Zoom meeting at 1pm weekday

Gather about 6 pax of member to retireive password for me so that i can guide everyone.

Create your whatapk group of 6 pax then add me in so that i can issue the password for zoom meeting. Take this opportunity to learn new skill and to see everyone face to face.

If used mobile /ipad/tablet – gentle reminder to use headphone with mic for best result.

Gather your kaki to form a whatapk group – before 1130am to retriveal of password to log in.

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SHC1312 Update : Host for Lunch @zoom meeting I joined in 1995 but low profile until 2018 went for evaluation trip in Chiangmai. 2019 evaluation trip road 2 @khao yai 2020 resurface to host @Zoom meeting (Membership Reinstated 27.5.2018) from then on the road of no return to SHC.Direct personality with happy mood - sudoku game alway on my mind. Listen to all gene of music and film with great passion.

One thought on “Zoom meeting at 1pm weekday

  1. Hey, i dun see anyone join the zoom meeting at 1pm while i ready to guide and teach the new skill.

    I create time for everyone at 1pm daily but nobody join ? Please come forward – dun be shy, it take awhile to get use to video conference and also your safety assure by password and no recording allow prohibited.

    If still nobody then i ask terence for early retirement – self destruction.

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