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  1. Hi Sompho,

    1. Any gender prefer ?
    2. Must be Very seasoned hiker ?
    3. Date stated rather confusing – wl it be Nov or Dec 9-11 ?
    4. What’s the intensity level for this hike ? Full 3 days ?
    5. What type of lodging to be expected ?
    6. Setting off as a grp or individual arrangement to meet there ?

    Thank you ,
    Lydia Poh

    • Hi Lydia,
      1&2 Men or women who can walk up and down the hill. 40 kilometers during 3 days.
      3 date is 9-11 Dec.
      4 First day, from altitude 100 m to 1300 m. at first 3.9 kilometer. Total is 11 kilometer.
      2nd days we enjoy walking 22 kilometer+, flat trail.
      5 stay in tent for thewhole trip.
      6 i will pick u up somewhere in bkk. If it becomes a group, we arrange a van.

        • Thanks Sompho for replying to my qtns .
          May I clarify on 3 more pts pls :

          1. Since cAmping grounds bn mentioned , we will be climbing / walking with no extra loads ? Even our bags can be deposited iat campsites rites ?
          2. Is this repeated route that u hv tried last year as rocky or not that rough ?
          3. What will be the estimated cost for this event excluding airfare ya ?

          Hope can find comrads whom r interested like me to do trainings 2geter in SG b4 setting off for this hike , if any.

    • Porters are available. Don’t worry about the load. 30 baht per kilogram.
      There are many routes. Waterfall, maple leaves and many view point. The routes are flat, sand, no rock or climbing.
      For the cost we can share. 3000 baht roughly for 3 days exclude food.

      • Cool …. my 2 worries taken off yea!
        Let me submit my unpay leave 1st, if approve , then I revert to u w/cfmation ya .

        Hope there’s at least another lady companion to hitch along .
        Cheers !

  2. Hi sompho
    This is a nice province.
    Please specific what you mean by 3 people for the group.?
    Don understand.
    Book our own ticket and meet there or arrange by u.
    How about hotel ?
    Please specific more clearly


    • I will dirive my car.
      Only 3 seats available.
      My plan is leaving bkk Fri, Dec 9, in the afternoon. We will be at Phukradung nationsl park around midnight. Have camping at park headquater. Sat morning, walk up hill, 3.9 km. + another 3 km. on the hill. It may take 5-6 hours. to camping ground.
      We will spend 2 nights there, Sat and Sun.
      Leaving the park Monday noon.
      Aririve bkk Mon evening.
      At my last trip last year, i walked totally almost 40 kolometer during 3 days.

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