25 thoughts on “I have some riddles to share. Can u unriddle it?

  1. What comes to my mind, hmmm – you are full of SHIT or CRAP…
    I wish I will blow u away forcefully like fatal shooting of pebbles. Whether is it being unriddle or not… i wish i could blast it out. LOL

  2. Altogether, there are 10 riddles. One per week.

    If you got one correct, I will give a star *. Get 3 stars * and I shall award a prize.

    Standby on this Post. Easy to win, give it a go.

    Terence Seah

    • I am not a MAN but the opposite sex.

      Hmmm… another brain jamming session. It all depends on who you are or what is your birth sign, be it month or year. As for me seriously 2 times – 1 I dump him and 1 still ongoing like stagnant water (eh! this u really need to work on it, 36 yrs to be exact) LOL…

      I should think an average of maybe 4 times + – … After that it becomes numb. Well, Elizabeth Taylor married 8 times, so it is unpredictable.

      To be honest, I fall in n out of love so many times when I watch a love drama – when watching then I am in love but when my goggle box is shut – back to reality. Hahahahahahaha…

      • Oh… in another point of view –
        1] when you are born, your 1st love is parents
        2] when u get married, that is your 2nd love
        3] when u have children of your own, your eyes glows with love – 3rd time
        4] when i see my grandson, I am crazily in love with him…

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