MARCH 2024 Monthly Gathering

A great thank to SHC for amazing 63 member to show up.

Looking forward to next activity.

Thursday, 21 March 2024
Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm
1 Woodlands Square #07-03
Causeway Point
Singapore 738099
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Calling all SilverHairsClub Ordinary Members!

It’s been quite a while since our last monthly gathering, and we don’t know about you, but we’re missing our vibrant conversations and laughter-filled moments together. Let’s bring back the joy of our club meetings!

We propose to revive our monthly gatherings, starting this March 2024. It’s a chance for us to reconnect, share stories, and enjoy each other’s company once again. Whether it’s reminiscing about the good old days or discussing current events, we know our gatherings will be filled with warmth and camaraderie.

Please let us know your thoughts and availability for this gathering. Together, we can make our SilverHairsClub gatherings even more memorable and meaningful.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

EO – Howard Yong
** To register, please Leave a Reply below:-

    1. Howard Y
    2. Dolly Lim
    3. Caroline Gee
    4. Gingko Tay
    5. Cola Tan
    6. Cephas Teo
    7. Terry Chun CH
    8. Winnie K-Tan
    9. Naseem Akhtar Conde
    10. Cheng WK
    11. June Peh
    12. Wendy Woon – Pending or watapps member?
    13. Rosy Ang
    14. Sujata Jing Xiang
    15. Karen Thio
    16. Susanna Leong
    17. Ong Kim Yin
    18. Susan Goh
    19. Sandra Chuah
    20. Joan Ang
    21.  Francis Raj
    22. Thomas Loh
    23. Iris Lim
    24. Geok Yan
    25. Jerry Han
    26. Alex Chan &
    27. Catherine Lim
    28. Grace Lam
    29. Ros Lee
    30. Jayne Kwek (Ordinary Member)
    31. Lucy Sng (Newbie watapps group)
    32. Lim Hong Peng (“)
    33. Freddy Yeow MQ (“)
    34. Florence Er GS (“)
    35. Irene Y I (“)
    36. Andrew Tan (“)
    37. Stewart Ang (“)
    38. Rosy Nicole (“)
    39. Ivy Chua (“)
    40. Steven Lim KL (“)
    41. Sharon Leong
    42. Valerie Lim
    43. Pat Oei
    44. Jess Lim (Watapps member)
    45. Joyce Wong (“)
    46. Emme See (“)
    47. Jess Lim (“)
    48. Tony Goh (“)
    49. Luna Tan (“)
    50. Michael Chung (“)
    51. Thomas CH Lee (“)
    52. CM Foo (“)
    53. Liang Han Chek (“)
    54. William Kok CY (“)
    55. Alan Ang
    56. Rosalind Lim and
    57. Mr Lim Chin Sam (via Facebook)
    58. Lim BH
    59. Regina Chen
    60. Freda Lim
    61. Mavis Mok
    62. Catherine Soon (Malyne Suen) +
    63. Albert Choo
    64. Lawrence Lee       REGISTRATION CLOSED……..

Author: Howard

SHC1312 Update : Host for Daily Lunch @zoom meeting retired due to fatigue in zoom. I joined in 1995 but low profile until 2017 one night in batam D&D committee member 2018 went for evaluation trip in Chiangmai. 2019 evaluation trip road 2 @khao yai 2020 resurface to host @Zoom meeting (Membership Reinstated 27.5.2018) from then on the road of no return to SHC. Sunshine personality with happy mood - sudoku game alway on my mind. Listen/watch to all gene of music and film with great passion. Eat all kind of food with no limitation except human organ.

48 thoughts on “MARCH 2024 Monthly Gathering”

  1. Dear Howard. Happy Chinese New Year to you.
    Please register me for this gathering.
    Many thanks.
    Caroline Gee

  2. Happy New Year to you Howard & all SHC members.
    21st March Muslim members unable attend the gathering. Muslim members fasting month one whole month starting from 10th March to 10th April. No food & drink from sunrise to sunset. Muslims fasting allowed to eat after 7pm.
    On 11th April Hari Raya Day no more fasting. Hope you can do gathering in March before 10th March.

