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My name is Darryl KOH.

I work with Family Central, a service by Fei Yue Community Services. I am enjoying my role here at Family Central, liaising with organisations who work with seniors (50 years & above) and helping seniors to enrich themselves through the various programmes brought by this organisation.

I have enjoyed the manner these programmes help equip seniors with knowledge and skills in an interactive mode. They usually end these sessions motivated, encouraged and longing for other such training.

Darryl Koh

(Darryl Koh has been approved to be a Corpoprate member of SilverHairsClub)

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About Darryl Koh

I worked in the Elderly Education Department for Family Central, a service by Fei Yue Community Services. I enjoy helping people. The various programmes at Family Central have helped many seniors to rediscover themselves after their many years of taking care of their family. I am glad to be part of this process of helping them.

2 thoughts on “Darryl Koh (Corporate member)

  1. Hi Darryl
    Welcome to the SHC :-)
    Perhaps, you can tell us more about the programmes provided ~
    – what is available
    – are they free or how much we have to pay for participation

    Tks & regards,
    Gabriella Chua

  2. Hi Darryl,
    Welcome to SHC.
    I think in your nature of job you would have a lots a ideas and experiences to contribute and share with our club.
    Look forward to seeing you & best wishes.

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