2D1N Pengerang/Ramunia (Sunrising) Beach Resort –Oct 23 and 24

Final Update – 17 Oct 2010

24 pax confirmed paid and going.  Packing list, itinerary, FAQ were emailed to you under separate cover.

Update #1 – 22 Sept 2010

Dear Registrants,

Seat is secure only upon payment. Please wire Transfer $75 to Loh Yew Kwong’s POSB current account #796-03473-4 by 3rd Oct

 Here comes another Cycling Adventure!   emoticon


Rediscover the pleasure and peace at Ramunia (Sunrising) Beach Resort – designed to give you a taste at living in a simple life of serenity amidst wooded charm.  You will find much to indulge. 

Ramunia Beach Resort is 9 km from Sg Rengit and 26 km from Tg Pengilih Ferry Terminal (where you arrive in Pengarang).

Route : http://www.mapmyride.com/route/my/pengerang/940128393448127195

You’ll feel like you’re staying in a typical Malaysian Village with its rustic charm and quaintness. Inspired by the “kampong house”, the chalets are naturally cool as breezes flow right through it.  Surrounded and lined with tall coconut trees dotted by rustic fishing village.  The beach line and sunrise is just right in front of you in the morning    

Accomodation can be as cheap as RM60 to RM420 for 10 in a big hut.  All furnished with Air con and bathroom.  Do expect the Basic.

A wonderful opportunity for nature lovers and naturalist who can explore the tropical greenery, home to fish and sea life of uncountable species. Take nature walks or simply relax by the beach.
Go for an optional educational fun tour to the Ostrich Farm – RM10 per adult. The ostrich is around 400. Try the ostrich’s satay at RM7.50 per 5 pieces = RM1.50 per piece.  The pleasure is all yours. To make your visit more memorable, visit Tanjung Pengelih to see the relics of World War Two and the historical relic of the Malay Johor Riau Empire at Johor Lama. 
Other recreational are also available
Giant slipper
Beach volley ball
Gunny sack/
coconut Bowling
Or bring your own Mini-mahjong and Rumikrub
Dine in the vicinity of Sungei Rengit Town for breakfast/lunch/dinner or we have a choice to book a BBQ dinner.  If you are hungry in the night, get some fresh produce and cook your cup noodles in your chalet. Those night owls can have their Beers and go "nut" through the night under the stars
FOR THE ADVENTUROUS CYCLISTEmbark on an early cycling trip to Desaru after viewing the sunrise or explore nearby kampungs.
This trip is confirmed. Details on itinerary and costs (bike/helmet rental (those without), ferry, food & accommodation will be emailed to you. Deadline for registration is 23 Sept 2010.  Raise your concerns here if any.
Rene Leong (EC)/Yew Kwong (CFO) /Boon Liang (COO) emoticon

Registered to go>>> 

  1. Yew Kwong (own bike) paid
  2. Boon Liang (own bike) paid
  3. Rene Leong  (own bike) paid
  4. Janet Chan (own bike) paid
  5. Andrew Thio (own bike) paid
  6. Lim Tian Soo  (own bike) paid
  7. Douglas Chan (own bike)
  8. Frankie (own bike)
  9. Kristin Leong (rent bike) paid
  10. Alicia Soh (own bike) paid
  11. Mike Tan (own bike) paid
  12. Grace Kok (own bike) paid
  13. Fong Ten Meng (own bike) paid
  14. Dave Tan (rent bike) paid
  15. Eileen Thean (own bike)
  16. Bira (rent bike) paid
  17. Andrew Yeung (rent bike) paid
  18. Anna Seet (rent bike) paid
  19. Norlinda (rent bike) paid
  20. Irene Seet (rent bike)
  21. Steven Chan (rent bike) paid
  22. Chong Nguk Min (rent bike) paid
  23. Joyce Tan (own bike) paid
  24. Lai Fong (rent bike) paid
  25. YK Cheng (own bike) paid
  26. Ivan Lim (rent bike) paid
  27. Jessie Ng (own bike) paid
  28. Ann Giri
  29. Susan CH Tan
  30. Steven Ng (own bike) paid

Final : 24 paxs paid and going.

