Sep 2015 Online Fleamart


The online flea mart site is available to members this month.  If you have a lot of stuff, and would like to sell them or give them away, you can invite members over for a garage sale.  Guess, many of us don’t have a garage nowardays.  Simply sell or give away your items here.  If you are looking for something, you can also use this Post too.  Personal services and pictures encouraged.


  1. Each advertisement not longer than 10 lines.
  2. Can be stuffs from your storeroom or your personal skills.  No Corporate items.
  3. MLM and Email address collecting for other purposes not permitted.
  4. If you personally have a room or house for rent, you may also advertise here for free.  Housing agents are not allowed to use this corner, unless the room is yours.

3 thoughts on “Sep 2015 Online Fleamart

  1. My personal Skills – Free Consultation to the 50plus to embrace a digital lifestyle.
    Come to our gathering of like-minded 50plus every second Saturday of the month, 3PM to 5PM at Bukit Merah Library. Every month, one IT topic is discussed. You can also check with the NLB’s web site for more details.

  2. I too like to participate. Nothing to sell, but I am looking for a professional looking camera. Canon, Olympia, Nikon etc. Big, digital, Not for myself, but to give to a photography society. Must be a camera you are not using and still in excellent condition. A token price of say $200 offered.

    Terence Seah

  3. The SHC Fleamart now can accept personal advertisements from members who wish to rent out their rooms or house. From previous members feedback, spare rooms are a good source of income to seniors who wish to tap their asses; and that SHC should allow our social network to allow members to advertise their rooms here.

    Housing agents are not allowed to advertise here for free.

    Terence Seah

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