Taipei Cabaret Night will be here this month, thanks to the members who will add to the night’s entertainment, Sat 20 Jul 2013

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Cabaret Night 2013 committee met for the first time last Sat, 29 Jun 2013 at Orchard Central.  Leading most of the work to make this event a success and as entertaining as possible for ever guest is Mega Abdullah.  He pieced together Jeffrey Gan who will provide all the live music (almost more tha 4 hours of live music) during the opening event.  And he has also added the local DJ who would be playing all the dance music and memorable songs to keep us dreamy, nostalgic and romantic.  Thank you Mega, we would not be able to coordinate all these work without your planning and running around.  Well done, considering this is mainly a Hokkien/Mandarin Cabaret.

There is another group who has been working more than just hard.  And these are the singers.  If you know me, I cannot sing, neither can I dance.  I cannot hear the difference between tempo and a tune.  But, there is a very capable lady who has made this possible, and she has come forward to accept the role of recruiting the singers, putting them through practice sessions and sequencing the songs.  I dare not try to figure out what are all the pains, criticisms and arguments she has faced so far, with the group and committee.  She is Judy Lim.  She is fluent with Hokkien and Mandarin songs.  Besides, Judy, we also have Janet Chan who loves singing, and helps Judy out with the Cantonese and Mandarin segments.  HI Tian Soo and Lai Fong, our two co-owners of this refurbished Cabaret, these are the two ladies who have started work way more than two months ago.

Let’s also bring in our stage managers – Pat Oei and Lyndy Chua.patandLyndy

Now, let’s look at our line up of Singers.  Many of the singers will be flying in from Hong Kong, Shanghai,  Singapore and Tokyo to bring us an evening of good fun and sheer music delight.  Let’s bring them in.  Please give them our applause for coming on stage.

(To the participants, my apology if you find your stage picture errh, “it cannot be me” Terence Seah


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34 thoughts on “Taipei Cabaret Night will be here this month, thanks to the members who will add to the night’s entertainment, Sat 20 Jul 2013

  1. I know many of us are excited that cabaret night is coming soon. It’s an event we get to dress our best, put on the sexiest clothes and having a 70s hairdo. This time, we have put up pictures of all the singers. Can you guess who they are?

    One of SHC philosophy is we encourage members’ participation because we get to know others, and others get to know us. We surely want to do our best in whatever we do, during our SilverHairs years. Let’s give all the encouragement to our singers and the leaders who put in their best. As I always say, in any event, somethings will or can go wrong. The lights may blackout. The high heel shoe may break or the sound system may be just yacks.

    Let’s share the fun of the evening. Being in front of the stage is frightening, including me. If the sound cracks or the tune tips, let’s just say “Oops, start again”. Jeffrey Gan is an experienced musician, and he will know what to do. Pat Oei and Lyndy Chua will just close the curtains, and even help to sing along. So can you. If a singer is prepared to come to stage and sing, let’s give our support. We dont have to always say nice words, but we can be nice.

    We are planning to have some flowers on sale that night at $5 ea. If you like, you can buy some, and give them to your favourite singer.

    Be nice to the EO or co-EO. He just realised that he does not have a name for the Cabaret.

    Enjoy the evening.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi Terence,

    I have asked myself after reading your post, if I am a capable lady as what you have mention it in the post. My answer will be NO. When I received email from you whether if I can’t accept the post as the songs coordinator in Taipei Cabaret Night, my intention is to put in some efforts and help out in the event as a small token of appreciation to SHC as I really enjoyed myself in any activities in SHC which organized by the EO. Nevertheless I would also like to thanks you for the compliment.

    To be frank this is not as easy task for me to help up in such event as it my first time. However, the lucky starts was shunning on me as I able to gather groups of the
    supportive singers and both understandable EO – Mega & yourself, helpful Musician – Jeffery Gan

  3. Sorry that I am using my mobile to type the post.
    What I mean is helpful Musician – Jeffery Gan to help me add on the beats & tempo of all songs submitted by the singers & the advice by Janet Chan.

    I am looking forward to sing, away and dance on 20 July 2013, and letting our hair down and enjoy ourselves.

    Thank you for all the support by all the audiences.


