Online Flea Mart – January 2014

Happy New Year. Hope that more members would take advantage of this free advertising space in 2014. It’s fun to barter, sell or give away your things. You can also advertise your personal services or place a “looking for…” advertisement.

 Here is something new.  If you have an item you want to barter trade but are not sure what you want to barter it for, you could just state/describe your item for barter on the flea mart. Anyone interested in your item can offer you their item in exchange (publicly/privately) and you can accept or reject the offer.

Just a reminder – not all advertisements are acceptable, so do read the guidelines below carefully before posting your advertisements.  Good luck.


      1. Only advertisements of personal belongings/services are permitted.   

2. No advertisements of company/shop products/services (directly/indirectly).

3. Two advertisements per month per member.

4. Each advertisement must not exceed 10 lines.

5. No telephone numbers are allowed.

6. Include your e-mail address for contact.

2 thoughts on “Online Flea Mart – January 2014

  1. Old, unused sudoku books. Covers like new; Pages brownish.
    1. (KAPPA ) Vol 49, 51. 52. (3 books). Each book has 103 sudoku puzzles with answers. $4 for the 3 books.
    2. (BENDON) Vol. 7,8,9. (3 books). Each book has 150 sudoku puzzles with answers. $5 for the 3 books.
    3. Bumper book of Sudoku. Over 300 puzzles. $4

  2. I have a small stock of unisex hand-made belts to clear at below cost prices.
    Item 1: Exquisitely hand-crafted with pieces of solid polished Teak Wood skilfully stringed together into an attractive belt, this item comes complete with a teak buckle and hook. Bal Qty: 40 pieces.
    Item 2: Similar belt in construction and style as the teak, it uses quality polished Buffalo Horn instead. Each buckle, complete with a hook, depicts a zodiac sign such as a dragon, tiger or horse. Bal Qty: 40 pieces
    Origin: Vietnam; Prices (same for Items 1 & 2) – $10p.pc or $5p.pc (stock lot): Suitable as or for: unique souvenir, gift or fundraising campaign. Interested, please email:

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