Photos by Boon Liang, Yew Kwong, Rene and Anna Seet

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76 thoughts on “2D1N Pengerang/Ramunia (Sunrising) Beach Resort –Oct 23 and 24

  1. Hi Rene;
    Thks for your email /call to me -this afternoon finally I found / bought a used bike from an pek bike shop in Bedok-now I can join in your Oct 23/24th trip to Pengerang.
    I am bringing my sleep mat – is there shelter for me to sleep in the open ?- I am sure no one want to molest me – at least not for free I make sure of that –ha ha !
    regards from Fong2

  2. Nee #1

    Nevermind buay “ngum” this round, there will be another interesting trip with further distance in future. You will see yourself going and going the extra miles…

    Fong2 #2
    Hope that is not a marketing bike???
    You can pitch your tent too. Safety wise, not sure…whether there is any female masseur soliciting business.

    Lai Fong #3, Ann Giri #4 and Susan Tan
    Glad that you ladies are coming!


  3. Hi E.O. Rene,

    I would like to register for the Ramunia cycling but I will NOT be cycling to Desaru as I had been cycling and staying there 1 night before.

    Moreover, I will be flying to Bali with Caroline and others on Oct 27th and I need my some reserves to enjoy Bali as well or I will be a skeleton in no time ! Ha! Ha!

    I need a rental bike pls. Looking forward to this cycling trip to Ramunia only.

    Many Thanks for taking the initiative to organise this exciting cycling tour.

  4. No problem Annie (No. 4) – registered already. And thanks for the welcome, Rene. Looking forward, but I hope the group doesnt mind someone with rusty cycling skills – feel safe cycling on long flat clear path, “obstacles” out-of-the-way-type – think I’d better hang a triangular yellow plate somewhere.

  5. Hi guys and gals !

    #Rene : No-lah -it is a URATA mountain bike
    – I had been using it from Tampines
    to Bedok everyday since having it-she
    had been serving me fast& good!
    only need to change the front bald tyre!
    I only worry for dengue fever mosquitoes-
    female masseur ?? – saap saap shiu -lah !!!

    #boonliang: I would love to-but I do not have either
    a hammock / tent – I will just bring my outdoor
    mat -and see what is available there –

  6. Hi All,
    I’m Chong Nyuk Min, joining the group first time
    A lone and need to rent a bike.
    Ms Rene & other
    Please provide tips of what need to being along & payment

    Many Thank
    Chong Nyuk Min

  7. StevenC #12

    You are truly a faithful supporter of Pengerang trip. Glad to have you with us :)

    Susan CH Tan #13

    Main objective is to enjoy the journey together. If there is a demand, we will run a warm-up session from ECP to CV for those who want to polish their rusty cycling skills or season their butts.

    Fong2 #15

    Good to hear that your new toy, is serving you well.

    Nyuk Min #16

    Welcome onboard!
    In SHC, you are never alone. Cyclists from North, West and East often meet and ride together from mid to long distance.
    Packing list and payment details will be released soon.


  8. Annie & All, My fault ….. sorry I was too eager-beaver to jump in on the bandwagon, forgetting that I have a minor sugery few weeks earlier. Really love to go cycling one day in this kind of laid-back kampung where it is safe for me leh …….

  9. Hoi EO,
    At yesterday’s East Coast Park Mthly Cylcing, a few points/queries were brought up regarding this 2D/1N cycling trip:
    1. What is the distance from Hotel to Desaru cycling route?
    2. Heard that there are a few slopes to overcome which may be a challenge to a few of us.
    3. If the Hotel to Desaru cycling route is on 1st day, we believe that most of us (leisure/social/non-hardcore cyclists like ME!) will join in but will have to be back to Hotel on same 1st day – CAN?
    4. Trust that the Hotel to Desaru cycling route is at leisure-paced, a social, non-competitive and of “low-speed” nature …. so that all cyclists are within line-of-sight and not spread-out so wide that we do not “socialise-at-all” during this stretch of the route while cycling – CAN?
    Hope that you will take above points into your planning considerations……………TQ mani mani muc muc!

  10. Hi Ivan

    1. & 2. Here is the distance chart –
    Tg Pengilih – Sg Rengit 17 km,
    Sg Rengit – Ramunia Beach Resort 9 km (including main road – resort 1 km),
    Resort – Desaru 24 km (some slopes including a tough one),
    3. Finalising soon.
    4. Yes.

  11. Ann #18 – C u if there is another trip.

    Susan CH Tan #19 – Please take good care and recuperate before taking up any exercise.

    Ivan #20 – Not to worry too much. “JUST DO IT”. You can always make a U-Turn anytime.

    Anna #21 – Is a chalet not a HOTEL, they do provide bath towel. For hygiene purposes, you may want to bring along a small towel of your own. Desaru’s slopes are gradual and provides a good training ground as compared to Sentosa’s steep and short which is risky.

