Purpose in Life adds years to Life

Studies have suggested that finding a purpose in life lowers risk of mortality above and beyond other factors that are known to predict longevity.
A study by Carleton University (Canada) collected data over 6,000 subjects on this thorugh a follow up period of 14 years. Over that period 9% of the samples
(569 of the particiants) died. Those who have died had reported a lower purpose in life and fewer positive relations than did survivors.

Greater purpose in life consistently predicted lower mortality risk across lifespan.
Conclusion : Having a purpose in life appears to widely buffer against mortality risk across the adult years.

SHC I believe also contribute to members in providing some purpose to live for. For those who are inactive elsewhere and here,
do hope more would come out of the shell to join the activities. Some may find the actvities not suitable or relevant to your situation
but what can be as basic as having wholesome fun, exercise with various groups, traveling.


5 thoughts on “Purpose in Life adds years to Life

  1. Hi Leon,

    This is a refreshing Post, unlike all other Posts which talks about activities, activities.

    Personally, I too like to have a purpose in life. But for some reason, after reading your Post, I am unable to write down what my purpose in life is. I thought I had but that purpose is now lost.

    But I like to challenge your topic. I have wishes and wants. But I can’t seem to be able to say what’s my purpose in life. Maybe because I was borned because of my mum and father. They did not give me a purpose in life. But they did wish I will have a good life, a happy family and a good career to go with.

    I have to seriously think if I have a purpose or should I have one. If the study is correct, I better find a purpose in life fast.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi Terence,
    Thanks for your comment
    Most of us are not aspiring to be politicians or scientists to be remembered.
    All along I feel life is a series of endless responsibilties and sometimes resent it.
    Till some tell me the best way to live your life is to live for others.
    Thus I have created many reasons to live for and 24 hr and 7 days is not enough for me.

    You did the aging Singaporean a great service by founding this club. I can see that you have higher vision for this club like me.
    This club has its niche compared to the NTUC U live which cater to the 55 and above.


    I hope to connect with the members more by contributing an article every fortnight on health topics starting in July.

  3. Yes …. Leon Lau & Terence…..I agree with both of you…. living life with a purpose is the key to happiness. Finding that purpose needs some self soul searching and experimenting. If we find the purpose meaningful , we will be fulfilled, we will be happy.
    I am not sure about adding years to our lives but certainly it will bring happiness and joy into one’s life and spread easily to those around us.

  4. Terence, may I open my big mouth? I see your purpose in life when you founded the silverhairsclub. Isn’t it your purpose to gather people aged 45 yrs and above, male or female, whatever their marital status is to be friends through activities organized here? That’s a meaningful purpose leh….


  5. Dear Friends,

    Doing/focusing on something useful is the PURPOSE in life, never mind the task itself. It will DEFINITELY propel one to become a positive-forward looking person, notwithstanding the usual irritants pin-pricking one’s moves. But the fact is Sporeans must try to accomondate others’ ‘Third-world culture” in particular those with foreign spouses like Indonesians, Filipinos, Veitnamese or Chinese.


    Abel Tan

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