Saturday, 26 October 2024 – SHC 19th Anniversary Dinner & Dance

Celebration, Unity, and Timeless Memories

UPDATED BY Jean Lim (06 July 2024)

Thank you for your patience and support. We are pleased to announce that our upcoming anniversary celebration is officially scheduled for Saturday, October 26, 2024.

Interestingly, our late founder, Terence Seah, served his quarantine in this hotel for two weeks in October 2020 upon his return from Thailand, and today happens to be his birthday as well.

We look forward to your participation in this wonderful occasion.

To confirm your attendance, please click on the  WhatsApp Group Invite  to join our group chat.

Kindly PayNow $120 per person to Dolly Lim as soon as possible so that we can finalize the number of attendees for the hotel’s arrangements. Thank you.

EO: Jean Lim
Dolly Lim

Date: Saturday, 26 October 2024
Time: 6:30 PM onwards and cocktail will be served
Venue: Carlton Hotel 76 Bras Basah Singapore 189558

Join us for an enchanting evening of:

  • Sumptuous 7-course Set Dinner @ $120 per guest inclusive of free flow of soft drinks, Chinese teas and wine
  • Live Music & Dance Floor Delight
  • Dancing, Karaoke, Lucky Draws and many more…

On this special occasion, we celebrate the rich tapestry of memories woven by our esteemed members over the past 19 years. Imagine an evening where every dance step echoes a chapter and every smile tells a story. Whether it’s a tango or a twist, a waltz or a groove, let’s make it a night to remember!

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Author: Sally Foo

SHC1703 Introduced by ex-classmate Joo Tian. Married. I am in F&B industries for many years. Enjoy food and travelling. Love singing Karaoke with buddies. Date joined 22.3.2017.

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  1. UPDATED BY Dolly Lim (15 July 2024)

    Great News!

    We’ve secured a free corkage waiver for BOTH wines and hard liquors! 
    Enjoy your favorite drinks without worrying about extra charges!

  2. Fantastic… Thank you for the great support of all. We looked forward seeing more members will come to join us to celebrate the occasion.

    Payment recd so far – Revised dd 5/7/2024
    1 Jean Lim 25-Jun
    2 Dolly Lim 25-Jun
    3 Cola Tan 25-Jun
    4 Ann Chew 25-Jun
    5 Jennifer Soh 25-Jun
    6 Sally Foo 25-Jun
    7 Linda Ling 25-Jun
    8 Evelyn Moh 26-Jun
    9 Morris Lau 27-Jun
    10 Chan TM Roland 26-Jun
    11 Evelyn Ho LJ 26-Jun
    12 Doreen Chan 26-Jun
    13 Pung ML 26-Jun
    14 Sandra Chuah 26-Jun
    15 Wong LT 26-Jun
    16 Annie Khuan 27-Jun
    17 Lilian Quek 27-Jun
    18 Mary Ng 28-Jun
    19 Rosalind Choon 28-Jun
    20 Tony Goh 28-Jun
    21 Raymond Seah 28-Jun
    22 Sim Gian San 28-Jun
    23 Gary Ong 28-Jun
    24 Pony Teng 28-Jun
    25 Jean Tay 28-Jun
    26 Francis Poh 29-Jun
    27 KK Lim 29-Jun
    28 Joy Tang 29-Jun
    29 Margaret 29-Jun
    30 Veronique Lee 1-Jul
    31 Charles Chia 1-Jul
    32 Lucy Sng 1-Jul
    33 Ah Beng 1-Jul
    34 Maggie Loh 1-Jul
    35 Caroline Gee 1-Jul
    36 Mindy Loh 2-Jul
    37 Bobby Bok 2-Jul
    38 Lai LC 2-Jul
    39 Dorothy Loh 2-Jul
    40 Irene Poh 2-Jul
    41 Tan CS 2-Jul
    42 Doris Tian 2-Jul
    43 James Teo 2-Jul
    44 Jaslyn Lim 2-Jul
    45 Amelia Tan 2-Jul
    46 Andy Loh 3-Jul
    47 Daisy Chua 3-Jul
    48 Michelle Koh 3-Jul
    49 Florence Teo 3-Jul
    50 Elsie Tay 3-Jul
    51 Ivy Liew 3-Jul
    52 Linda Soon 3-Jul
    53 Christine Lim 3-Jul
    54 Hazel Lim 3-Jul
    55 Fiona Ng 3-Jul
    56 Gabriella Chua 3-Jul
    57 Steven Lau 3-Jul
    58 Kathy Tay 3-Jul
    59 Chris Tan 3-Jul
    60 Florence Lai 3-Jul
    61 Peter Yue 3-Jul
    62 Zen Wu 3-Jul
    63 Allen Quek 3-Jul
    64 Eillie Seow 4-Jul
    65 Rosy Teo 4-Jul
    66 David Ang 4-Jul
    67 Charles Tan 4-Jul
    68 Daisy Tan 4-Jul
    69 Veronica Kok 4-Jul
    70 Royston Low 4-Jul
    71 Jane Chang 4-Jul
    72 Vincci Lee 4-Jul
    73 Mavis 4-Jul
    74 Simon Wong 4-Jul
    75 Catherine Soon 4-Jul
    76 Albert Choo 4-Jul
    77 Jenny Ang 4-Jul
    78 Marge Tian 4-Jul
    79 Bobby Yee 4-Jul
    80 Felix Thung 4-Jul
    81 John Chong 4-Jul
    82 Lulu Kwek 4-Jul
    83 Howard Yong 5-Jul
    84 Doreen Ho 5-Jul
    85 Elsie Quek 5-Jul
    86 Debbie Low 5-Jul
    87 Thomas Choy 5-Jul
    88 Kalidass 5-Jul
    89 Sng Choon Leng 5-Jul
    90 Pauline Lau 5-Jul
    91 Patricia Low 5-Jul
    92 Jolene Lou 5-Jul
    93 Ros Lee 5-Jul
    94 Winifred Yee 5-Jul
    95 Anne Lim 5-Jul
    96 Stella Koh 5-Jul
    97 Richard Fong 5-Jul
    98 Leow Ai Mian 5-Jul
    99 Angela Choo 5-Jul
    100 Loh Yew Kwong 5-Jul
    101 Julia Tan 5-Jul
    102 Nicole Pang 5-Jul
    103 Rina Tay 5-Jul
    104 John Loke 5-Jul
    105 Anne Boey 5-Jul

