SilverHairsClub monthly gathering at Kallang Wave Sat 17 Nov 2018

This Nov gathering will be held at Kallang Wave. Here’s the first information. The monthly gathering serves as a platform for members to meet new and more SilverHairs friends. More details will be added here.

Date: Sat 17 Nov 2018
Venue: Kallang Wave (NTUC food court)
MRT: Stadium station CC6 Exit A.
Dress: as sporty as you like.
Starting time: 3pm
End time: 6pm

After 6pm (watch for change in time), another activty will commence from Kallang Wave. Those interested in cycling can join DouglasC and AndrewK to rent a bic and cycle to Marina Barrage, a journey which is beautiful, scenic and refreshing.

Those who wish to walk, you can also start from Kallang Wave, after the gathering at 6pm, and walk 3km to Marina Barrage. The tentative end point is Satay by the Bay.

Members attending the gathering, please register here. Strictly members only.

Terence Seah (EO)




  1.   Marie Nicole Chong
  2.   Bobby Bok
  3.   David Ong &
  4.   Lilian Chua
  5.   Martin Han
  6.   Doreen Chan
  7.   Melissa Khng
  8.   Stella Sheng
  9.   Daniel Chan
  10.   Thomas Loh
  11.   Richard Wong
  12.   Cath Yeo
  13.   Vivian Yong
  14.   Malyne Suen
  15.   Tony Ang
  16.   Steven Chan
  17.   Daisy Wee
  18.   Grace Kang

28 thoughts on “SilverHairsClub monthly gathering at Kallang Wave Sat 17 Nov 2018

  1. Hi Terence,
    Please register me for the meeting. Please take note and dun let some sour grapes to say that I did not register for SHC meetings. Thank you.
    Bobby Bok

  2. I have missed a number of mthly gatherings. This time, I shall be coming.

    For those who know Kallang Wave well, please recommend a meeting place within the mall. Please describe the place. We shall decide on the venue asap next week.

    For group leaders, please ensure that participants are SilverHairsClub members only.

    Members who are participating in Douglas Chan and Andrew Koh’s cycling event on the same evening are automatically invited.

    Terence Seah

  3. Please register for me, David Ong and my wife Lilian Chua for the coming SHC meeting on 17th Nov 2018 at Kallang Wave.
    Thanks for registering both of us.
    David & Lilian

    • Is our 17/11/18 SHC meeting place at (NTUC Foodfare Food Court, #02-16, Kallang Wave Mall) now renamed, My Kampung? I have just been there last evening and I can’t find any NTUC foodfare food court within the mall. From sources gethered, NTUC foodfare at Kallang Wave Mall is taken over by Yu Kee Group name as My Kampung #02-16.
      This is just to the best of what I know..

      • Tq David for checking out Kallang Wave mall food court. Personally I am unable to confirm because I am overseas.

        But I did hear also it has changed ownership.

        Yes. We shall go to #02-16 and look out for My Kampong.

        Can you recommend a place to sit in the foodcourt.? At least we start from a location

        Terence Seah

  4. Hi Terence, with reference to your statement on Oct 21st, 7.05 am, on the post, “Happy 13th Anniversary” and I quote,

    “DanielC, I note your viewpoint. However, as I explain above, Club will continue to require registration in all our monthly gatherings.”

    And your message above, dated Nov 10th, 11.29 am,

    “Members who are participating in Douglas Chan and Andrew Koh’s cycling event on the same evening are automatically invited.”

    Can you please explain ?


  5. Hi Terence
    Pls register me and Pearly for this sat meet.
    By the way, what’s the membership status of Pearly despite repeated online submission. Thanks


  6. Hi DanielC, Tq for your query and feedback.

    Unfortunately I don’t have an answer for you. Perhaps, one day when SilverHairsClub has a committee to handle PR, legal and feedback, we can give a better reply. We currently do not have any resources, as I have mentioned many times.

    I look forward to other members’ feedback.

    Terence Seah

    • Thank you Terence. Appreciate your reply, even without an answer. Let’s be happy that most, if not all members will, out of courtesy and respect, abide by your rules. We can live with a few exceptions. In my opinion, registration is not as important as decency and decorum in our get together. We shall discuss this if and when necessary.

      Thank you Stella, for registering me. Sorry I will not be able to attend the meeting. I am in JB for the weekend, tending to some urgent matters.
      Have a good evening, all.


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