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Our forum tech guys have looked at reviving live chat.  The old chat apps was too cumbersome.  Here’s a new one.  Tell us what are your travel plans, the when’s, the excitement, the dates, etc. Interested travellers can then come together, agree on a time, and chat here.  If you are free, say the date and time, and when everybody comes together, just talkcock.

You can use Talkcock anything on the right column.

Let’s see and have fun.  Please respect other members’ views and comments.

Terence Seah

19 thoughts on “Travel talkcock

  1. Hi Terence,
    I’m keen to find a travel partner to Korea. Most of the people I’ve traveled with have already gone to Korea and are not keen to go again. Perhaps this chat will be able to find me one?

  2. Hi Mary,

    Travel Talkcock is a chatbox on the right column. This is an easier means of chatting. Try it, it’s on the right column.

    Terence Seah

      • Hi Laura,

        The “Talkcock Anything”, as the name suggested, is located on the top right hand column of this home page. Simply put in your message or view, and the message will be share with all.

        It must be a fun trip to Santa Clause village. I have not been there; although I guess that where postcards and Xmas wishes go to, during the yearend festive. Did you see Santa at this time of the year?

        Terence Seah

        • Yes I did see Santa but need to pay €30 to take photo with him! In fact, there were 2 Santas but at different outlets within the village. I didn’t buy the certificate but got a chop on my passport that ssys i have been to the Artic Circle… and I sent a postcard back to Singapore.
          The village is very deserted in June. However, i dont think i can withstand the cold weather during winter when the village will come to life! Ask Rose White, she went last Dec. And there was snow…

  3. Hi Mary
    I given up looking for travel partner. Last month i just buy air ticket and flew to Helsinki, took train to Rovaniemi where Santa Claus Village is located, took cruise to Stockholm and another ferry to Tallinn, capital of Estonia. Using local bus, i travelled to Riga, capital of Latvia and Viljius, capital of Lithuania. As long can speak English… then no problem.

    Korea is also easy to navigate alone or you can ask your hotel receptionist to arrange for their local tours. I did it few years back. Try it!
    Happy travelling.
    Laura Wee

  4. Talkcock anything is unmoderated. This is especially useful if you have a quick question or short comment, unlike a Post.

    I didn’t know Talkcock anything can be seen only in the landscape mode. TQ YoonChin for the clarification.

    Terence Seah

  5. Aiyoh Terence, this can be done only on the mobile? I kept searching my laptop page for the ‘right column’, hahaha. Ok will try my mobile.

  6. Laura,
    I did it. I went in to JB by myself!
    Rather tedious by public transport though.
    Then I messaged my friends who were already there and caught up with them.
    I will do it again. No jams, just a rather long ride on the bus from Pasir Ris, but it was fun.

    • Mary,
      Congratulations… every journey begins with the first step… take things step by step and soon you will be globe-trotting around the world by yourself or with loved ones! So happy for you.

  7. Tried looking for this chat on my mobile but don’t know how to get it. What do I need to do? Where do I look for it? Wht do I type in to get it?
    Aiyoh, I’m not savvy leh. Pls help.

  8. Mary, if you browse on your mobile or PC, you can see Talkcock Anything on the right column. At first, I had difficulty too, but it looks easy now.

    Terence Seah

  9. Hi all, on my Samsung, I had to scroll down almost to the end of the SHC site for the Talk…. Anything column. I have not figured out though how a comment can be made on this column.

    Ya…. am not in favour of …. What about Random Thoughts instead of Talk…. Anything.

  10. hahahaha bro terence ,

    merchinta is right now a very swee swee bunaglow …de straits view hotel & marina seafood restrurant is just beside it….
    cheers bro sam

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