Coffee chat on 24th March 2017, EC Event

  Coffee-time is here again!  How time flies… we are now in the month of March 2017~~  Please note our coffee appointment time.

Date:                    Friday, 24th March 2017

Time:                    2.30 – 4.30 pm

Venue:                  Our usual haunt viz: Raffles City Food Court (just at City Hall mrt station)

Cuisine:                 Various types of food and beverages at reasonable rates

Agenda:                 Fellowshipping and having fun over a cuppa (just avoid touching on the shc taboos – sex, religion, politics and MLM)

All are welcome to this coffee session on a lazy Friday afternoon – this is a good platform for making new friends and keeping in touch with old ones. Friendship is very important at this stage of our life.  Don’t be Home Alone.  Register here if you’re coming.  Pl bring yr friends too since this is an EC event.

I also organise makan sessions for friends ‘hatched’  at these coffee meets. We had our Katong laksa gathering on 17.3.17.

Thank you.

Gabriella Chua, EC

Those coming:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Friend (NN) + Friend K
  3. Cheng W K
  4. Lim Tiang Soon
  5. David Low
  6. Steven Chan
  7. Peter Loo
  8. Friend (JL)
  9. Veronica Wong
  10. Friend K
  11. Joy Chuang
  12. Sally Foo
  13. Graham and
  14. Doris Smith
  15. Grace Kang
  16. Weng Cheong
  17. Friend (CL)
  18. Lily Boon
  19. Hew Lee


Thank you friends for coming this afternoon.. we had lots of fun, laughter and good fellowship.

See you all next month….


12 thoughts on “Coffee chat on 24th March 2017, EC Event

  1. Thanks to EO and other walk committee for our interesting walk and SHC members for companionship. Looking forward to another walk in April.

  2. Gabrielle,

    Unfortunately, got something on that day, help send my regards to Lim Tiang Soon, I am waiting for his email address.



  3. Hi, I am new here. I have the urge to join this coffee time session. Where is the exact location? Which part or stall of Raffles City Food Court. How do i recognize you guys n gals?

  4. Hi Sally
    You’re welcome to join us tmr from 2.30 -4.30 pm at Raffles City food court… we’ll be sitting right inside the food court at a Long bench located near the windows.

    You find a group of us there…


  5. Hi Gabriella!

    Have been attempting to send messages regarding the coffee chat but they ended up in ‘trash’ – now resolved thanks to Terence’s help!

    We have been members for quite a while but ………

    We want to let you know e’ll be heading for the coffee chat tomorrow (Fri) and look forward to meeting new friends!


    Graham & Doris Smith

  6. Graham and Doris Smith
    Grace Kang

    Welcome to our coffee meet today at 2.30 pm. C u all at Raffles City food court.


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