Donald Trump attracts more Facebook readers than any other presidential nominee in American history

I  have been following up on Donald Trump since his name was first raised as a Presidential nominee.  He has raised many controversial topics and ideas but the latest and most talked about issue is “Locker room talk”.  There are more and I am sure most of you must have read something about them.

He makes sense on some issues which will change American history and global relations.  He worries the world with his TPP objection.  He talks across oceans with Russia, China, N Korea and Mexico.  He was blunt on sensitive subjects like race and religion.  He attacks previous and current Presidents.  Because of his enormous exposure to the business world, observers do think he can make America richer and wealthier.  Despite his seemingly positive outlook, his personal views on women have caused many supporters to drop supporting him as a Presidential candidate.

What’s your view?  Share your thoughts.  But please do not attack one another personally.  You can challenge the views or comments, but not the person.  Be sensitive when raising issues on race and religion.  As moderator of this topic, I will reserve the right to de-publish any comments on race and religion.

This post closes on 10 Nov 2016.

Terence Seah

19 thoughts on “Donald Trump attracts more Facebook readers than any other presidential nominee in American history

  1. The American Presidential election is on Nov 8, barely a month to go. And yet the picture of who will be the likely President remains far from clear. Will America vote for Trump or Clinton. Of course, this is Americans’ decision. But, whoever becomes the President, will affect world trade, world relations and world stability. So, who becomes the President will interest the rest of the world.

    My first comment was his rejection of TPP. This is pro-trade and pro-globalisation. I think the intentions of the TPP trade agreement is good. Personally, I think we should slow down free trade because countries need to pace down the impact on the livelihood of citizens, job losses and people migration. This is where I first thought it makes sense. When Clinton also agreed on turning down TPP, I see both of them make sense, at least for America.

    Fast forward to the last few days, Trump’s younger days and his talk about groping women seem to have turned his supporters away from him. Trump claims that these are all talk but no action. But if this is true, it may sound like boys’ talk. But if he is what he has said, and still is, then he is a walking dangerous President.

    At this stage, I am trying to read his mind.

    Terence Seah

    • Wow, less than a month to go before the US presidential election. No matter who wins the election the TPP will not be ratified or passed in its original form. Trump will want to renegotiate whereas Clinton will want it amended.
      As of today Clinton is leading Trump by 7% according to the CNN polls. But there is no doubt that CNN has historically been pro-Democrat and Fox News Republican. Journalism has collapsed in US. Most of the reporting and investigations are biased and in favour of Clinton. Clinton is viewed as dishonest and untrustworthy whereas Trump is temperamental. With all the WikiLeaks exposures of clinton’s we can see she is saying and doing one thing openly but behind closed doors just the opposite. How could 30,000 emails be lost after being subpoenaed? Incredible! How could her Husband meet up with the AG the day before she was charged, not forgetting that the FBI had found her recklessly careless on some of her emails?
      As to the locker talk, we know Trump is an entertainer, businessman and showman. In the locker room, one tends to let go of everything, talk big, patting and camaraderie and bonding and letting loose of everything without malice and meaning. Whatever it is, his unfortunate locker room episode happened more than a decade ago and if viewed in the locker room atmosphere, this should not be so horrible, if not played up by the press. One can feel that the girls are being ganged up to cause Trump to lose the women’s votes.
      Trump can say whatever he wants to do if elected. But the US system has its checks and balances and not so easy for a President to do as he likes.

      • America has always dominated world politics. It tries to dominate trade talks, European security, the Middle East and closer to us, South East Asian sea. And a power NATO participant. Veto rights at the United Nations. And an invader into Iraq and hopefully not into Syria. This is America and this is what the US presidents are involved in.

        Closer to home, and inside America, look at how relaxed gun control is. A gunman can just walk into a school, and start shooting at young school kids. The President has many issues to tackle. Look at how poor Americans live. How messy the health care situation is in the states.

        The current debate between the two Presidential nominees is just disgraceful, and reflects badly on America. There are important issues, and the President has so many issues to attend to, global, regionally and domestic. I am surprised to hear, read and talk about locker room talk and about cropping women. If Trump has been wrong, against the women, I am sure the law will take care of him.

        Mind you, I can understand how the women felt, when considering his talk. But I am equally surprised at the hypocritics who talked as if they are angels a decade ago.