    Packing list will be sent via email.

  12. Ivan #22

    Don’t worry about Desaru. I will be sitting under a coconut tree at Pengerang and wait for everyone to return from Desaru. May butt will not take the stress of the jouney. Maybe I get a shot of Toddy if I can make an Indian friend there. You can join me.

  13. Hahahaha TS,
    Will consider your idea of sitting under a coconut tree….but pls remember to wear helmet, in case, coconuts drop!
    Heard that coconut flowers makes good cocktails…..the orangie ones…….so hope you find a good Toddy Indian.

  14. Dear Registrants,

    Kindly make early payment of S$75 to LOH YEW KWONG’s POSB CURRENT A/C NO. 796-03473-4 by 3 Oct, 2010 to facilitate our arrangement with the service providers.

    Payments made are not refundable. Should you withdraw, you will have to find your own replacement.

    Cost includes:
    – 2 way ferry tickets
    – 1 night accommodation
    – 1 Dinner
    – Light snacks

    Expenses will be shared equally and an account for details will be emailed to all after the trip.


  15. Hey TS,
    Am seriously considering joining you at the coconut tree. Just thought up a new cocktail serving:
    1. 60-70ml of fresh genuine coconut water
    2. 5-10ml of rebina
    3. 20-30ml of bombay sapphire (if stronger dosage needed, we up the magic liquid to 45ml…)
    4. Crush ice (must find this…)
    5. Nice fancy long glasses to mix all these in and stir 5-rounds…
    6. Garnishing with 2 x petals of freshly fragranced flower such as roses etc (to be harvested at site or someone’s garden…)
    7. Lastly, we need straw-hats, cool-shades, some music…..hahahahaha…..we are all in the mood liao!!!
    Anybody else thinking of joining us???

  16. Ivan #31

    No problem, you bring the gin. We can get the rest of the stuff from the local provision shop. We can use the whole coconut shell for container and the coconut leave stalk as stirrer.
    Douglas knows of a 95 year old masseur in town. We can engage her to do Hoollah dance on the beach for us, while You, Andrew Yeung and I can recline under the coconut tree and relax.
    That will be as ‘porn’ as I can get. Anything more exciting than that I may get a heart attack. (Terence, please take note.)

  17. Hi Renee/ Loh Y Kwong;

    I’ve POSB T/T SGD75 to 796 03473 4 today 24/09 @1754 hrs.

    The departure jetty is it @ Changi end – same as to Pulau
    Ubin ? or can we meet for east SHC early morning along U Changi Rd outside pasir ris ???

    from Fong T Meng

  18. Dear Rene/YewKwong
    Alamak so long din login,sangat busy la..hehe

    Sori, took so long to do payment…only this morning
    suddenly remembered…then so ‘gundu’..din read properly thot it savings acc…no wonder,tried twice..but rejected!..
    until someone told me!ooppss!

    So,hv just transferred $150 toyour designated acc for Bira & myself..Ref 4031.

    I need to rent a bike pls..cos my own..oredi pecah!..hehe

    Ok everybody…looking fwd to our fun exciting trip! :)

  19. Hi Renee/ Loh YK ,

    I had e transfer $75 into yr curr account on 29/9/2010 at Clementi West.ATM.

    I look forward to this exciting ride once again. Good that we overnight at Ramunia to rest our bones and bums.

  20. Hi guys

    Updated payments and bike rental requests.

    As for the others who have not paid, please do so by end of Tue, 5 Oct 2010. This enables us to book the bikes and ferry as well as to confirm accomodation requirement and food arrangement. If I do not hear from u, I would assume that u have decided to withdraw your participation. Your name will then be removed.

    Total paxs paid to-date stand at 21.


  21. YK

    I think I will clean up my bike and bring it along. It is a bit rusty, old and tired but still alive. If it is not used, it will wither and die, like the owner.

