How to join as a SilverHairsClub member?

  • Membership is free and lifetime.  Individual memberships are available.  Wef Nov 2011, we take in corporate membership, companies and company representatives.  Representations of these organisations must be over 45; and agree to accept the club rules.
  • To join as an ordinary member, please read Membership Application (below) and email us the details to
  • Successful applicants will receive a welcome email from Admin within one month.
  • Members would need to update themselves regularly at

1.  For Existing Members – Please log in by entering your Username and password in :

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3.  For new members, copy and email the required information indicated below to:

All information given will be treated with confidence.

Join the SilverHairsClub today!  This is an informal social club and Individual Membership is free and available to all Singaporeans and PRS, over 45.  

Corporate membership is also available to members who are working for organisations or have your own business, and would like to represent your company.  Corporate Membership Application can be submitted by writing to :
All Corporate membership will be processed within 30 days of application..

Please do not use fictitious name. Members need to know how to address you. Do not register more than 1 email address and username. These are some of the possible reasons for not receiving our news bulletin or not being able to login.

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Required Member Information :

All information must be completed. Members should visit our website regularly to update themselves on  news and activities.

Husband and wife can be considered as two members, using one email address. Both husband and wife must fill the required member Information.  We recommend a separate email for each spouse.  All members, including spouse, must be over 45.

  • Upon acceptance of membership, you will receive a welcome email.  A temp password will be sent to you by our ClubAdmin.
  • Club taboos are politics, race, religion, direct selling and MLM. Any taboo words detected by the in-built system, will automatically place your comment or post under moderation. Anyone wishing to be a member should be familiarized and update themselves with club rules.  Please read the FAQ.
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  • Identity card number:
  • Display name (No nickname, must include first and last name):
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  • Sex: Male/Female
  • Mobile tel (required): +65
  • Postal district:
  • Email address:
  • Are you over 45 years?: Yes/No:
  • How did you come to know of SilverHairsClub? :
  • Brief introduction (Can be on hobbies, interests, work, career, family or thoughts.

Please send above info to

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