  4. Here is another update on the Cabaret night by Mega.
    Venue of Taipei Cabaret Night on 20 July 2013

    The Tanjong@One North
    NTU Alumni Club
    11 Slim Barracks Rise
    #08-02, Singapore 138664
    Tel: 67744123

    Directions: Arriving by bus #74, 91, 92, 95, 191, 198, 200 – Bus Stop No.18141
    Nearest Train Station: Buona Vista

    Each participant will be given either one complimentary coupon for a mug of Carlsberg beer Or two complimentary coupons for canned soft drinks.

    Additional Drinks will be at participant’s own expense
    The Tanjong will be extending Happy Hour rates till 11.00 pm and the drink prices are as follows:

    (1) Housepour – 2 drinks for $10 (Whiskey, Gin, Tequila and Rum)
    (2) Carlsberg beer – 2 mugs for $11
    (3) Bottled Beer – 2 bottles for $13
    (4) Wine (big bottle) $35 each
    (5) Wine (small bottle) $12 each
    Other alcoholic drinks are available. Please check the prices at the bar counter.
    (6) Coffee – $2.50
    (7) Tea – $1.80
    (8) Canned soft drinks – $2 each

    The Tanjong Restaurant is just next to the dance floor and it closes at 10.00 pm. Western set meals and local dishes like hor fun, nasi goreng, etc, are available. Finger food is also available.
    If you do not wish to have your meal at the restaurant, you may also order your food and it will be brought to your table.


  5. Hi Terence,
    The Taipei Cabaret Nite is drawing near and there is nothing more exciting than waiting for the big day to arrive.
    Wow….the new owner must be very lucky to take over the business. To celebrate the grand opening of the Taipei Cabaret, I have the ribbon balls made for this occasion.
    I am not attending this event. Hence, I may need to pass the ribbon balls to someone. Also, 2 pair of scissors placed on a nice plate is needed for the Cabaret “towkay” to cut the ribbon.
    I wish I could join in the FUN, but could only imagine now…..Guys and Gals, you all have an enjoyable evening! :)
    Ah Nee

  6. Ooooops……please let me know who to pass the ribbon balls to? Another alternative is to collect it from my sister florist shop in Bedok. Let me know. :)
    Ah Nee

    • Hi Ah Nee,

      Thank you for the flowers and ribbons. It makes a world of difference to have a cutting ceronmony during the cabaret launch.

      Guys and gals, I need some help to pick up the ribbon from Bedok. I am travelling from tomorrow to Yangon, and will be back 3 hours before the Cabaret starts. Can I ask someone to help?

      Terence Seah

    • Thanks Paul for the help. Let’s wait for Ah Nee for the location.
      Please bring it to the Cabaret on that night. I shall see you there. Thank you.

      Terence Seah

  7. Very important to the opening launch of the Taipei Cabaret 2013, are two very talented personalities, Patrick Oei and Lyndy Chua. They are a great couple to have on stage, very popular in Taipei, great singers and great dancers too. Thank you for coming to Taipei after so many years. We look forward to a great show.

    You can see them in the Post.

    Terence Seah

  8. Hi Paul,
    I will inform you of the address and timing for you to collect the ribbon balls. Thank you for helping out and will be in contact with you nearer to date. :)

    Ah Nee

  9. Mega, our co-EO for the Taipei Cabaret night has the following annoucements.

    For those who are planning to bring hard liquor (duty paid), please let us know on this forum. We will absorb the corkage charge. but, please let us know. Latest 18 July 1800 hours. This is to enable us to finalise our budgets.

    Mega will also be organising tidbits and snacks for the night. This will keep our mouth busy while we talk and engage in private chats.

    When you arrive at the registration desk, you will be give a ticket. This will have a number, which will be used for a lucky draw. Likely we will have 3 tickets for lucky draw. Our stage managers will handle this. This is a last minute plan.

    All guests will be given either 2 coupons for two soft drinks or 1 coupon for one beer. Above this, you can buy from the counter.

    I have just bought myself a white straw hat. I am likely to wear a white long sleeve shirt, untucked, with a fake rolex watch. See you guys and ladies, and to everybody who has made the effort to come all the way.

    Terence Seah

  10. Hi Paul Kong

    Arthur and Peggy Yap will be taking over two of the seats given up by Suzhang and friends. I have already updated the name list blog. Pl refer to it.

    C u all in Taipei this Sat.