    1. kindly focus on your upcoming fasting month, we will look forward to you in our next future events.

  3. Hi Howard,
    Please register us for the March event:
    1) Winnie K-Tan
    2) Naseem Akhtar Conde
    Thank you.
    Regards, Winnie

  4. Hi Howard,
    My friend, Naseem Akhtar Conde could have registered as a member with SHC as ” Sheema Conde “.
    Thanks, Winnie

  5. Hi Howald
    Thank you for organizing this SHC gathering.
    Pls register me

    Cheng WK

  6. Hi Howard,
    Please register me for this event on 21Mar/Thu.

    Thank you for organising and will be my first time joining.

    Best regards,

  7. Hi Howard,
    Please register me, Alex Chan and my wife, Catherine Lim (she is a SHC member too)
    Thanks and see you soon.

    1. Hi Kim,
      Please check your email for further details needed. Thanks

      Dolly Lim/SHC Admin

  8. Hi Howard, Please register Jess Lim and Valerie Lim for the above event, too. They are unable to log in. Thanks, Yan

    1. Hi Yan,
      While I am able to trace Valerie Lim’s membership registration and had written to her to get back to me please let her know of my request if possible as this email might handed into the spam folder instead.

      As for Jess, regret to say that I am unable to trace her membership, please get her to liaise with me at so that I can settle with her.

      Rest assured that we welcome every members (pioneers or new) to this monthly gathering.

      Dolly Lim/SHC Admin

  9. Hi Howard,
    Kindly register the below new SHC members.

    Susan Chua
    Eileen Sin
    Lee Hung Lin
    Eileen Khong
    Johnny Lin
    Joesis Thiam

    Thank you – Howard

    1. Hi Joanna,
      Thank you and please add on those surnames of participants that you have left out leh… Cheers.. Dolly

  10. To those that help to register on behalf of friends/members,
    Kindly provide the surnames of each individual so that I can check their membership status.

    If they are just SHC Watapps Ordinary members, please indicate so also as I am aware too.

    Cheers… Dolly Lim/SHC Admin

  11. Dear Members

    It would be great if you can fulfilled the full names of interested participants for Dolly to check the membership status. There are so many members of the same name, so a surname would be appreciated to ease our tracing. Thanks!

    SHC Admin

  12. Kindly register the below SHC members for the Monthly Gathering 21/3/24

    Lucy Sng GC
    Lim Hong Peng
    Freddy Yeow Meng Quee
    Sharon Leong
    Florence Er GS
    Andrew Tan
    Stewart Ang
    Rosy Nicole
    Ivy Chua
    Steven Lim KL

  13. Dolly / Howard

    Pls register the below members for March monthly gathering

    Kim Chua K E
    Elsie Koh
    Henry Tan H K
    Florence Er G S
    Irene Lum Y I
    Lorinda Soong G K
    Richard Tan T H
    Roland Chan T M
    Esther Ong H T

  14. Hi Brother Howard and Sister Dolly and All SHC Members,please allow your humble brother Alan Ang CQ to attend this grand gathering event. I hope to see you at Cantine Woodland!Cheer then!
    Humble Alan Ang

  15. Howard/ Dolly

    Kindly register the below for March Monthly Gathering

    Thomas CH Lee
    CM Foo
    Liang Han Chek
    William Kok CY

    1. Hi Joanne,
      I had deleted their mobile# and will register them accordingly. Cheers.. Dolly

  16. Hi Howard ,
    Please include the following names

    1. Albert Choo
    2. Catherine Soon (Malyne Suen)

    Thanks Howard

  17. March 2024 Monthly Gathering
    Hi Howard , Please include my name, Lawrence Lee

    Posted on 8 March 2024

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