“Wine, women and song” Happy Hours at the SHC Lounge, every Fri 1730 – 1900 hr. 29 May 2020

Wef Friday 29 May 2020, the SHC lounge will be open to all members.  Feel free to drop in every Friday after 5.30pm; we close at 7pm.  Make a date with other SHC members, after work.  Enjoy your beer, your soju or your favourite tequila drink.

This is Happy Hours and this event will continue even after covid relaxation.

Pre-loaded relaxing singalong English songs on stage.  No DJ available,  Sing LIVE as many times as you like, as long as you have an USB micophone.  Just raise your hand when the song is about to start.  Just have fun.

No screen share.  Textchat available.

Venue:  https://zoom.us/j/4178525736.  Password shc.

Suggestions, ideas and comments welcome.  We need plenty of ideas as covid will be relaxed next month.  Dont be offended if the title offends you,

Co-host: Terence Seah

One thought on ““Wine, women and song” Happy Hours at the SHC Lounge, every Fri 1730 – 1900 hr. 29 May 2020

  1. All songs for our 1st Happy hour this Friday have been preloaded for the entire 1.5 hour. All in English.and are easily singable.

    Preference to sing is given to guests with a USB microphone. You can get a low cost USB for SGD 12. It is plug and play, and offers a smooth recording of your voice. USB mic does not tax on your computer resources, and combines (mixed) well with YouTube music clips which most of us use.

    See you Friday at 5.30pm after work. Take this session to meet your friends.

    A Mandarin Happy Hour is being planned to run concurrently every Fri at 5.30pm. keep update. Plse contact me to preplan the song list.

    Terence Seah

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