  3. Payment recd so far – Revised dd 30/6/24
    1) Jean Lim
    2) Dolly Lim
    3) Cola Tan
    4) Ann Chew
    5) Jennifer Soh
    6) Sally Foo
    7) Linda Ling
    8 &9) Evelyn Moh & Morris Lau
    10) Chan TM Roland
    11) Evelyn Ho LJ
    12) Doreen Chan
    13) Pung ML
    14) Sandra Chuah
    15) Wong LT
    16) Annie Khuan
    17) Lilian Quek
    18) Mary Ng
    19) Rosalind Choon
    20) Tony Goh
    21) Raymond Seah
    22) Sim Gian Sian
    23) Gary Ong
    24) Pony Teng
    25) Jean Tay
    26) Frank Poh
    27) KK Lim
    28 & 29) Joy Tang and Margaret

    Sincerely,, hope to receive payment soon for members are keen in participating/ supporting this event. Hence, I am keeping my little fat fingers very very x into receiving more payments soon… What say you har?

  4. Dear All,

    Let’s stay focused on our current WhatsApp topic. When Terence Seah and 3 other founders established in 2005, it was a challenging journey. Despite setbacks like losing a member and two others leaving due to commitments, Terence persisted in creating a platform for Singaporean seniors aged 45 and above to share interests and activities. His vision, even amid personal challenges post-Bangkok COVID curfew, is deeply respected by many members.

    Terence introduced various initiatives including cycling, walking, investment talks, potlucks, game days, and our first Dinner and Dance (D&D) at Serangoon Gardens Country Club in December 2005, priced at $30 per person, thanks to Molly Chua’s efforts securing a great deal. Committees managed other aspects, with DollyL (our current Treasurer) as Event Organizer appointed by Terence.

    Despite higher costs post-COVID, Jean is committed to organizing this year’s SHC D&D to preserve Terence’s legacy. While $120 per person may vary in affordability, let’s support our volunteers without dampening spirits. They deserve recognition for their efforts, regardless of outcome.

    Addressing halal food concerns, Terence ensured inclusivity by offering pork and lard-free dishes for Muslim members. While we don’t always require “Halal Certified” menus, our current quote includes this option.

    We are unable to share more details yet as we clarify pros and cons. Those feeling this event isn’t suitable can opt out. We aim to resolve this by next week and appreciate your patience.

    Best regards,
    SHC Admin

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