  22. Tian Soo @44
    Your phrase “old and tired but still alive”..very amusing & made me smile,so kesian..
    Alamak,your bike can buang longkang oredi la…if u gg to bring it along,im pretty worried ..in the end we have to hang u to our bike in case it broke down,very susah hor!…haha :)

  23. YK and Nor.

    I have shown my bike to a bicycle shop at Chua Chu Kang as recommended by YK. The Ah-Pek who owns the shop said my bike looks stronger than me and that he thinks I will break down before the bike. But he recommends that I get rid of it and buy a racing bike for almost $3000. He will throw in a helmet and a pair of sunglass for free. I ask him why spend extra money when my bike is OK.
    He said there are many Ah-Sohs’ riding bikes nowadays and my new racing bike, helmet and sunglasses will make me look ‘Cheeoh'( (Fierce/Cool). With the faster bike I can chase them or run away faster from the uglier ones.
    I told him I don’t want to pay almost $3000 for a skinny bike with crooked handle.
    He said my bike can only catch Ah-Mahs'(Old Grandmas). And if I am not strong, they may even catch me with their walking stick.
    I am bringing my bike, so all you SHC Ah-Mah,Ah-Emm and Bibik, watch out!!!

  24. According to YK it’s about 24 km from resort. Depending on how fast you ride, it make take between 90 minutes to 120 minutes one way. For two ways it may take almost 2 hours.

    My cycling speed is about 20 km per hour and I think YK will be much faster. For those with bull or cow strength it may take about 70 to 80 minutes per way without STOPPING. :)

  25. Dear Friends,

    Feeling excited? Thanks for your support and prompt payment.

    Apologize for the tardiness in updating earlier as need times to confirm and finalize all nitty-gritty with the service providers.

    Latest updates on itinerary, packing list, FAQ etc., EOs mobile contacts were emailed to you.

    The last count on confirmed pax – 22 paid and going.

    Should you need morning call on 23 Oct at 5:00am. Please let the EOs know.

    “Chiong ah….Look forward to a fun-filled trip with all of you.

    Tian Soo #49
    Leave your shirt unbutton to enjoy the sea breeze while cycling and with a pair of dark sunglasses – All the Ah-Mah, Ah-Emm and Bibik will be watching this “Cheeoh” pek whizz past them.

    Rene ??

  26. Rene

    My ‘T’ shirt have no buttons but I can roll it up and expose my midriff. Only I am not sure if I will look ‘Cheeoh’ to the old ladies. I know they like ‘Pork Belly’ but only for eating.

    My pants have buttons!!!

    Are we sharing 10 to a room?

  27. Hi Rene,

    I have not received any email from you. Please note my current email is pengkiam at gmail.com .

    Anyway no need to send the email if it is too inconvenience. I just need the following information to prepare for my trip:

    (1) Time of meeting at CV.
    (2) Any soap/towel or what toiletries are provided at the chalet.

    By the way I will be cycling to the Changi Village from my home which is about 30 km away. Any experience cyclist care to share the fastest route to CV.

    My intended route will be:

    East Coast Pk Service Road –> Changi Coast Road –> Nicoll Drive –> Telok Paku Road –> Changi Village Road

    or can I use the East Coast Park cycling track all the way to Changi Village?

    It will take me about 90 minutes to reach CV so I cannot afford to cycle the wrong route or else I will miss the boat.

  28. Haha Tian Soo#54

    The “Makcik” will run away when they see “Babi”

    That’s is very secure as you will never forget as in zipper.

    If you are lucky and it comes with the largest toilet bowl on earth! For me to know and for you to wait and seeing is believing..

    Hi Steven #55

    I have just forwarded the emails to your gmail account. The information needed are in it.

    Which part of the island are you residing? You can meet me at East Coast Park Service Rd (near ski centre) at 5:30am or call me to arrange. It takes less than 60m to reach CV depending on your speed.


  29. Hi Rene,

    Received your emails – thank you.

    I am residing almost to the southern part – somewhere around Farrer Park/KK Hospital/Novena Square. I am using a ??? and the fastest I can cycle is about 20 km per hour – faster than that the bike will crack. I will held you up if I will to cycle with you since you are using a premium bike something like a Morris Minor against a BMW.

    I am just wondering if there is an uninterrupted bicycle track from East Coast Park to Changi Village – have not the opportunity to find out. If there is, it will be safer than cycling along Changi Coast Road and Nicoll Drive where devil car drivers speed off with their sport cars.

  30. Hi Tian Soo/Rene

    Aiyaaa Tian Soo #54 – ha pants? use a white bottom jersey and a pink t shirt, think you will look sexy and the aunties can feast their eyes on you………..

    to all the cyclist, have a great trip


  31. Good Morning, Freda #59

    Tian Soo always look sexy in his own juicy way. No lack of aunties admirers.
    Thanks for your well wishes. You have a great weekend too :)

    All cyclists,
    Hope that the recent HAZE will not pose much disruption to our trip. You may consider wearing a mask if you are concern about the PSI.