  11. Have been busy the last few days and have not got the time to write. Anyway, better late than never.

    I want to thank all the singers for their superb effort during the Taipei night. Even though all of us are not professionals, you all have given your best. You have given a lot of your time and effort in attending the practice sessions to ensure that all of you give your best during the night. Thanks also to Jeffrey Gan, our musician for his patience and guidance to all the singers. Teamwork is very important and I’m happy to note that there was support and understanding among all the singers to make the occasion a success.

    It is also a good learning experience for me. I’ve learned and seen the best and the worst of people. Fortunately, there are more people in the former than the latter.

    Lastly, I want to thank the EOs and all the participants for organising this event and for all the support and encouragement given to us. Thank you.


  12. Judy,

    As the one incharge of the lineup of singers, we can all say well done. Keep yourself free if you like this role, in the future.

    And, now for the good and bad news. I saw some of the pictures taken at the Cabaret last night. The good news is we had two young photographers. The set I saw was beautiful, and I shall leave our Picture Manager to put them up soon. The other set I heard is also good but I have not seen them yet.

    Now, for the video. Our videographer took all the videos of the stage. And he was so excited and pleased to show them to all of us. Unfortunately, I saw him pulling his hairs last night, two hands on his head and feeling very stressful. I leave him to tell us the story bit by bit. Let’s thank him for the job and effort. Sorry Boon Liang, take your time.

    And, have a look at the group photograph in this Post. Can you spot yourself? Not too bad lah Boon Liang.

    Terence Seah

  13. Hi Boon Liang

    Many thanks for your support. That’s most important lah! Don’t sweat the small stuff ha? ~ even if …. (end result is not important).

    Oh yes, forgot to mention about your stunning ‘Mafia Boss’ look that stole the night last Saturday. You look 30 years young! Haha


  14. Ooooooo the whole arrangement which was impromptu is so nice – just very natural. Well done, BL & Sebastian (Boon Liang is inside – shot by Sebastian?)

    And Judy, thumbs up m’dear – you’ve managed your singers very well – fair and with a kind, firm tone. That’s very important in leadership. When do you need us to sing again?

    • Hi Bobby,

      Thank you for the thoughts and suggestion. While it have not been vetted yet, I shall have a look. If ok, I may let it be shown when one of the dancers or singers are here. We can present.

      Terence Seah

  15. With the close of Taipei Cabaret Night, 2013, I like to thank Pat Oei and Lyndy Chua for their acts as co-stage managers. I have not seen them perform before, but what they have done on stage was fantastic, creative and naughty.

    And, of course to Judy Lim, for her persistent pains in gathering the singers and performers on stage. Thank you for your role. This includes Janet Chan, helping and working in the background.

    Jeffrey Gan, I have never really known you, but your dedication to SHC and playing non-stop and also being flexible took my attention.

    Excellent money collection Barbara Lim and registration manager Gabriella Chua, what you have experienced in this role, has shown other members it can be fun and difficult to take up similar roles. But, you made it.

    And thanks to Mega and his assistant for take the time to get the snacks and bring them to all the tables. I noticed it, and I appreciate it. And of course, for the idea of a Taipei Cabaret Night, and being the co-EO.

    Let’s look forward to going to a Thai disco next year.

    Terence Seah

  16. I will create the album for this event in 2 parts because I have received about 1/2 of a very big album.

    Once I receive the rest of the images, I will do the 2nd part if my PC is still working then.

    I hope I can complete this very colourful event

  17. Hi everyone,
    Please click hyperlink below to view our Alisan dancers Judy, Linda, Janet and singer Shirleen performing at Taipei Nite. Cheers. .Bobby
    Watch “SHC Judy Lim, & Linda sing & dance at Taipei Nite” on YouTube –
    Watch “SHC Shirleen Kao singing at Taipei Nite Club” on YouTube –

  18. Hi Terence,

    It seem that nowadays we can’t view the photos of the past events, like this event.
    Quite sometime back I also tried to view Arabian Night. Also not able to view
    the photos. Is my computer problem or our website somewhere the link is not functioning properly.

    Sorry to bother you. Need your update.
    Thks n regards

  19. Hi Lillian,

    The old pictures are still there; but due to little excitement over the pictures, they have been libraried. Interesting you are looking for them.

    Terence Seah

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