        Come on America, stop being a hypocritic, you have tons of issues to resolve. Address them quickly.

        Look at how your relations with Russia has now come about. Don’t you know how to respect another President. It’s another global giant and you must find reasons to fight them. And as you have not learnt, attacking a democratic elected Syrian government has been on your mind. Hillary, Kerry, you are just power crazy. And shd America have such Presidents?

        America has never been satisfied with the success of China. Can’t you see their success throughout the whole of China. Look at Ohio, it’s absolutely pathetic.

        Yes, the election is coming, 8 Nov and I hope you dwell on important issues.

        Terence Seah

  2. I am sure when Hillary’s husband, Bill, was having colourful affairs with women, she could be swearing privately all the bad things about men. Which woman wouldn’t, under those circumstances? Similarly for Trump who had said what he said a decade ago, he should have his reason. The difference is that his “locker room talk” was recorded.

    Perhaps there are many things about Trump that some Americans are not happy about. They don’t know what. The media and the establishment, for their respective reasons, are bent on preventing him from going further. Even celebrities are roped in to register their objection.

    Things are going to be different if Trump becomes President. Very different for some. Hence it is gutter politics. Dig out the dirt. Display the stain. Show it to the simple-minded folks on the streets, as every one of them is entitled to a vote. And who can do this better than the mass media?

    If Americans were to use one such off-the-cuff remark from a man to judge his suitability to hold high office, it would mean that they are not so intelligent after all. They don’t deserve a President to make their country great again.


  3. The US presidential election has attracted much attention both at home and abroad. Many of the voters want Democrat to win for maintaining the status quo while others want a change which may bring on uncertainty.
    Whatever the result of the vote, US policy in relation with the other countries will
    not likely be much affected for the reason that the real power lies with the Congress which the Democrat and Republican share and balance the governing body of the country. This is how democracy works in America.


  4. If I were an American, I would vote for Trump even though he has got such a bad reputation for treating women and dodging taxes. He is a flawed man, but so is H Clinton. I just think his simplistic ideas of a temporary ban and building a wall could just work and American will be safer.

    Safety in a country for me is top priority. Now it seems to me America and Europe are dangerous to visit – very easy to be at the right place but the wrong time. Hence on the sole issue of safety, I hope Trump becomes the next President of USA.

    This is a personal view.

  5. FORGET China. Forget Russia. Forget about the Middle East. Indeed, forget about the whole wide world. Who cares? At this very moment Hillary’s is to whack Trump and vice versa. They are going at each other’s throat or even much lower, literally.

    Suddenly there are 10 women accusing Trump of groping/harassing/insulting/molesting each of them decades ago. By the same token, I am sure Trump can easily find 10 men who will accuse Hillary of squeezing/pinching/pulling/blowing them somewhere sometime ago.

    After all, America is supposed to be a model-country in Justice and Equality. Anything could have happened to anybody.

    If it is going to be dirty, let it be REALLY dirty. The world needs a break. The world needs a breather. The world needs a laugh. Thank you, America. It is show time.


    (Note: the next Presidential Debate is on Thursday, 20 Oct, 9 am, LIVE via Channel News Asia)

  6. My take USA has the most mudslinging GE opposite Spore’s more well-behaved GE and the Americans love such entertainment every four years. Women’s Lib began in USA during the eary Sixties and after more than firty years the country has not elected a woman as President whereas England, India and now Germany has voted a woman as national political leader. A dollar bet on Clinton.

    Abel Tan

  7. It’s hard to beat the media. The machinery is so established that once the media gets hold of a good story, it won’t let go. Afterall news sell. And dirty news sells better. Trump didn’t or couldn’t get the media on his side.

    Most damaging is his own party has deserted him. Trump hit the wrong button, 50% of voters are women. Hard to salvage his sinking boat. Even his son Trump Jr couldn’t help him, tho I think many men and women would have accepted his locker-room talk. I wonder what the angle will be like if Clinton is male.

    Between Clinton and Trump, Hillary is a warrior, a fighter. Trump is a warrior too, but he seems too unpredictable. But I believe he can be a great American President. He has good plans. I think he will be a WIN-WIN president. Clinton has proven she will have no qualms about pressing the nuclear head; and ever ready to interfere in Asia, middle east and China.