    Rene ??

  32. Wow.. “masked” cyclists…(^_^).. Reminds me of those japanese movies – showing a group of ninjas moving in for their target..

    Imagine a trail of cyclists cycling at high speed, looking super “cool” (like ninjas except minus the swords behind their backs lah) plus one with a rolled up T-shirt, showing a “pork belly” midriff… hahahaha… **(^_^) **

    Have fun and take lots of pics to show ya… (o^_^o)

  33. Wow wow wei! Rene, Yew Kwong & Boon Liang…..

    All the best to the cyclists….”jia yu” and have FUN !

    Norlinda…..remember to buy “tao sar piah” hor… :)

    Ah Nee

  34. Dear EOs,
    Thank you for organising this. I had a good time :)
    Weather was good too – not too hot

    Not sure how you managed to arrange that haha

  35. Back in one piece and have to rest weary muscles now! Thanks to all EOs for all their effort in arranging the trip.

    YK, just transferred S$22.00 via internet banking to yr account for bicycle and helmet rental.

  36. Thanks to Rene, Yew Kwong and Boon Liang for organizing and watching out for us. I had a good time.

    My only problem is having to share my bed with another guy!!! and my ‘backside’ is still sore.

  37. Hi Rene (EO), YK n BL (CEO), thanks for organizing the trip, although it transform me from Andrew Young to Andrew Old, it prove that I can still make it at last.

    But must thanks two members, without them, sure I cannot make it.

    Lai Fong, thanks for saving me from the Changi Ferry Terminal and escort me to the Changi point Ferry Terminal. You are my hero!

    Mike, my lovely bed-mate (Alicia approved), thanks for helping me to take my heavy bag in the first day, otherwise, may be I already ‘U’ turned and back to Singapore on the same day.

    Nor, please don’t make me so exciting next time, I already told you I am Andrew Old.

    Thanks also for Ivan and Joyce bear my very slow ride and escort me in the last trip

    Hi all, I think you enjoy the trip as much as I am, thanks for the company.

    Last but not least, Tian Soo, hope your backside recover soon.

  38. Thank u very much….all the 3 EO & Co EO

    Well done! I really enjoy this trip. Got time to see stuff lying on road which I can’t do the previous time.
    #66 Andrew, anybody would done the same:-)))) How do leave u behind?
    Thank u once again:-))))
    Lai Fong

  39. Thank you so very much to Rene,YewKwong & BoonLiang…u are all super dooper EOs!..very well organise & full of zest!
    cycling all the way & guiding/protecting us like small kids!..haha

    YewKwong..sori,Bira & me so susah..in our first kilometre..hehe..stopping so often trying to mount our heavy duty backpack to some other parts of the bike,instead of to our graceful shoulders la..haha..aiyo sangat berat la,our bags!..Luckily BL got this adjustable strap that can secure Bira’s bag to the front handle…if not…surely she wobble wobble,toink toink! all the way 26km…ooopsss!..sori :)

    Mike..we love the kampong track that u brot us around..the golden tall slim lalang(see our photos,so beautiful!),the sea breeze,the coconut plantation..i can still recall the atmosphere..so tranquil with only the splashing of nearby waves..we were blessed with good weather..so cool & fresh air!

    Everybody…thanks for being so kind,caring,understanding & jovial througout our stay/trip..u all have been so wonderful!..remember we bowl with coconut & water bottles?..the giant slippers that’s so really heavy..& not forgetting the tug-of-war..so fun,we all laughed so much till teared!…haha
    Looking forward to our next trip again together :))

    Special thanks to dear Janet,hope u are well now…for letting us tompang our barangs2 in your cab!..if not,we have to carry our heavy bags again from the resort,banyak susah la!..hehe

    AhNee…luckily have Janet’s cab on the way back…if not..u only wud have one miserable piece of ‘tau sar piah’!…haha

  40. Dear all Kampong Boys and Girls,

    Glad that you kids are back in ONE piece – no cracking bones sound except for weary muscles and sore butts due to Kama Sutra incidents.
    Thank you for your spontaneity and participation. The photos will be sent to Sockie for uploading.
    Meanwhile, view the videos below to reminiscent the great times we had on the playground….sit back and enjoy!

