Desktopdating – Beware of hackers!

Dear friend,

I just received an email supposedly from Thomas Loh and Richard Wong. Thomas denied it is from him.

They request to know my whether you are male or female, the next request is for your password. Dun, dun ever disclose, danger ahead! I was once caught because I was gullible. They use Thomas and Richard email to contact me, be careful they want your password and the next thing you know all your friend in your email list will receive an email.

It said in the email ‘I was robbed in London, all my monies and credit cards are gone. Can you do me a favour, wire me a certain amount of money and I will return you when I am back, appreciate a lot!’

I was a sucker once, dun want to be caught again, you too!


6 thoughts on “Desktopdating – Beware of hackers!

  1. I also received a similar email supposedly from Ricahrd Wong and deleted it immediately. Never, never respond to this type of email which ask for your password.

    Andrew K

  2. I am rather puzzled that a impostor asked the password of a person whom he wanted to con. As everybody knows, the confidentialy and the implication of maintaining the secrecy of the password is paramount. Any acccunt is protected by this arrrangement. It can involve even the money transfer.
    So, as long as the password is not revealed, I fail to see how a cheat can do much by sending unsolicited emails to strangers

  3. Hi Robert,

    It’s rather difficult to know if he is an imposter. The email was send out to me from people I knew. Some people will try their luck hoping for a sucker to bite the bait.

    We just have to be careful!


  4. What would happen if you respond with “Get lost, criminal!”? I did that once, felt a little shaken afterwards, but a month has passed and …still silence from the other end. And i haven’t received anymore of such scam e-mail since. (touch wood!) :)

  5. I once received the same thing from a ‘Michelle’ in SHC.
    The same trick – deposit into a certain bank account.

    I said I would be happy to do that and double the amount,
    on the condition that I can only hand it to him/her in
    person and propose a venue.

    He/She was very elated and set a date and time.

    The next mail I informed him/her that that ‘Michelle’
    has denied sending me the mail and the police will meet
    him/her at the designated place.

    Guessed what – he/she disappeared from the earth for good.

    My mailbox was never disturbed again.

    Beat the hacker at their own game.

  6. Hi Dan

    I received the same email supposedly from Thomas Loh and
    Richard Wong. Deleted immediately.

    In fact, I receive quite a few emails from other ‘SHC members and my other friends’ requesting me to share photos, saying they wanna be my friend, inviting me to join their facebook etc etc. When I check with my friends, they indicated that they did not send any such messages to me.

    It is best to delete all such mails or mails from unknown strangers.

    My two cents’ worth of sharing.

    Cheers and have a nice day,

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