    If Clinton wins the Presidential election, sad we will all be drawn into war. If Trump win, the world will likely be safer. So, what is key? More jobs, more trade, more controlled immigration, a safer world, more locker room talk or more democracy?

    Abel, you put a dollar on Clinton. I put a dollar too but on Trump.

    Terence Seah

  8. I am with you, Terence. Not because I like Trump but I simply want to see an underdog thrives. And that porn star can boast to her friends that the US President has had enticed her.

    In horse racing, the outsider always pays a better dividend.
    Does anyone know what is the “market rate” offer from the bookies?


  9. This morning, I sense the tide is coming in. And Donald is winning. Between the two, I think he will more sane and sober. He will give a new direction and hopefully a safer world.

    Yeah yeah. This is my view.

    Terence Seah

  10. With the advent of electing Donald Trump as the US president, although the stock market reacted negatively, he represents new
    dynamism not just for USA but the world at large.
    Many countries will make adjustments to a new regime and very likely Trump will accommodate the views of the outside powers especially China.

    Robert Ong

  11. The impossible has happened!

    How did David defeat Goliath? With just a simple catapult. How did Trump defeat the heavy campaign machinery of HClinton? With just a cap and a microphone. Unbelievable!

    Qn now : will the wall be built and the temp ban be imposed?

  12. AMERICANS have awoken to a brave new world.
    And countries all over our planet are scuttling to see where each of them will fit in this paradigm shift. Congratulatory messages are fast and flowerly. Trump is no doubt an impatient man. The United States media will have a lot of damage control to do. Browse and you will see some social media doing an about turn. A “perverted womaniser” is going to be a romantic lover. A “racist” driving away outsiders may be called a patriot protecting his countrymen.
    ANYWAY, Trump does not need the job. The job needs him.
    We wish him well. We wish America well. And we shall all be well.


  13. I had followed the live broadcast of the American Presidential inauguration last night. Personally, I have no reason to love Trump; and if there is any reason why I watch him almost every night on CNN or youtube, it is because I find him as someone who has a clear vision for Americans, working Americans. Someone who wants to make America great again,

    Behind all the talk of anti-trade, sanctions, taxes, this guy is no fool, I believe he will do America well. Outwardly, he seems to be anti-globalisation. Watch him, read him, but dont jump the gun.

    I follow the news. I wonder why many so-called experts predict he will be a bad leader?

    Terence Seah

  14. PEOPLE generally love to listen to sweet talks, favourable comments and diplomatic articulation. This is what conventional polticians are good at. Citizens love politicians who can sugar-coat their words, even when they are screwed time and again.

    TRUMP talks straight. He tells you off, whoever you are. Even if it hurts. Hence, he does not make a good poltician, as demonstrated by many people in America, as well as beyond, who are showing him the thumb down.

    I agree with you Terence – this guy is no fool. By virtue of his wealth, and now power, he can and will do it. Most importantly (and hopefully), he is doing it for the hitherto neglected majority. The rich and mighty are nervous, worried and angry. This includes mass media honchos, filthy rich tycoons and famous Hollywood celebrities. Business cannot be as usual for them. Wealth has to be more fairly distributed. The rich-poor gap must be narrowed. Questions ought to be asked about mammoth incomes. Jobs ought to be created for the average citizens. Making America great again means making as many Americans happy as possible, and not just the top few percentage of the population.

    America wakes up to a brave new world. It has a trump card in the game of uncertainty. Charity begins at home. Hopefully a great America will eventually benefit its allies and friends in all parts of the world. We can only pray this trump card is an ACE.


  15. Certainly Trump knows what he is doing. He has ascended to a position of power where he has not occupied before. He knew he has tremendous clout as the Command in Chief of the biggest nation in the world, economically and militarily. His power is backed by both the Senate and the House of Representatives which the Republicans have the majorities. At the home turf, he will pull no punches. He will repeal many acts established by the previous regime such as the health care.
    As for the international front, he knows that in many treaties, America can strike out a better deal with many other nations. One example is the Trans Atlantic Partnership ratified by Obama. Trump who holds the trump card wants to negotiate by bilateral agreement and not tied down by a series of blanket rules.
    This is partly also the reason why Great Britain decided through a referendum to
    leave EU.
    As for now, many Americans will shout “Long Live Trump”.

    Robert Ong

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