    Announcement of the results:

    Event 1: Coconut Bowling

    1. Guiness Record for Kampong Longkang Prince – Ivan Lim
    2. Longkang Princesses – Anna/Kristin/Norlinda
    3. Super Amazon Coconut Bowler – Chee Lai Fong
    4. Spinning Coconut Bowler – Mike Tan
    5. “Bo Chiak Peng” Bowler – Andrew Old
    6. Basketball Bowler – YK Cheng/Andrew Yeung (they were at the wrong court)
    7. Striker – Loh Yew Kwong and Mike Tan

    Thanks to 2 cute Pin Boys who risked their head (didn’t put on helmet) being hit by the coconut – Andrew Thio (kena black eye by angry bowler) and Tian Soo

    Cut and paste the link
    Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3k27Nnc9jgY
    Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1P0pttP804
    Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vv0aQhVvyVc

    Event 2: Giant Slipper

    Group 1: YK Loh/Lai Fong/Chong versus YK Cheng/Nor/Mike (winner)
    Group 2: Ten Meng/Joyce/Dave versus Andrew Thio/Kristin/Andrew Old (winner)
    Judge/Consultant: Tian Soo

    Cut and paste the link
    Part 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yepkoUqR9s
    Part 6: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kht2L9dUkBk

    Event 3: Tug Of War

    Mix Group:
    Captain YK Loh and team – Lai Fong/Andrew Thio/Grace/YK Cheng/Anna/Tian Soo – (winner) because TS tied the rope around the tree versus
    Captain Mike and team – Chong/Ten Meng/Kristin/Andrew Old/Alicia/Steven Chan/Norlinda – sore loser who wanted to appeal – blame it on bad Fengshui

    Girls Group:
    Captain Rene and Team – Lai Fong and Bira (winner) versus
    Captain Grace and Team – Kristin and Norlinda (this time Nor got nothing to say……kuai2 surrender)

    Cut and paste the link
    Part 7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOLXVysUI64
    Part 8: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-dCzKGXhdU

    What is the prize for above? – Entertainment on Kama Sutra lessons by Steven Chan after dinner – still don’t “understand”….refer to Page 41…..unknown???

  41. Hi Rene, Yew Kwong and Boon Liang,

    If there is any event this healthy, then it must be the
    2D1N Pengerang/Ramunia (Sunrising) Beach Resort event on Oct 23 and 24. I wonder where you get the rope, the big slippers and the wood. Very imaginative getting those soft drinks bottles.

    F5 your browser to see the new banner.
    If you need to enlarge the video, click on the bottom right.

    Hi Boon Liang,
    Can you share with us how you upload a video onto the YouTube website?
    Very useful for other organisers.

    Terence Seah

  42. Yes Terence!…u shud hv been with us…it was really fun!
    with Ivan’s drinking session..im sure u love the moonlighting walk after that!…haha

    Alamak!…dinno there’s video recording all the while..hey!
    next time must alert me la…then i will behave & not so ‘chor lor’…now v paiseh le, everybody watching…hhmm..

  43. Terence @70

    Go to http://www.youtube.com > click on create account > Fill in your particulars, accept T&C > Upload your videos > Add Tagline > url will be given once upload is completed and successful.

    Nor Sayang @71
    Yeap, the romantic moonlight walk got the 3 guys so excited with 1 gal.

    Alert you? No more fun! It meant to capture everybody’s action and facial expression. I rather you, misbehaved and defintely, a live wire without your Abang around..
    Anyway, you look cantek at all angles so dun wori b hapi!

  44. Hi Terence,
    Well EO has done the job in sharing how to upload your video onto Youtube.
    It’s very simple really & I’m sure some of our SHC members are doing it already and surely they are doing a even better job.

    Nor, natural actors and actress in action right? Candid shots shows how you gila gila and captured how “young at heart” we all are.

    Next time you are put there having lots of fun – SMILE, you’re on CANDID CAMERA!

  45. Hi ReneL #72 and BoonLiang,
    The procedures in uploading a movie clip to Youtube sound simple. I shall try it. One day, I shall ask you to demo the process to us. Think it would be very useful for the many SilverHairs who take videos with their mobile telephones. Soon.

    Hi Norlinda,
    From the videos and previous events, I have learnt that Ivan Lim is a well loved and talented bartender. He can concort any cocktail, but only out of gin or vodka. But I guess he can do any drink if we supply the ingredients. Yes, I miss the event; will join sometime.

    Terence Seah

  46. Terrence
    heehee. yes, you missed a gr8 time.
    You may however have a long time to wait for the next one as everyone still trying to persuade Nor to EO. haha

    Dont hantam me for letting the cat out of the bag, ok?

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