SHC April Monthly gathering

Hi everybody,

We are at the thinking and planning stage for our April monthly gathering.  Some ideas include holding the event at West Singapore or North Singapore.  We could hold it on a weekday in the evening, to cater to working members.  This may mean the CBD.  We could add a talk or topic.  We may even be able to hold the event in your office or factory.

But, important is to find a suitable location, near a MRT station. It is always good to have flexible F&B, rather than a fixed menu.  We should keep costs low.

Most members can respond their participation, if we give 10 days notice.  Lets keep our options open.  I look forward to hear your ideas and suggestions.  Closing date for feedback: 1 Apr 2018.

Terence Seah

9 thoughts on “SHC April Monthly gathering

  1. HI Terence & all.

    How about a cycle/swim/karaoke event on a Saturday/Sunday at a condo or country club?

    Or perhaps book a chalet like we did during the CNY Lohei, including an overnight stay?

    Lydia Chin

  2. Hi Lydia chin
    Nice idea !
    Can considerate jb desaru beach too.
    Or kukup.
    Anyway whether sg or jb pls register me.

    Cheer !


  3. April between 4/4 to 14/4 I will be keen for desaru 2days/1 night adventure
    Anyone want to arrange

  4. christinA
    if cycling i think.douglas be EO the best..i am.not familiar with desaru.
    Any volunteer , pls ?


    • Hi Stella Sheng
      I can lead and cycle to Desaru but it may be a great challenge for some of us.

      I shorter cycling trip to Pengerang,
      Sungei Rengit, would be less challenging.


  5. sorry christinA
    i thought is you
    it is christina pan
    my apology


  6. Wow… anything more than 1 hour non-stop cycling will be a challenge for me! Maybe we should just start with SG.. cycle along the PCN, then stop for a good meal, and have the non-cyclists join in the meal. Perhaps the walkers also can time their walk along the same route, and end up in the same eatery. And those MRT riders and car drivers also can come to the same eatery… and hey presto.. we’ve our monthly meet! I’m thinking of pitching a tent along the Marine Parade Beach… maybe hv a BBQ, potluck.. as the eatery place??

  7. TQ for the suggestions for the Apr event.
    This Post is now closed.

    The April event is now confirmed on Sat 28 Apr 2018, Starting at 2.30pm.

    Terence Seah

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