Entrepreneurship, for members planning to share and start a business

This program is available on SHC Zoom. This is a discussion group for members to brainstorm their ideas, with the aim to start a business. Having an income, part time or full time during retirement brings joy and meaning.

During retirement, a dollar out will never return, The extra income enables one to travel, to spend on that expensive meal and give a treat to that special someone.

Entrepreneurship program is now set for every Sun 10am to 11am. Breakout rooms are available for private discussions.

Terence Seah

8 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship, for members planning to share and start a business

  1. Marlene Yap loves cooking, and shared a business idea “Private chef at home:. Private chefs are in demand.

    David Tan presented the idea of a portal for PMETs to share their entrepreneur idea, especially for seniors over 45 and who are retired or looking to do a business and fulfil their dream.

    Dennis Har is into food and agriculture. He is looking at a team to secure funding for food security projects.

    Annie Choi has a huge fruitful moringa tree, She has the knowledge to grow, harvest, clean and process the pods, and make into herbs which can be sold.

    Jonathan Ong sees e-commerce between China and US as the next big business. it’s not about buying small products but more about services and large ticket items.

    Jasmine stresses going global by promoting one’s services and experience via the global accommodation portal AirBNB. Some one who is interested in coming to Singapore may be interested in your skill, language, cooking or knowledge.

    Imagine you can charge $5 or $10 or $20 an hour and you have 20 paying customers. Use Zoom to teach and coach.

    Watch out for this program every Sun 10am.

    Terence Seah

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