is xxxx YYY”. Text conversations can continue while members introduce themselves via voice. I am afraid there is no time for criss-cross conversations; but we would be able to do so, as we develop along.

    Unregistered participants will be taken off the conference.

    After the first event, I think we can have focused gatherings, depending on the SHC Live! chairman. We can have retirement talks, business seminars, cooking sharing, dog interest groups, etc. Honestly, I wont know, but if anyone wishes to start, feel free.

    Club rules still applies. The SHC Live! chairman shall decide the agenda.

    Dont forget to register for SHC Live! for the 4 Aug event, starting at 10pm and ending 11 pm. So, have fun coming to this disorganised party. Bring your wine or beer!

    Terence Seah

  6. Hi Eliana and others participating,

    Please add swift_squirrel to your SKYPE contact list. I shall acknowledge you. See you on 4 Aug.

    Terence Seah

  7. Hi Terence,

    I would like to join SHC Live!

    My skype ID – taymike888 and i hv added your swift_squirrel into my contact list.

    See you on 4 Aug!


  8. Hi Participants on SHC Live!,

    I am not sure how SHC Live! will turn out to be on Aug 4, 8pm. It might be absolute confusion. When you join the session, please switch off your video, and only the audio.

    I am also not sure how many people can be admitted into SHC Live! Please be patient when you join us. It might be a night of nightmare, during 10pm to 11pm.

    Terence Seah

  9. Re our first live online gathering on Aug 4, 10pm, please come in about 5 minutes before 10pm.

    1. ON your Skype program.
    2. OFF your video, and ON your microphone.
    3. At 10pm, I shall send an invitation to you to participate. Simply accept, and you will be admitted into the event.
    4. Dress code: Anything.

    I mentioned earlier to expect some chaos when you join in, as you will not know who’s who. You wont know whose voice is whose. Please be patient, and listen to those who are already at the gathering.

    If you are a listener, simply OFF your audio. You may type in the text box, if you wish, but please do not repeat. Please address your conversation to someone you know.

    If you cannot join in the gathering, because of over-capacity, well, try again another time. We will finish at 11pm.

    Honestly, I have no idea what this gathering will turn out to be, but I hope you enjoy the fun.

    Terence Seah

  10. Geraldine, I hope you’re not using OC as your skype ID…:P

    40 participants! Wowww!!!! I wonder if Terence can be heard…hahahaha

    Will try to join in the next session using my IPad…:p


  11. Kekekeee, Ros, no, my skype ID will not be OC.

    Am also curious how chaotic the first gathering will be. Terence may probably forget about this ‘appointment’ due to dementia and we will be sucking our thumbs while waiting for him to connect or he may tell us his flight is delayed. Kakakakaaa.

    Would be great to hear from you in future gatherings.

  12. Last night, our 1st SHC Live! using Skype program was attended by 18 persons. It was confusing recognising the voices of participants during the first 15 minutes, but I guess most of the participants handled the get-to-know one another well.

    5 minutes before 10pm, the door was open to all participants who were online. Unfortunately, late-comers were not able to get in to the event. Geraldine joined us all the way from Hong Kong. Many members stayed up to join the event in pyjamas.

    We learn a few things.

    Susan Chan pointed out that the max number of participants to a group call is 24.
    Mike Tay was fluent in Skype, and he explained how participants can invite other members to their private chats.
    Video was not possible, and this feature seem to be limited to 5 persons in a group.

    It was fun knowing members online, and seeing their pictures. The suggestion was for an agenda the next time.

    Suggestions and comments welcome.

    Terence Seah

  13. The Skype session, for me, was a resounding success. Everyone who participated sounded either friendly or helpful, warm or likeable. Thank you all for adding me to your contact list. I look forward to the next session and also to one-on-ones anytime.

    Best of all, I made a new friend and we chatted til way past midnight. A great end to a looked-forward-to event for sure :)

    Sue Tan

  14. Hi Terence

    Thought there were 15 of us.

    It was interesting and light-hearted which I liked.

    Guess because it was our first gathering and some of us were still trying to figure out the how-to and Mike patiently explained the steps and immediately you asked him to be the moderator or somethin’. Kekekekeee. Don’t believe in wasting time, huh? So typical of you.

    Think you fainted when I asked about your no-show at the dnd. We needed to know and I felt you should know the feedback.

    All the skypers were cordial to each other; very nice and you did a good job as a time-keeper and moderator to get things going.

    Although it is good to have an agenda for the next and future gathering, I think it should not be too intense.

    I fainted when you said you want to talk about the Elderly in the next gathering. Oh no! I suppose after that you would like to talk about the retirement shiat again. Yeesh.

    So you cleverly suggested that members who are interested can skype about it and those not interested can just listen in. A good alternative.

    You have asked Jonathan to lead a male skype group and me to lead a female skype group apart from your monthly skype gathering. Sounds like fun.

    Since we had ours 2 nites ago, when would you like me to start mine? A week or two from now?

    Jonathan, what about you?

  15. Hi Sue

    I made a new fren, too, right after our skype session and like you, we chatted way past mid night.

    Hope you and your new fren and me and my new fren will become good frens.

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