Steven Chan – Obituary

SHC is sad to know of the demise of Steven Chan. He is well known among members, especially in the gardening and food groups.

Often addressed as the Giraffe for his height.

Steven, rest in Peace.

Members are encouraged to share your moments with Steven.

Terence Seah

7 thoughts on “Steven Chan – Obituary

  1. Sad to learn of the sudden demise of our dear member like Steven Chan, one who was ever so active and humorous in most SHC events. Fond memories of him will always be cherished. May he RIP!

  2. This is too sudden.
    Steven was active in games too. I met him in bowling alleys and badminton courts. Fine tall gentleman.
    RIP Steven.

  3. My grief is heart wrenching and at the same time, consumed with guilt — wondering if i could have done
    something to prevent your death.

    I wish you had told me your suffering, about how you felt overwhelmed and trapped. And most of all, to be your cushion on which you could have rested your problems.

    I am very depressed.

    I will miss you forever.

    R .I.P my dearest friend.

    • Be strong, do not hold any guilt beyond the control of the mental health.
      Let him be the night stars of the sky to guide and shine upon the darkness.
      Just remember we share his laughter, fun and goodness in the past as good memory

      Be nice to other who still surround you.

      Ps : We will always remember his smile and helpful act of kindness.

      Let him rest and to sleep peacefully.

  4. Sadden and shocked on the sudden demise of Steven. My heartfelt condolences to his family.

    Steven, may you find eternity and peace forever. You will be remembered by many.

    RIP, Steven.

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