Our trip to Kerala is confirmed for 19 – 24 Feb 2015

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This has been a long awaited trip to Kerala, located at the Southern most tip of India.  Here are some pictures to tempt you to come. It’s very countryside, coconut trees, beaches, boats, winding roads, bananas, mangoes, massages, herbs, fishing villages, and Kerala food which is very unlikely the Indian food we get in Little India.

Pictures: Click here.

  1. Date:  19 – 24 Feb 2015.
  2. Flights:  we shall fly Sin/Cochin and Travandrum/Sin.  Altho there are many combinations.
  3. Mode of transport (internal):  Jeep or mini coach.
  4. Schedule:  We wont have a schedule, as this is not peak period. But we will travel from town to cities.  We start at Cochin and ends at Travandrum, capital city of Kerala.  We will only travel at night.
  5. What not to expect:  Kerala is not Singapore. It’s all about culture, traditions and scenary.  With me, you are not likely to enjoy 4-5 star dining.  Most nights, we will stay in 3-4 star hotels.  The only thing that may be comfortable is transport, altho you are likely to hit your head against the roof of the jeap with bumpy roads.  Cockcroaches are about to mature, and they are now 2 months old.
  6. Food – you bet most of it will be Indian and Kerala food, altho most of what you see locally in Singapore will be available. Please do not expect Chinese food, Bring some packets of instant noods, if you are really unable to eat Indian food, which is not chilly hot, but have a lot of spices.  Water – Kerala is one of the cleanest state in terms of hygience. Bottled water is easily available. But, we shall keep our eyes open for fresh vegetable salads and some street food.  Maybe the last day, we can have a down pour.
  7. Visa – Now, Singapore need a visa.
  8. Cost:  I cannot firm a number, altho I know it will not cost a bomb. Hotels, food, transport, driver, tips.  I would ask you budget USD 80 a day, altho I think it will be more like USD 60 per day.  Flight excluded.
  9. Language – Kerala has one of the best English speaking population. In fact, many speak British English.
  10. Trip is confirmed.  Please keep these dates if you are able to go. Please have +6594894360 in your Whatsapp. I am in Bkk for almost two weeks. Communication via Whatsapp in our group will start Monday.  If you like to join the Whatsapp group, please register here.

Register here.

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Ann Giri (keen to go)
  3. Moon (very keen to go)
  4. Freda Lim (join chat grp only)
  5. Maria Tan (join chat grp only)



23 thoughts on “Our trip to Kerala is confirmed for 19 – 24 Feb 2015

  1. Our trip to Kerala 17-24 Feb is now confirmed. If you like to go, and if you like to join the group discussion before you decide to fly, please register at this Post. Do have +6594894360 in your Whatsapp contact.

    Terence Seah

  2. Yup Terence, I am keen to go. However, why are we using US$ instead of Indian Rupees? The dollar is on the way up, and we have to use the local currency there, which is Indian Rupees.

    Am also going to and from Kochi, so from Trivandrum probably will find my way by train to Kochi airport

  3. Bobby asked me why are we travelling at night. Must be an error oif my fingers. I meant we will not want to travel at night. Hope this clears.

    Hi Ann, yes, our expenses are in Indian rupees. However, any booking we make for hotels from outside India will be in USD. Our first night will have to be pre-booked. I am ok to you booking in rupees if Agoda accepts. I am not sure, as I always buy in USD.

    We would also need to have a jeep pre-booked with driver. If we book outside India, the travel company will ask in USD. We would have to pre-pay before the trip.

    The rest will be fun. We work along the way.

    Terence Seah

  4. Hi Terence,

    I am very keen. However, I can only depart on the afternoon of Wed 18 Feb. I have checked the flight schedule from SIN-Cochin. If we are taking Air India or Jet Airways the departure times are 09:15 and 10:30 respectively. Alternatively, for Tiger Air the departure time is 22:25. May I know which is your preferred flight schedule? If we can depend on or after Wed 18 Feb p.m. please count me in. I have no concern for the return date as I am available the following week.

    Thanks & Regards,

  5. Hi Terrence – although i cant make d departure 17 feb can include me in this chat group? Hope there will b another such trip in d future, how abt going to Sri Lanka or a cheaper version of the Golden Chariot from
    Bangalore to Goa.


  6. Our trip to Kerala is reconfirmed from 19 – 24 Feb, starting from Cochin to Trivandrum. Most participants do Sin/Cochin by air; and Tri/Cochin by rail; with the final leg Cochin/Sin by air. We are now in the final stages to organise our own jeep to bring to to wherever the sights are. This has adjusted to a free and easy trip.

    We shall keep you updated.

    Terence Seah

  7. Hi Terence,
    Last time I registered my interest in this trip but as it is held during the reunion Eve & 1st Day of CNY, I have to bow out & anyway I am flying tomorrow for trip too.
    Enjoy all!!

  8. We arrived at Kochin airport in the state of Kerala. Southern tip of India on 19.Feb. From here, we took a van to the city of cochin, about 1 hour away.

    Good night.

    Terence Seah


  9. Well, we have come to the end of our trip. Beaches, boathouse, backwaters, Kochi and Trivandrum cities.

    I am now in Delhi to see a few friends, and the rest of our group are now at home.

    For those who are keen on South Asia, there are plans to visit Sri Lanka this year.

    Terence Seah


  10. Alamak…Terence… Your pictures are really blur…
    And it is only in the last one that I can identify two of the participants…
    Ann and Daisy?? Hey, Daisy, you are a sneaky one … I didn’t see any posting or comment from you…yet you appear as if by magic!

    Anyway, I’m glad that the trip was safe and enjoyable; ask me about India and my first reaction would have been negative. But your trip may have changed all that for me…dare I say, put me down for the next India trip?

    So, Terence, get a good camera or smartphone, or is it your hands shaking?
    And, please plan the next trip!

  11. Hi Kenneth, and members,

    Yes, I love South Asia. My intended trip for SilverHairsClub members will be to Sri Lanka. This will be to the highlands, the beaches, the new city, the north tip of pear shaped SriL, and Sri Lankan food. I think it will be mid 2015.

    More details later.

    Terence Seah

  12. Wor, wor, wor…. sneaky am I, Kenneth?
    Sounds like good fodder for gossip here. Let me think…..what did I do during my drunken stupor from the effects of the toddy? Secret is sealed by the
    “Kerela Five”!

    Cher Ni Kuay, Cher Ni Lau seems very true indeed. If I recall correctly, I was
    one of the first to indicate my interest on this trip. No?

    Anyway, may I take this opportunity to wish You:
    Selamat Tahun Bahru Kambing, With Many More Good Years of Fitting Health,
    Refreshing Travels, Tua Huat Options and Witty Jokes!

    Shall certainly look forward to meeting you again soon and maybe join you in
    one of your trips too?

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  13. Hi Kenneth,
    Alamak, you have also forgotten about me and blamed it on the photos
    being taken blur blur, so sad.

    Yes, Kenneth, you are right to say :It was safe and enjoyable, thks Terence for planning this trip and thks Daisy, Ann and Moon making this trip so enjoyable,
    and so much of laughters and some secrets. But too bad as Daisy said :
    Secret is sealed by the “Kerala Five”!

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  14. Hi Daisy and Lilian

    Yes, it is still CNY and Gongxi Facai to you all!

    Sorry, the pictures are blur so I was blur too! I did notice that there was another familiar face…but she looked more youthful … Maybe that’s why photographers use soft focus!

    Aiyah…the secret of the Kerala Five must be quite juicy and, it concerns one of you… Now, will anyone let the cat out of the bag?

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